IAmMelloYellow is a former mashup artist and minor contributor to the SiIvaGunner channel.


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IAmMelloYellow contributed some rips to GiIvaSunner and to SiIvaGunner until GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 3 & Knigra.

His notable works include "Flat Zone 2 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl", "666 Kill Chop Deluxe - LISA: The Joyful" and "His Theme - Undertale".


  • IAmMelloYellow was never backroom. Despite this, he is subject to a copypasta where he says: "I was kinda backroom, for a bit".[1][2]


  1. (1) - Screenshot from "The Atrium" Discord server
  2. "I got the copy pasta wrong, lemme try again: I was kinda backroom, for a bit" - @ShonicSSBM, Twitter
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