il settimo grande padre (lit. "The seventh grand father") is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. The album contains rips of songs composed by Yoko Shimomura, including Kingdom Hearts, Live A Live, Street Fighter II, Super Mario RPG, Mario & Luigi, Front Mission and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The album was organized by Matsu Muhō and ShonicTH. It was released on September 2, 2016, for the 22nd anniversary of Live A Live[1].

The album was announced through the video "A "drammatic" Announcement" (YouTube).

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Grandly Beloved" Matsu Muhō 1:54
2. "Grands with Everything" RedScreen 1:23
3. "Grand Hikari" Chaze the Chat 1:05
4. "Kirby Superstar Saga" kanef 1:44
5. "Street Rhythm Fighter" Matsu Muhō 0:56
6. "Sora (Remastered)" ShonicTH 1:34
7. "Kiss of Halation" Matsu Muhō 1:06
8. "Friends under my Heart" emeraldschemer 1:22
9. "Huzzah! My Fight Money!" Matsu Muhō 1:05
10. "M. Bison's Ending" Matsu Muhō 0:06
11. "MINEFIELD! FLEENT MISSION?! Aww..." yodooder 1:26
12. "Grandful Assassin" ShonicTH 1:28
13. "Love A Live!" Matsu Muhō 1:18
14. "Steel DeDeDrum" ZVAARI 5:16
15. "Riku's Grand Dad (Remastered)" ShonicTH 1:10
16. "Masaru vs. Ken" Matsu Muhō 1:16
17. "Kingdom Hearts for Cutie" Toonlink 2:02
18. "Come On! Mario & Luigi: The Thousand Year Saga" Shadow Thief Popple 1:17
19. "Snowy Rumble (Remastered)" Chaze the Chat 1:19
20. "Have a Sweet Brawl" Akfamilyhome 1:52
21. "Under the Aquarium" le epic reverb woman 1:44
22. "MegalolVlania" Matsu Muhō 5:09
23. "Totally the Theme of Friends" Toonlink 0:51
24. "The Cowboy, the Ninja, and the Beautiful" Matsu Muhō 1:35
25. "Cornmeisters' Rhapsody" sykhro 1:08
26. "King Dedede's Power" SmokyThrill77 1:45
27. "Grand-o-rama" Matsu Muhō 1:01
28. "Beantrousle" ZVAARI 1:42
29. "Fairychasers" Toonlink 1:48
30. "7 Grand Sad" Akfamilyhome 0:43
31. "The 13th Granddad (Remastered)" ShonicTH 1:36
32. "Tipsy Forest (with dead anime girl)" Solid STRGG 4:00
33. "Another Side, Another Story (OST Version)" ShonicTH 1:55
34. "Chun Li Visits Africa" Tom Platt 3:03
35. "As Rumbles Collide" Chaze the Chat 2:25
36. "Street Fighter V[VVVVV]" Craz Xexe 3:08
37. "You Say Jump" icebrigade 3:41
38. "Halloween Bastion" Toonlink 2:27
39. "Scherzo di Momenti Divertenti" Matsu Muhō 0:59
40. "Partners in Reyn Time" Barney Rubble 2:14
41. "The Classic Cartoon March" Matsu Muhō 1:09
42. "Megalovrnania" vince94 1:19
43. "Rocksack" ShonicTH 1:10
44. "Mario and Luigi and their Comets" Cryptrik 2:20
45. "Dearly Beloved (Drank)" Kony 1015 1:10
46. "Beloved Tatsumaki Senpukyaku" RedScreen 1:30
47. "Go! Go! Buh-Ricky Day-Oh!" Matsu Muhō 1:01
48. "The Other Grand Dad (Remastered)" ShonicTH 2:25
49. "A Painful Death at the Hands of Grand Dad" Matsu Muhō 0:48
50. "Bootleg Time" ZVAARI 1:44
51. "Epically Beloved" Toonlink 1:16
52. "Galacta Volcano" Xarlable 1:50
53. "Steamboat Barney" ShonicTH 0:57
54. "Chun Li Returns Home After Visiting Africa And There's A War" Matsu Muhō 0:40
55. "A Lovely Day in Burning Agrabah" Toonlink 2:05
56. "Beware the Forest's Mush Room" Robyn 2:50
57. "Nutshack Hearts II Sinister Dickdown" kyokuP 2:03
58. "Grandlands, All The Way" Akfamilyhome 2:55
59. "SiIva's Force" Toonlink 1:42
60. "Wilma's Castle" ZVAARI 2:11
61. "Rowdy Bonetrumble" Toonlink 1:57
62. "Genosickle" OrangeZapperGun 3:28
63. "Organization XIII is Somewhere Else" Toonlink 1:16
64. "Mrs. Thwomp Battle" ZVAARI 2:16
65. "Fairly Beloved" Toonlink 1:03
66. "Popple's Revenge" SmokyThrill77 0:53
67. "Still, the Road is Full of Soulja" sykhro 1:15
68. "Grand Silhouette" ShonicTH 1:53
69. "Shin Buh-Ricky Day-Oh" yodooder 1:03
70. "Sundown on Me" kyokuP 1:06
71. "Simpsons That Don't Halate -Destati-" Matsu Muhō 1:22
72. "The Grand Dad Finale" ShonicTH 1:42
73. "Megalovaniamania" SmokyThrill77 1:29
74. "The 13th Fruity Reeverb" Shengda Baba 1:57
75. "Rage Halation (Remastered)" ShonicTH 2:00
76. "Beloved Theme (Reprise)" Toonlink 1:18
Hidden track
77. "Beyond the Door to Bedrock" Matsu Muhō 1:06

Note: "Shadow Thief Popple" indicates a rip made by Blazephlozard.

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