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"In the Bedroom - Wolf girl with you" is a high quality rip of "In the Bedroom" from Wolf girl with you.


Continuing on from Title Theme (Vocal Mix), the track is humorously dubbed over by Nick Oleksiak portraying the titular wolf girl, Liru.

The rip ends with a section that references The Voice Inside Your Head's anti-"weeaboo anime bullshit" agenda in SiIvaGunner lore.


I'm going to love you a lot today, so, uh... love me back just as much. Okay?

You wanna do it from behind? Aw man, I love doing it from behind! Yeah, let's do it, baby!

[grunting, straining] Your cock is coming in so deep! My insides... ouuggh!

I love things-- uupp!-- inside-- euuggh!-- my Johnny Yong asshole!

Taste me! With your, cock...

[Slapping that rapidly speeds up; grunting becoming more and more intense; Loud Nigra orgasming; Homer d'oh's; WTF BOOM!; MAGIC MISSILE!]

There's cum all over me... especially on my insides...

That's alright, because I am your wife. Least I think I am.

Anyways, I hope you have a good night's rest, Master. Remember, we can do this whenever you want. And no matter what The Voice says, this weeb shit will live on.

[Dark, menacing music plays as tone of voice becomes hostile]

Weeaboos don't die. Weeaboos... don't... die...

Goodnight, Master sensei-chan! See you tomorrow!

[in eerily distorted voice] ...or maybe not!


The face in the catchphrase references the main character of the game.