Inspector Gunner is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner on May 26, 2017. It commemorates Inspector Gadget's time as channel host by including all of the rips featuring his memes.

The album was announced through the video "An announcement from your new leader".

Tracks Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) LengthJoke
1. "Intro (Always On Duty)" SmokyThrill77 00:41The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis
2. "Mystic Gadget" MtH 01:06Inspector Gadget full intro arrangement
3. "Battle! Wild Gadget" SmokyThrill77 01:36Temporary Secretary, Inspector Gadget, Paint Your Wagon, Gas Gas Gas
4. "The One Thing from Zero Wing Everyone Knows, its Stage 3 Music" Matsu Muhō 01:35Inspector Gadget, Bean (U Guessed It)
5. "Gas Gas Gadget Rumble" Chaze the Chat 02:28Kingdom Hearts Reverb, Gas Gas Gas, Inspector Gadget
6. "Happiness. Abounds. Like Me. At A Strip Club. Damn." Douk Nouk Kem 00:24Inspector Gadget
7. "Go Go Gadget Miniboss!" Hinchy 01:07Inspector Gadget
8. "Highway-lovania" Kirbio 01:25mm2wood, Megalovania, Meet the Flintstones, Smooth, Kyun! Vampire Girl
9. "Inspector Gadget in the Hall of the Castle Boss" Matsu Muhō 01:23Inspector Gadget, Haunted House
10. "【=3】e-MUNO Disco (vs. 音MAD AGENT)" MtH 02:37Minecraft with Gadget, Euler's Number - Numberphile, Rock my Forum, 7 GRAND DAD, AMUNO
11. "Go Go Gadgetception" LonkGunner 00:45Inspector Gadget, Bloody Stream, (song at 0:23), The Nutshack
12. "The Biggest Pile of Snow in Minnesota" SmokyThrill77 01:07Snow halation, The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota - Weird Al Yankovic
13. "Go Go Gadget $400 Meme Making Software" ScribbleGoat 02:20Inspector Gadget, Minecraft with Gadget, Gadget Room - Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Meet the Flintstones, We Are Number One, The Nutshack, Megalovania, Snow halation, Puzzle Room
14. "Bad Gadget!!" Matsu Muhō 01:41Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones, Patched Plains
15. "Here Comes the Inspector" Lenox 01:36Inspector Gadget, The Simpsons, Patched Plains
16. "Catching Brown Bugs in Viridian Forest" Dirty Spaceman 03:37Inspector Gadget, The Nutshack, Bean (U Guessed it), Body Rock - WarioWare: DIY, Meet the Flintstones
17. "My Open Letter to SiIvaGunner (About Inspector Gadget)" wheel able 00:56Inspector Gadget
18. "And I hate koopas more than I hate collecting melons. Eat asshole." Jasper 00:45Inspector Gadget
19. "GADTEK" Kirbio 02:03Minecraft with Gadget, Meet the Flintstones, Euler's number - Numberphile, "Let the bass kick" samples from "B.B.K.K.B.K.K" by nora2r
20. "Four different melodies converted to 3/4 which you guys dislike bombed because the first one was Inspector Gadget" Matsu Muhō 01:08Inspector Gadget, In The Hall of the Mountain King, Bad Apple!, Kefka's Theme - FF6
21. "I'm better than you are, so I should play the piano" Jasper 01:21Inspector Gadget on the Piano
22. "Occult Inspect" Kirbio 03:34Inspector Gadget, Bad Apple!!, In The Hall of the Mountain King, Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Meet the Flintstones, Patched Plains, Snow halation, Gas Gas Gas
23. "MacBrick Pro" Slix and Chaze the Chat 02:12Minecraft with Gadget
24. "I, Gadget, Will Knock You All Down!!" Matsu Muhō 01:08Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones, Zelda II Palace Theme
25. "Beware the Forest's Gadgets" Akfamilyhome 02:04Inspector Gadget, Night Walk
26. "Go-Go-Gadget Cargo Ship!" Kirbio 03:00Inspector Gadget, Patched Plains, Meet the Flintstones, In The Hall of the Mountain King
27. "Mateitaka's Song" Jasper 00:10Inspector Gadget
28. "He's a Hedgehog and I Hate Hedgehogs" Mr Lange 00:59Minecraft with Gadget (pitch-shifting)
29. "Inspecting the Inspector" Half Pixel 02:51Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones, Snow halation, Megalovania
30. "Stuart Little with Gadget" LuNiney 03:20Inspector Gadget
31. "The one named GADGET has dormant power." yodooder 01:44Inspector Gadget
32. "Gadget Captures Pokémon with a Beyblade" Hisa 01:37Inspector Gadget, Puzzle Room
33. "Mario's Crazy Maze" TheLeis 00:32Title Theme - Inspector Gadget's Crazy Maze
34. "Gadgetfeld" SmokyThrill77 00:09Minecraft with Gadget, Inspector Gadget, Seinfeld Theme
35. "Drum Dash with Gadget" Kirbio 02:13Hate not the Wind, Spring Blossoms ~ Eternal Wind[note 1], Inspector Gadget, Bad Apple!!, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Gas Gas Gas, mm2wood
36. "Brown Brickstorm" Dead Line 03:10The Nutshack, Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones, POKEMON GO SONG!!!, GO MY WAY!!
37. "Wowzers! An Airway!" Kirbio 02:56Inspector Gadget, Bad Apple!!, Patched Plains
38. "Ancient Stardust Castle" Sonicheroesfan1 02:09JoJo Stardust Crusaders, Secret Base (Act 2), The Nutshack, Kyun! Vampire Girl, Snow halation
39. "Mad Minecrap Mansion" Jasper 02:21Inspector Gadget
40. "Gadget Room" Nape Mango 02:55Minecraft with Gadget (pitch-shifting), Meet the Flintstones, We Are Number One
41. "Fire Temple (Removed by DMCA Version)" toonlink 02:05Inspector Gadget, Minecraft with Gadget (echo voices)
42. "Gadget it, Apple Attack" Lenox 02:50The Simpsons, Kyun! Vampire Girl, Meet the Flintstones, Inspector Gadget, Smooth, Bad Apple!!, U.N. Owen Was Her, Night of Nights (Touhou 9)
43. "Yikes!!! Spooky Castle" Kirbio 01:38Inspector Gadget, Patched Plains, Meet the Flintstones
44. "Go Go Gadget Play-Yan!" Brawlcats 01:00Inspector Gadget
45. "Go Brickyond!!" deogenerate 01:59Minecraft with Gadget, Inspector Gadget
46. "Gadget's Wireless Tower" RelgaSaucer 00:42Meet the Flintstones, Inspector Gadget
47. "HOW TO GET MINECRAP ON YOUR NINTENDO DSI [TUTORIAL] REAL!!!!!" Solid STRGG 00:16Inspector Gadget, "Oh look, a free Ipad"
48. "AVGN with Gadget" Bleep 01:09AVGN quotes and Minecraft with Gadget quotes on Inspector Gadget's intro
49. "12 Brown Bricks Galaxy" toonlink 01:30"Interlude - Super Mario Galaxy" is slower and mashed up with "12 Bricks - OG Maco", the quotes are from "Minecraft with Gadget" and "XXXTENTACION - "LOOK AT ME" MINECRAFT PARODY"
50. "Brick My Forum" Jet Fuel Jack and Cavenyan 02:01Minecraft with Gadget (pitch-shifting), Rock my Forum, Loud Nigra
51. "Inspector Gadget, Fuma Mishandra and Rob Thomas having a party at Dedede's Castle" Kirbio 01:44Inspector Gadget, Hate not the Wind, Spring Blossoms ~ Eternal Wind, Smooth, Patched Plains, Kyun! Vampire Girl, The Lick
52. "Bad Attle!!" Matsu Muhō 00:55Puzzle Room, Bad Apple!!, The Nutshack, Inspector Gadget
53. "BREAKING: Nintendo Hires Inspector Gadget as Marketing Director for New Metroid Game, Sales Plummet Almost Immediately" ingx24 01:17Inspector Gadget theme, Metroid parody of Minecraft with Gadget
54. "Do you like... my Gadgetmobile?" SmokyThrill77 03:37Gas Gas Gas, Kyun! Vampire Girl, This Love - Maroon V
55. "Gadget Inspection 1" Zoom Guy 02:40Inspector Gadget
56. "Gadget Inspection 2" Zoom Guy 02:39Inspector Gadget
57. "Gadget Inspection 3" Zoom Guy 00:53Inspector Gadget
58. "Hydroventure with Gadget" Jasper 01:21Inspector Gadget
59. "Professor Elvin Gaddget's Theme" Kirbio 01:03Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones at the end
60. "ARMS with Gadget" Reach 02:40Bangarang - Skrillex, Minecraft with Gadget, Inspector Gadget, Steel drums, Fly Away - Panty & Stocking, Bad Apple!!, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town & Uptown Funk, Meet the Flintstones
61. "I Just Built Brown Bricks @youshutupb" Harley201, toonlink, Jasper, Reason 01:20"12 Bricks - OG Maco" with quotes from "Minecraft with Gadget" and "XXXTENTACION - "LOOK AT ME" MINECRAFT PARODY"
62. "A horrible, ironic jojo midi slap that you guys liked" Chaze the Chat 03:15Ironic JoJoke (Midi slap of "Walk Like an Egyptian - Bangles" rendered with a bad audio), "Payphone - Maroon V" (out of beat)
63. "It is ridiculous how often Nobuo Uematsu uses the 1 2 ♭3 4 5 motif" Matsu Muhō 01:01Inspector Gadget, Meet the Flintstones
64. "March on the Propane (virt ft. Freddiigunner)" Kirbio 02:44Inspector Gadget, In The Hall of The Mountain King, Meet the Flintstones, Patched Plains, Gas Gas Gas, The Lick
65. "Goron City but every Goron City instrument is replaced by Amazon Jungle instruments" Jasper 01:15 See the name of the track
66. "Amazon Jungle but every Amazon Jungle instrument is replaced with Goron City's instruments" toonlink 01:07 See the name of the track
67. "Pipe Inspection" Dirty Spaceman 01:10Inspector Gadget
68. "Miney Mike Isle" Zoom Guy 04:13Inspector Gadget
69. "Gadgetini Trio Battle" ZVAARI 01:43Inspector Gadget
70. "Unfounded Gadget" toonlink 01:11Wii Shop theme, Inspector Gadget, The Nutshack
71. "Inspector Gadget! School idol festival" SmokyThrill77 01:09Live Show Cleared! - Love Live! School idol festival
72. "Takes 8 Worlds to Find 1 Princess" SoundSync5000 01:09Inspector Gadget, Minecraft with Gadget
73. "Go Go Gadget KONO TAIKEN" Trofflesby 02:51Inspector Gadget
74. "Giant's Cryogenics" Barney Rubble 02:02Inspector Gadget, Chirumiru Cirno, Snow halation
75. "Go Go Gadget Select Screen" SoundSync5000 00:31Inspector Gadget
76. "Bramble Bricks ft. Diddy Wap" MtH 03:59Meet the Flintstones, Snow halation, The Nutshack, Minecraft with Gadget, Newseum Network News, Fetty Wap - Trap Queen
77. "Full Metal Gadget" Trofflesby 01:32Inspector Gadget, The Nutshack
78. "Inspector Gadget's Secret Base" SoundSync5000 01:39Inspector Gadget
79. "Good Night Inspector Gadget" Matsu Muhō 00:06Inspector Gadget
80. "Gadgetfielf" Shengda Baba 09:39Comment simulator. Background music : ???
81. "Vs. Starry Dreama (Phase 1)" MtH 02:55Minecraft with Gadget, Inspector Gadget, Bad Apple!!, Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Library Piano, Unfounded Revenge, Smooth, We are Number One, Snow halation, Gas Gas Gas
82. "Become as Gadget" Bleep, feat. wheel able 02:55"Building bricks. Minecrap" from Minecraft with Gadget, Inspector Gadget theme, Inspector Gadget intro + violins + Minecraft with Gadget
Hidden tracks
83. "inspector chip tha ripper" Tammy 01:47Inspector Gadget intro/Chip tha Ripper mashup
84. "Minecraft With Gadget Sans Gadget" coolguyomega, MtH, Senn 02:48Minecraft with Gadget but only Mike Matei's lines, "Calm - Minecraft" in the background.
85. "Go-Go Gadget Green Bean! (nice job forgetting to check your auto playlist for this you friccin moron)" SmokyThrill77 00:10Bean (Earrape)

Patch Edit

On May 26, 2017, the album was patched to add seven more tracks and several images from the video "Main Theme - A Week of Garfield" ("Gadgetfielf" on the album), which makes fun of SiivaGunner fans who hate Inspector Gadget.[1]

Added tracks
72. "SoundSync5000 - Takes 8 Worlds to Find 1 Princess"
73. "Trofflesby - Go Go Gadget KONO TAIKEN"
74. "Barney Rubble - Giant's Cryogenics"
75. "SoundSync5000 - Go Go Gadget Select Screen"
76. "MtH - Bramble Bricks ft. Diddy Wap"
77. "Trofflesby - Full Metal Gadget"
78. "SoundSync5000 - Inspector Gadget's Secret Base"
Moved tracks
"Dirty Spaceman - Pipe Inspection" to "toonlink - Unfounded Gadget" 66 to 69 67 to 70
"Matsu Muhō - Good Night Inspector Gadget" 70 79
"toonlink - Amazon Jungle but every Amazon Jungle instrument is
replaced with Goron City's instruments"
71 66
"SmokyThrill77 - Inspector Gadget! School idol festival" 72 71
"Shengda Baba - Gadgetfielf" to "SmokyThrill77 - Go-Go Gadget
Green Bean!"
73 to 78 80 to 85

Trivia Edit

  • In this album, Inspector Gadget's theme appears in 61 rips, and "Minecraft with Gadget" in 22 rips. The most used other meme is 7 GRAND DAD/Meet the Flintstones, in 20 rips, followed by Snow halation, Patched Plains and Bad Apple!! (8 rips), Gas Gas Gas and In The Hall of The Mountain King (7 rips).
  • The most prominent contributor to this album is Kirbio with 10 rips followed by Matsu Muhō (9 rips), SmokyThrill77 and Jasper (7 rips).
  • The most ripped game in this album is Inspector Gadget with 6 rips followed by Banjo-Kazooie (5 rips).

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Notes Edit

  1. Fuma Mishandra's theme from Touhou: Book of Star Mythology

References Edit

  1. President Haltmann - Twitter by President Haltmann

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