"JET SET RADIO - 24/7 FUNKY FRESH BEATS FROM TOKYO-TO" was a high quality livestream hosted by DJ Professor K as part of the DJ Professor K Takeover. It began streaming just after 05:00 PST on June 30, 2020 and concluded 32 hours and 50 minutes later on July 1.

Due to its length, the video is no longer available, but an 11-hour abridged version with no duplicated content was published on July 3rd at 8PM PT/11PM ET.[1] Rips featured in the stream began being posted individually late into the broadcast roughly every fifteen minutes, and were published over a period of three days.

222 rips, as well as more than half an hour of other content, were premiered in the stream. The stream is by far the channel's longest video to date, and the abridged upload is currently the second-longest available video on the channel.

Content Edit

―Text on top of visualizer

After some setup time in which some placeholder text and images were inserted over a black background, a ten-minute countdown started, followed by the main content of the broadcast. All original content in the broadcast lasted 11 hours, looping (sans countdown video) three times. Starting with the third and final loop of the stream, all rips were posted individually in fifteen minute blocks.

Both the countdown animation and conclusion videos were published separately after the broadcast concluded.[2] [3] The intros, bumpers, and ads featured in the broadcast were collected into the Jet Set Radio Evolution tracks "DJ Professor K's Scratchin' Reel", "Bumper Reel", and "Commercial Reel".

Music Edit

Not used Edit

Some rips that were uploaded during the takeover were omitted from the livestream. Additionally, "Hurrah for the Champion (Winning Run) - F-Zero GX" was part of an ad break and was not shown as a track.

Intros and Bumpers Edit

Much like a real-life radio station, intros and station bumpers are present throughout the broadcast. For some songs, DJ Professor K and/or his daughter, DJ Doctor K, would give a brief introduction related to the rip. Bumpers occasionally appear between songs, and are done by a wide variety of characters and special guests.

The following Intros and bumpers are listed in order of appearance and according to what song/source succeeds them. The bumper names have been taken from Bumper Reel - Jet Set Radio Evolution.

Song Preceding Intro Note
Bringing it All Back 13 DJProfessorK“Are y’all listening in, or what? Through the stars and beyond the seven seas is Tokyo-to’s number one pirate radio station, Jet Set Radiooooo! And I’m your bracket winner, your King for the Day, DJ Professor K! The people have spoken! It seems they fancy the sound of the radio. Now, that’s something I can get funky with, ha ha ha ha! Listen up, fools, we’re going to monster jam for the next 24 hours, so buckle up! ‘Cuz it’s time to let loose and get wild! JET SET RADIOOOOOOOO!”
DE LOVEHAZARD (Loveless RMX) 13 DJProfessorK“Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me— ‘cuz this is Jet Set Radio!”
Jetpack - BMX Trial 13 DJProfessorK“Beep beep! Buckle up kiddies, Alex Kidd is ridin’ straight to the radio! Wheeeee!”
Everyone in the Harbor 13 DJProfessorK“Stop! I’ve gotta give a shout-out to Elmo and Jack! [Beat] Alright, that was a good stop. Now let’s roll out the next track!" A reference to the Sesame Street video that inspired the duo.
BUSTER BEAT 13 DJProfessorK“Hoh-hoh! Hooh, mama! (gasps) Now don’t get too close, or you’ll burn your face off! Next up is Dead Heat Riders!”
Night Crew 13 DJProfessorK“Ooh, how about something new? This is Jet Set Radio Evolution!”
Omake 8181 13 DJProfessorK"Yo-yo-yo, we’ve got a breakin’ weather report comin’ in from Tokyo-to! A storm of funky beats is comin’ straight to the JSR studios! It’s big, it's bad, and it’s bringin’ a whole typhoon of sick tunes! Whoo! I’m telling you folks, I ain’t seen weather this bad since 1983! Tonight’s forecast: a heavy chance of Thunder Force!”
Let Mom Sleep (OST Version) 13 DJProfessorK"Time to take it all back to where it all began: JET SET RADIOOOOO!”
The Last Word 13 DJProfessorK“Woah, mama! Shout-out to Johnny Bravo, and all my friends over at CN City!” References the CN City era of Cartoon Network.
I Love Love You (Love Love Super Dimension Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Looks like the FUTURE is here! Get ready for some Jet Set Radio Future!”
Changing Seasons 13 DJProfessorK“Yo yo yo, shout-out to the Jack Bros. It’s time for JET SET RADI-HEE-HOOOOO!” References Jack Frost's famous laugh.
David Goes to Victory Lane 13 DJProfessorK“Mmm. Listen to that funky music. You ain’t never gonna hear nothing this fresh except on Jet Set Radio, so don’t you touch tha…[light corpsing]...Don’t tou...don’t touch…[more laughter until out of breath] Ah, sorry, sorry, sorry folks. Hah… whew! I just, mmm! Hehe, I just happened to be thinkin’ about HOBa…[more laughter]...HOBaRT…[continued laughter]...Oh, such a funny mixer. Okay, I’m done, I’m done, it’s gone, it’s gone, out of my head. [pause. K tries to hold in his laughter, but snickers and lets it all out anyway] He-he-he’s a mixer! [laughter] He’s a mix-he’s a mix-he’s a mixer! [continued laughter] Oh, such a funny mixer…[laughs until he calms down, then starts up again] He’s a mixer! [laughs]You’re listening... to Jet Set Radio! I gotta find that dude! Oh, I don’t know why that’s funny!"
AD BREAK #1 13 DJProfessorK“Alright, folks, time to cut to commercial. Hey, even a pirate radio station needs to make money somehow! We’ll be right back.”
DEAD HEAT GROOVE #2 13 DJProfessorK“Yo, shout-out to Ajit, who taught me how to spin a fidget spinner like MAD! These things man, haha, it’s like butter in your hand! I can’t get enough! Anyway, this is JET SET RADIOOOOO!"
Mesh Mosh (Alternate Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Man, I’m on a roll today! And speaking of rollin’, it’s time for some Super Monkey Ball!"
Groove of the NHC 13 DJProfessorK“Blasting through stars, and making you scream, We’re broadcasting these beats straight into your dreams. This is NiGHTS.”
Red Eyes 13 DJProfessorK“Ohohohohoho! This is gonna be one wild ride! Now for some Cuh-razy Taxi!”
Map Theme 13 DJProfessorK“So…[pause] what’s the deal with airline food?” A reference to Seinfeld.
Ollie Groove #1 13 DJProfessorK“Hey Birdman! Eat your heart out! Time for some Ollie King!” "Birdman" refers to Tony Hawk.
Twister (Remix) 13 DJProfessorK“Super Bass, Outer Space, in your face, baby! Haha! This is Jet Set Radio! We’re kicking it live, even in the furthest reaches of the galaxy! And to all you aliens out there, yo, do me a solid and say ‘yeah’ to my good buddy Marcianito for me! [Imitates Pitbull's grito]”
Water Melody 13 DJProfessorK“Bringin’ all your fantasies to life! Next up, we have some Super Fantasy Zone!”

Theme of After the Fight

13 DJProfessorK"This is Jet Set Radio, comin’ to you live to give you the freshest jams from the jam store. Next up is a real top-notch— Hey, hey, heyeyeyeyey! HEY! Beat! Put that mother flippin' thing back before I come over there an— ugh. Kids these days. Trust me folks, you do NOT want to know what he was about to play. No siree. Anyway, (clears throat) back to business."
The Sound 13 DJProfessorK“Ugh, this next one is sick. So stay home, wash your hands, and stay six feet away, or else you’re gonna get mad cranky.” Common preventive measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was still in-process at the time of broadcast.
Everybody Jump Around 13 DJProfessorK“Hey Wario! You still owe me that meatball sandwich you stole from me in the cafeteria! AND a pizza! AND some Doritos! AND my wallet. So...come on down sometime and bring that stuff back. AND we could have a rotten good time jammin’ too, ha ha ha… but I do need that wallet back.”
the executioner 13 DJProfessorK"This next track’s so chill it’s gonna send you to hell and back! Don’t believe me? Tell you what, I’ll say it again— but this time, in red. This next one’s gonna send you to hell and back. Ahahahaha, baby!" Speaking in red in Umineko no Naku Koro Ni indicates the speaker is saying an absolute truth.
AD BREAK #2 13 DJProfessorK"You’re listening to Jet Set Radio. And now, a word...from Sans."

[Leads into the "sans" bumper]

K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle 13 DJProfessorK“Hey fellas. I got a heads-up from Reggie on who the next Smash fighter’s gonna be, heheh. I’d tell ya who, but (sigh) sucker made me sign an NDA. Well, screw it! Jet Set Radio doesn’t care about any N-D-A-B-C, nothin’! I'M in! I got the letter! I’ve reached peak performance, baby, haha! And now… [sadly] I’m goin’ to jail..."
Groove Rush #7 (Beta Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“We’re blazin’ through the waves, straight to your eardrums. Here’s some Sonic Rush!”
Theme of Sonic's Event 13 DJProfessorK“Okay, okay, okay, everyone who has their radio playing in the background or whatever, listen up. I have, uh, something important to announce. I mean it! Stop what you’re doin’ for a hot minute. I need EVERYONE to pay attention for a moment. You listenin’, fools? Good. Alright. Now...
[“Never Gonna Give You Up” begins playing]
Ha ha ha ha! Got you, suckas!"
Professor K pulled a successful Rick Roll.
Burnin' Rubber 13 DJProfessorK"It’s a HOT one! I’m on fire, baby! No, really, I am actually on fire right now. Somebody call 911! Aah, ah, aah, AAAAAHH!”
Round 5-2 - Ice Scream "Hey Geno: You’re a star.” Outside of his puppet body, Geno is literally a star.
That's Enough (US Version) 13 DJProfessorK“You know, people ask me all the time: K, how do you DJ so good? Well, truth is: I don’t really understand, but I fell down this hill, now I’ve got glue on my hands, and I got records on my fingers, and I just can’t stop. Ha ha!” Reference to the Phineas and Ferb song "There's a Platypus Controlling Me".
Teknopathetic (Beta Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Hey, this is KING DJ Professor K with Jet Set Radio, the baddest pirate radio station comin’ straight from the soul, right into your ears. Shout-out to Daft Punk and my man Pharrell, ha ha! Ain’t nobody understand the concept of digital love better than you guys." "Digital Love" is a song on the Daft Punk album Discovery.
Canvas Canyon (Beta Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Yo, Dedede! Kirby called me up yesterday and told you you was STUPID! Heh, yeah, that’s right, he was like, “Poyo-POP! Poyo-poyo-POP! Poyo-POP! Poyo-hot-diggety-POP! Poyo-POP!” What’chu gonna do about that, huh?”
Mexican Flyer 2000 13 DJProfessorK“Keep those rings up for Ulala, we’re tuning in to Space Channel 5!”
The Answer (The Latch Brothers Remix) 13 DJProfessorK“Yo! Has anyone seen my dog? He’s gone missing! Oh, he couldn’t take the heat! Boy, where you at!??"
FM Funk (No FN' FM Remix) 13 DJProfessorK“Ah, yes! Saturdays are made for dads! And JET SET RADIOOOOO!” Refers to the meme stemming from the Dexter's Laboratory episode "A Dad Cartoon", as well as the @And_Dads_Car Twitter account that posts the scene weekly.
AD BREAK #3 13 DJProfessorK“Yo yo yo! That was some hot beats right there, but we’re gonna go to commercial break right now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS." Refers to the Animal Crossing meme associated with Reggie Fils-Aimé.
Blizzard Peaks Act 2 (US version) 13 DJProfessorK"Ooooh, is it c-c-c-c-cold in here? Or is it just me? This next one’s for you, Adam Levine."
HANDS UP HIGH 13 DJProfessorK"This song go so hard, it must be クリミナル! Time for some YAKUZA! [maniacal laughter]" The mad laughter may be a reference to Goro Majima, the "Mad Dog of Shimano".
Plant Kingdom (Act 2) 13 DJProfessorK“My man Al says they’ve got it all on UHF. But I doubt they've got any of these funky fresh beats! Jet Set RADIOOOO!”
Omake 16 13 DJProfessorK“Yo, you ain’t gonna believe this! So I was chilling down at Shibuya-cho the other day, and this...wooden, robot dude, whatever he was, was up all in my face! And he kinda looked familiar, so I said, ‘Damn John, is that you?’ but the robot was like ‘Nah man, I-I’m not John, I get that a lot. Anyways, I was wondering if you knew about those I-talian restaurantes, I’m mad diggin’ real good pizza right now.’ An’ I was like ‘Yo, you’re in Japan, dawg. just like...go down the street, we’ve got those fine-ass class Italian goods on every corner. But that robot man was like ‘Aw, But that stuff is too expensive’, like ‘I don’t wanna pay that much…not nice >:[‘ So I told that sucka ‘Dude… shut the hell up and go to Pizza Hut’.”
CORE (Unused Mix) 13 DJProfessorK"Hey yo Papyrus, did you send me a...plate of spaghetti in the mail? Well we were thinkin’ you sent it, so we made sure to feed it to the dog. Haha, he loved it!"
Jijy no Rag 13 DJProfessorK"Rappin like rappies and droppin’ those 15-Star beats, it’s Phantasy Star time! Yeah!" Rappies are a prominent bird race in Phantasy Star, and act as the mascots of the franchise. "15 star[s]" refers to the weapon and armor grading system, of which 15 is the highest quality for the former.
Death by Glamour (Unused version) 13 DJProfessorK"There are 24 hot singles in your area, and guess what? They’re all listening to Jet Set Radi-OOH!"
Swing 13 DJProfessorK"Oh no… One of those Jazz Cats just showed up and gave me the augmented triad face..quick,we gotta play a real banger fast, or I ain’t able to play those Coltrane Changes ever again!" References the "Augmented Triad Face" meme.
The Metamorphasis 13 DJProfessorK"Uh, Snake? You there? Snake? C’mon, answer me man! Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAAKE!"
Ollie Groove #2 13 DJProfessorK"Yo, this is Jet Set Radio, and [demonic voice] you are going to die in 72 hours. [normal] What the…? Hey! MissingNo....where you at? Get back here and help me with one of these tracks, will ya? I’m still reeling from our last jam session!"
The Sound (Rude Lee Mix) 13 DJProfessorK"The station that will teach you the things your teachers and parents are too afraid to.. This is Jet Set Radio. Now class, open your books to page 13. We’re about to learn the fundamentals of… the “banger"."
AD BREAK #4 13 DJProfessorK“Woah. Oh, that track went HARD. I’m gonna need to cut to commercial to cool off. We’ll-we’ll be right back. Hot damn, what are these kids making these days?! Phew!”
Gravity (Beta Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and soak in the gravity of the situation...with a little CAVE STORY! Haha, Shou—ahem-Oh god-oh-something’s in my throat— (clears throat) Sorry about that folks, I don’t know how that happened. Phew! Now where was I? Oh right- Cave Story, somethin’ about that, yadda yadda yadda… Shout-out to the best robo-kid out there, Quote! Yo, Polar Star? This one’s for you.”
Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinarre Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Jet Set Radio— whether you’re chilling on your couch or in your coffin, don’t forget to tune us in to keep you company.”
Main Theme (US Version) 13 DJProfessorK“We kickin’ it sky high today, into Daytona USA! Here’s a Rooooolling Staaaart!”
Wondering (A Prelude) 13 DJProfessorK“Yo, we got a letter comin’ in from your good pal, Nigra. It says —ahem— [Does his best Nigra impression] (Whispering) jet set radiooooo...."
Tutorial 13 DJProfessorK“This next one’s for you, ZUN, ‘cuz you’re about to get drunk with the funk.”
Dance in the Galaxy 13 DJProfessorK“Grab onto your Mortys, ‘cuz this one’s gonna wubba-dubba-lub-dub all the Ricks in the multiverse!”
vs. Octopocus 13 DJProfessorK“[Various attempts to speak Inkling] — aw, shoots. I can’t speak no Inkish, screw it. Yo! OTH! There’s one of your shooter-thingies here, you need to take it back, ‘cuz the GG’s are going haywire with it. Ugh, I’m gonna be covered in so much ink, I’m gonna turn into a squid myself soon! Get. Over. Here. Pronto."
Tokyo Speedrun 13 DJProfessorK"Hey, this is Jet Set Radio. Now, heck, did you rudies expect me to run this thing for the full 24 hours? (laughs) Your old man’s got chops, but he ain’t all what he used to be. He gotta take a break sometime. So I brought some help to make sure we got the best manning it for you all day and all night long.”
13 DJDoctorK“Yo, how’s it hangin’, punks!? Ready for a change of pace?”
13 DJProfessorK“I’ve brought on my daughter, Doctor K, to take the wheel for a spin while your king takes a view. Don’t you worry, though, we’re still gonna keep this radio the baddest things since rotten eggs!”
13 DJDoctorK“I’m DJ Doctor K, and my old man is finally letting me help him DJ. Get ready, because if you aren’t dancing yet, we’ll have you partying in no time!”
13 DJProfessorK13 DJDoctorK“JET SET RADIOOOOO!”
Humming the Bassline (D.S. Remix) (Beta Mix) 13 DJDoctorK“Hey! AGES! You listenin’? This next one’s dedicated to you!” Doctor K's more frequent shout-outs in her broadcasts is to AGES, a reference to the "To be this good takes AGES" slogan of old SEGA.
24 Hours 13 DJDoctorK"There’s only one thing that’s never gonna give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you. And that’s JET SET RADIOOOOO!” A verbal Rick Roll.
September 13 DJDoctorK“Jet Set Sona! Listen up, you wanna see some funky fresh art? Check out my extra-special MOJO post. Wanna contribute? Spray up that canvas and hashtag that sucker with #JSSxKFAD." Doctor K was created as the face of the #JetSetSona project.
Omake 11 13 DJDoctorK“Look, I, um, was definitely rooting for my old man, but (whispers) just between you and me? Dr. Piccolo was where it was at, yo! Shonen Jump AND he’s a doctor? Oh man, it was a match made in heaven!"
Let it Go 13 DJDoctorK“Beats so hard, they’ll stop your heart. Don’t worry, I can get it bumping again.”
Rock It On (D.S Remix) (Unused Version) 13 DJProfessorK“HOLD IT! I gotta shout-out to my boy Phoenix Wright! Get your pointer fingers ready, cuz’ you’ll know you ain’t gonna be able to TAKE THAT! funky rhythm!”
Funky Dealer (Unused Version) 13 DJProfessorK“Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, cuz’ Jet Set Radio is comin’ away to steal your soul!" References Antoine Dodson’s “Bed Intruder” interview / Schmoyoho’s “Bed Intruder” song
Desert 13 DJProfessorK“Bing bing wahoo. Get ready for some Mario.” Interestingly enough, Desert contained no references to Mario.
The Concept of Love (Short Version) 13 DJProfessorK[Trying out different voices] “Seven. Seven. Seven! Seven. Seven. Seven. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven. Seven. Seveeeeen.” 7 GRAND DAD
Gonna Make You Sweat 13 DJProfessorK“ Mmm-mmm-mmm! That was one fine track.Just like real good chicken, finger lickin! In case you just tuned in, you’re listening to Jet Set Radio, the funkiest radio station this side of Tokyo-to.”
Boss ~ Eggman Nega 13 DJProfessorK“I’ve come to make an announcement— Dr. Robotnik is one bad-ass mother, and he deserves a prrrrromotion! I’m King DJ Professor K, and you’re listening to Jet Set Radiooooo!" Referencing the Moon rant from the Real Time Fandub Games Sonic Adventure 2 Team Dark run, and iteachvader’s “Robotnik Rock”.
Sweet Soul Brother 13 DJProfessorK"This music is soothing my sweet soul, brotha’, whao! And it ain’t over yet, let’s get scratchin to the next few tracks. Jet Set Radiooooo!"
Mango! (Alpha Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“This next one’s comin’ right at ya at supersonic speed, just for you, Eminem."
The Ship 13 DJProfessorK“All right, let’s uh, let’s take a look at this. Grand Set? Radio? Aaaw… Grand Set. Grand Set! Grand SET?! Grand Set!” 7 GRAND DAD's title screen, as lovingly recounted by Vinesauce's Joel.
Vitality 13 DJProfessorK“There really ain’t nothin' like a funky beat, folks! And speakin’ of funky beats...yo, Rhythm Masters! You ever find yourselves in Tokyo-to, stop by the studio sometime. We could make a hell of a Megamix together!”
Fighting in the Street 13 DJProfessorK“This station is ALL the rage today! Now let’s take some o' that to the streets. Time for some Streets of Rage.”
AIN’T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT (Beta Mix) 13 DJProfessorK“Hey, Cool Meme Team! Congratulations! I gotta give it to you, when I saw those results, I was like, ‘Woah! Nobody was expecting you guys to win the King for Another Day tournament!’ Well what can I say? Ain’t nobody can beat the Chungus. Hehehehehe. To congratulate you guys on your win, I’m having Beat send over some Reddit Gold for ya. Stay fresh, my brothers."
Intro 13 DJProfessorK"[Trying out voices] "Kore ga, kore ga, kore ga, kore gaaaa, kore ga, kore gaaaaaa. This is Jet Set kore gaaaaaa."
Improvise 13 DJProfessorK"This is Jet Set Radio, and hot Jiminy Cricket, I’m starving. I could for real use one of those Krabby Patties right about now. Yo Krabs! Get that joint of yours workin’ on doin’ delivery! You would make some maaaad cash." The Krusty Krab tried once. It didn’t pan out.
AD BREAK # 6 13 DJProfessorK"Hey hey hey hey hey, Hate to break up the party folks, but I have to cut to commercial! Aah, stay tuned though! We’ll be right back."
A Flicker of Hope 13 DJProfessorK“Ey yo, Rapid 99! I got a message for you straight from your sewer-dwelling pals. Poison Jam says you...Ooooh. Oh ho STINK worse than them!? Oh, NO, they did not just go there, they NOT just say that! Ho, damn! What y’all gonna do about this, ladies?
Mango! (Beta Mix) 13 DJDoctorK"I thought you’d be back by 11.”
13 DJProfessorK“I said, I’d be back later.”
13 DJDoctorK“You ASSUMED you would be back later, IF you came back at all, you’d be back later!”
13 DJProfessorK“Well, I’m back, okay?”
13 DJDoctorK“Is this...rubble?”
13 DJProfessorK“(eating) It was just a little workout! Just to stay loose.”
13 DJDoctorK“You know how I feel about that, pops! Don’t you? We can’t blow cover again.”
13 DJProfessorK“Eh, the building was coming down anyway.”
13 DJDoctorK“What!? You knocked out a building!?”
13 DJProfessorK“It was already on fire. Structurally unsound. It was comin’ down anyway.”
13 DJDoctorK“Tell me you haven’t been listening to the police scanner again.”
13 DJProfessorK"Look, I performed a public service. You act like that’s a bad thing.”
13 DJDoctorK“It IS a bad thing, pops! Uprooting our family again so you could relive the glory days is a very bad thing!”
13 DJProfessorK“Reliving the glory days is better than acting like they didn’t happen!”
13 DJDoctorK“Yes! They happened! But THIS, our family, is what’s happening now, pops, but missing this? I can’t believe you didn’t go to your own son’s graduation!”
13 DJProfessorK“It is not a graduation. He’s moving from the fourth grade to the fifth grade.”
13 DJDoctorK“It’s a ceremony!”
13 DJProfessorK“It’s psychotic! They keep comin’ up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but if someone is genuinely exceptional—”
13 DJDoctorK“This is not about you, dad. It’s about Beat.”
13 DJProfessorK“Want to do something for Beat? Then let him actually compete! Let him go out for sports!”
13 DJDoctorK“I will not be made the enemy here. You know why we can’t do that.”
13 DJDoctorK“This is not about you!”
[long pause]
13 DJProfessorK“(sigh) Alright, Beat, I know you’re listening. Come on out, man.”
13 DJDoctorKGum? You too, young lady.”
Parody of a scene from The Incredibles, with Professor K in the role of Bob Parr and Doctor K in the role of Helen Parr.
Metal Scratchin' (Part 2) 13 DJProfessorK"Hey hey, Noise Tanks, I got a message for ya: (clears throat) Beep boop boop beep. Bzzt, boop toop, beep boop. For all my human ears, that means: Screw their boss! Hahaha! JET SET RADIOOOOOO!"
Something Really BAD 13 DJProfessorK“Comin’ at ya all the way from the laboratory of Jean Paul Gasse. He’s a phenomenon like no other! Let’s take a close look at the one and only man of the sea: Seaman!” Quoting the intro to Seaman.
BGM #07 13 DJProfessorK“Love Shockers! How’s it hangin’? Still gettin’ over your nasty breakup? Heh, I understand! You think someone my age was from the Tokyo-to sewers. Anyway, Next track coming up!”
Trombone Menu 13 DJProfessorK“Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just listening to Jet Set Radio? Grab your coconut guns, ‘cuz we’re about to get funky with the monkey. Keep it crazy, DK! BANANA SLAMMA!”
In the Lead 13 DJProfessorK"Whoa, damn! All this summer heat makes me want more King for Another Day content! (sigh) I wish SiIvaGunner had some content farms..."
Spring Valley - Paternal Horn (Angry) 13 DJProfessorK“Shout-out to the most badass Mickey Mouse in town! I’m talking about my man, Thanos! Get those finger snaps ready— everyone except Thanos, that is. Eheh. You should, er, probably lay off the snaps, dude. Do that funky dance, instead. Referring to the Avengers/Fortnite collab
Groove Rush #3 (OST Version) 13 DJProfessorK"“Hey! I KNOW you ain’t asleep! You can sleep any other day, but not during these beats! JET SET RADIOOOOO!”
Moonview Highway 13 DJProfessorK"The beat is sick. If it’s not sick, why bother?" Referencing Reggie Fils-Aimé's Nintendo Direct quote “The game is fun. If it's not fun, why bother?”
A Funky Fresh Mouth 13 DJProfessorK“I’m sorry to day folks, these beats, man, these beats, some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Jet Set Radio.” A quote of Lord Farquaad in Shrek.
What Nintendon’t 13 DJProfessorK“SEGA: Genesis denesis what Nintendenesis. This is JET SET GENESIIIIIS!” References the "Genesis does what Nintendon't" campaign of the 1990s, as well as its Sbubby parody.
Game Over (US Version) 13 DJProfessorK“Yo yo yo, rev up your engines for this next one: Here’s Sega Rally.”
Fly Like a Butterfly (Vocal Mix) "Hoo boy, that track’s so funky, it (sniff) brings tears to my eyes! (sobs) If that wasn’t the case for you, give this one a listen!"
Diary Menu 13 DJProfessorK“What’s happenin’, my memers and streamers, this is Jet Set Radio comin’ to you with the best of the best. This next one is so fire, your grandpa’s gonna get cremated twice!”
Feel The Heat 13 DJProfessorK“Hey, I’ve got a special shout-out to give, to my good friend Mariya Takeuchi. (sighs) Man, you were so close, girl. I still remember that first night we met. Bumped into you at at the lobby. You was all down after that first loss: gal out of her time in a new world she don’t understand. Thought you was done for.
I forget if I told you at the time, but...I saw myself in you right then. Reminded me of how I felt during the first tournament. Come all the way from Tokyo-to just to be… beat right off the bat. Didn’t feel good man.
And now would ya look what happened. Two losers became winners. [chuckles] You know, I’m proud to be here and all, but I gotta admit… there was a small part of me that’s....sad. Sad that you wasn’t the one who ended up on top in that final showdown. You woulda been great.
I don’t know if you're hearing this right now— you and time got some funky relationship going on. But wherever, and whenever you are, I hope you’re doing a’ight.

Stay chill. Stay chill, girl.”
Song Preceding Bumper
Title Theme - Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz Scratchin' DJ Bumper #2
Teknopathetic Country
MAMA FROG (Beta Mix) Markiplier
Stuck in Lugia's Stomach Alone Sega Tape
Slider (Blazy Mix) DK Rap
After the Fight Class of 3000
Title Screen - Alex Kidd in Miracle World Childish Gambino
Title Screen - Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll Baldi
Lose Life (Alternate Mix) - Kirby's Adventure King Dedede
He's a Family Guy Peter Griffin
You became the Bad Guy! Scratchin' DJ Bumper #1
Moody’s Shuffle Plankton
Temple Trouble Super Monkey Ball 2
Select Screen (Arcade Version) E
Ska Cha Cha (Blazy Mix) Broadway
Monkey Race 2 Advanced Track Sonic is Talkin' Balls
Zero-G Station The Slopster
The Electrisco Rosen and King
AD BREAK #2 sans
Rare Hero (Sanodigy Mix) Daytona USA
Bonus Stage - Shinobi (Master System) Pac-Man
Anxiety Celebrity
Neon Nights (LIGHTS UP EVOLUTION MIX) "SiIvaGunner"
Boss Theme (Woe is the World) All I Want
Smooth Sherbert Ugandan Knuckles
AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT (JP Version) Can’t Live Without
All I Want (Beta Mix) Scratchin' DJ Bumper #2
Title Theme (Hello Kitty) Bird Up!
Praise You Stewie Griffin
The Concept of Love (Beta Mix) Donkey Kong
Theme of Strained Event Johnny Bravo
A Funky Moment Joe Swanson
Bonus Stage Gadget
Menu Theme 5 (JP Version) Crit1kal
Back 2 Back (PAL Version) Mr. Rental
Big Beat Radio Thanos
Goblins FitMC
Round 7: Dreaming Tomorrow Rock it On
Emote: Side Hustle Will Smith
Love Dream Let Mom Sleep
Wrapped in Black Big Chungus
Up-set Attack Coach Z
Grace and Glory Meatwad
Kick the Eggman CD Alert
Artificial Amateurs DnB
That’s Enough (Beta Mix) Dr. Cortex
Welcome to the Machine Nickelodeon
Scatchman Sam Meowth
Theme of Warm Event Nick Crompton
Underwater Wario Bros LLP
Funky Radio WDPK
Intro Everybody Jump Around
Violent Breathing Road to Love Island
Signoff Robotic


All advertisements featured take their names from the Commercial Reel - Jet Set Radio Evolution video.

Time Name of Block List of Commercials
01:33:10 AD BREAK 1
  • Free Rip for You, Max
  • Legalize Chip Mashups
  • Doctor Doof Takes Over the Stream!
  • SiIvaGunner Ringtones
  • Bedrock Tourism
03:00:28 AD BREAK 2
  • The Joy of Ripping
  • The MoveFinder
  • Krusty Krab Ad
04:36:10 AD BREAK 3
  • Rob Schneider in...Woodman
  • Naxx Guyfieri Dating Ad
  • Joke Explainer 7000
  • HOBaRT Teaches Typing
06:05:08 AD BREAK 4
07:35:03 AD BREAK 5
  • Hardware Store Reopening
  • Soundcloud Ad 2-Pack
  • Grand Bill Heck's
  • D-12 Salsa
09:06:03 AD BREAK 6
  • DiaperGaming64
  • K̴̨̢̛̎ả̷̪̥r̴̋͜s̷̡͔̔ ̴̳̩̕4̷̻̗̌͒ ̵̭͠K̸̡̜͂̈́į̵̲̕͝d̴̨͉̄s̷̱͓̾
  • Gangsta Mario Ad
  • HOBaRT Teaches Typing Ad
  • Mr. Rental Fansub Ad
  • Frank Walker's National Penises

Conclusion Edit

Before the stream ended on its third loop, DJ Professor K left a message for the viewers, accompanied by a video:

To view DJ Professor K's final message, click "Expand".

[A greyscale version of DJ Professor K's KFAD 2 icon zooms into view.]

Well, this is the end, beautiful friends. 24 hours of the best of beats, the funkiest of funk, the tastiest of tunes, and only the most high quality, hardcore rips you can find this side of the radio.

[The video zooms in on the broadcast thumbnail art before transitioning to a modified version of the takeover channel icon, depicting DJ Professor K with SiIvaGunner's eyepatch.]

And as tempting as it is to just add just one more hour to our little show, I’m a man of my word. (clicks tongue)

[A cropped screenshot of conversation over the stream's run time, focusing on the phrase "total runtime of 33h30m".]

Folks, I’ll be real with you. Ol’ K thought he’d never be here right now.
[Footage from Professor K's loss against Etika plays.]

I fought hard in the KFAD tournaments, going up against some solid song makers... I even doubted myself along the way.

[Images of Professor K's opponents quickly flash by. The video briefly lingers on the art for Law & Disorder.]

But, here I am. Beats still strong, head held high, and a pretty damn good looking crown on my head, hehehe.

[The video pans across DJ Professor K's takeover render before flashing to an image of the crown.]

I wanna give thanks to the fine funky folks who made today’s beats with yours truly; the damn good artists and musicians who contributed;
[Art of the GG's and a video scrolling through some of the takeover's contributors plays.]

And most of all, I wanna thank you
[Brief flash of Soulja Boy's "Crank That" video.]

All you listeners out there. I would’ve never gotten here if it wasn’t for you. As far as I’m concerned… you’re all the real kings. Thank you. So much. (tears up)
[An image macro of Mario holding up a crown while tearing up, captioned "You dropped this KING".]

[The scene transitions to footage of DJ Professor K in Jet Set Radio Future as "Funky Radio" plays in the background.]
Nah, but enough of this sappy stuff. Let’s close it good, and close it right! From the shining streets of Tokyo-to, to the stars and heavens above, from all of us here at JSR studios, this is King DJ Professor K, signing off. And one more thing…

To everyone else out there, the dreamers, believers , the lovers, and the fighters:

[Images of Nora Night, Parappa the Rapper, Honoka Kosaka, and Dhalsim appear as he punctuates each word.]
[Footage of Beat, Gum, and Yo-Yo from Jet Set Radio Future plays.]
If you got something in your heart that you want to bring to life, if you got a dream out there you’re lookin to make real, make it real and make it known. Raise it to the sky and let the world hear your cry!
Say it with me now…

[The video flashes between footage of Professor K from Jet Set Radio Future and monochrome footage from Jet Set Radio.]


[Footage of Jet Set Radio Future Professor K resumes.]

Hahahaha, keep it real rudies. You ain’t seen the last of K. Till then, stay gold.

[The screen fades to black. All that remains is a string of white text:]

In the streets, there’s no such thing as the end.

Trivia Edit

  • The image of Lugia's stomach that appeared before the stream countdown is a reference to a tweet Hideki Naganuma made about how fond he was of Lugia's pot belly.[4]
  • The visualizer in this rip takes many foreground elements from the Jet Set Radio series such as the "Now Loading" and "Achievements" screens.[5] Additionally, the background for the waveforms has several references to SEGA history, such as the "Welcome to the Next Level" slogan and SEGA Saturn logo. [6]
  • For the duration of the original livestream, the online radio station temporarily redirected its URL to the YouTube broadcast.[7]
  • The lines "This is the end, beautiful friends" and "stay gold. Bang." in DJ Professor K's final speech are references to the speech made by TOM 4 at the end of Toonami's 1997-2008 run.
  • All "AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT" rips were misspelled as "AIN'T NOTHING LIKE A FUNKY BEAT" during the broadcast.
  • AD BREAK #5 is the only break during the broadcast that lacks an intro.
  • DJ Professor K has primarily been associated with delivering "extra" in his broadcast despite his misgivings. While the livestream ran a day and 10 minutes late, it clocked over 33 hours despite his 24 hour promise and not "[having] done this in a hot minute",[8] and the length of individual rip releases meant he would remain King for 5 days more than the initial takeover day.

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