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KORIBALL is a low quality album by SiIvaGunner. It is based around a now-unlisted video of the same name. It also received a sequel in the form of a livestream known as KORIBALL2.

This is the first album to be hosted on as opposed to the channel's standard Bandcamp page, It is also jokingly priced at $300 USD.


The video was made public very briefly in 2016 before being unlisted. It starts out with a Windows Movie Maker title reading "kori cho taihen spacejam" (a truncated romanization of the Japanese title for the Cory in The House television series with "spacejam" appended to the end). The rest of the video shows a wallpaper of Cory in the House with Charles Barkley's head crudely pasted on Cory (a wallpaper also used for the album cover).

The song played throughout the video is a heavily compressed unsynced mashup of "Space Jam" and the Cory in the House opening theme.

Track List

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "KORIBALL" xXxPu55yDestroyerxXx 5:06
2. "GIEGABOWSAH" Barney Rubble 3:07
3. "KORI CHO TAIHEN SPACEJAM 2" Metalik 1:47

According to Maggie, there are no hidden tracks or bonus media included in the album.


  • This originated from part of a video on Metalik's channel, and wasn't planned to be part of SiIvaGunner originally.
  • This is the first SiIvaGunner album to not have a track credited to Chaze the Chat, and his only known contribution is setting up the Bandcamp page.[1] It is the only SiIvaGunner album without a Maroon 5 reference as a possible consequence of this.
  • The video was uploaded publicly to SiIvaGunner2 despite being unlisted on the main channel.[2] It was unlisted on SiIvaGunner2 when the main channel came back.
  • The start of the video is shown at the start of the Space Jam Fusion Collab.


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