Ze Kazoo Master is a secondary antagonist who first appears in the CCC episode "Timbre of a Kazoo".

Personality Edit

The Kazoo Master is a cloaked figure of African descent from another dimension, he seeks for worthy opponents to go against his kazoos. He has a thick French accent but can still speak English. His character design is based on Fivda, a French contributor to SiIvaGunner who makes Kazoo rips, and some elements such as his hat are based on AMUNO, another French contributor who makes animation videos. [1] His ethnicity was based on a comment on one of SiIvaGunner's rips that said "Please fire the kazoo n*gger".[2]

Role Edit

In the event depicted in "~A Fragmentary Interlude~" and "An Acrimonious Assault", the Kazoo Master, delighted at all the kazoo rips uploaded on the channel during National Kazoo Day, hands The Voice a button which would summon him if he was ever in need. Later in "Timbre of a Kazoo", The Voice hands the button to Barkley as back-up when he infiltrates the Rapper's Union's hideout. During the ensuing battle, Barkley, at the edge of defeat, is forced to press the button. A portal appears, sucking him in and summoning The Kazoo Master, who is challenged by Soulja Boy.

The Kazoo Master demonstrates the ability to stop bullets in mid-air using his kazoo, and shoot bolts of lightning as a ranged attack. He also uses his kazoo as a melee weapon to great effect, though he is ultimately bested by Soulja Boy's quick thinking in destroying the Master's cloak and catching him off-guard. After his defeat, the Kazoo Master acknowledges Soulja Boy's aptitude and heads back through the portal.

References Edit

  1. The Kazoo Master is an original character based on @Fivda, with his design incorporating elements from @AMUNEAU., August 2. 2017, MtH, Twitter
  2. "He is black because of one comment that said "Please fire the kazoo n*gger"" - @WldMts. August 2, 2017. Twitter.

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