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The King for a Day Tournament Break was a break caused by a strike given to the channel in mid-2018 during which the SiIvaGunner team created the King for a Day Tournament, premiering immediately after this break.


In July 2018, the 2016 uploads "Color Power - Yellow Drill - Sonic Colors" and "p" were removed for violating community guidelines, giving the channel two community strikes which disallowed any new videos from being uploaded. The rip "Oil Ocean Zone Act 1 (OST Version) - Sonic Mania" was the end of the backlog (with one specifically-timed exception), so the channel had no choice but to go on a break.

However, Ethan64Music realized that the channel could still use YouTube's community tab to post updates, so the team thought of a way to use this to their advantage, and on July 15 the team made an announcement via community post and tweet thread asking viewers to send their character ideas for the tournament. Over the rest of the break, the channel began revealing the characters who would be participating on their community tab and Twitter.

In addition to spawning the King for a Day Tournament, this break also delayed PSY Day 3.[4]


See also: King for a Day Tournament: All Fighters Twitter Icon.png
Date Tweet Link
July 14, 2018 [A retweet from toonlink: "Yo if there are gonna be any Siiva cosplayers at Connecticon hit me up lol that would be dope"] Twitter Icon.png
Thanks, @ChannelAwesome!

Channel awesome tweet.jpeg

Twitter Icon.png
July 15, 2018

SiIvaGunner Presents: The King for a Day Tournament!

Now is YOUR chance to make SiIvaGunner history!

SG King for a Day Banner.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
Have you ever wanted to have a channel event day dedicated to the character and the music YOU want? Do YOU have what it takes?
We are taking submissions for the next up and coming character to run SiIvaGunner for a day!
Twitter Icon.png
It's easy to enter! All you have to do is email your suggestion to with the subject line "King for a Day Tournament", with the following information:
- The character name (short description/image/profile optional.)
- The types of rips they will post
Twitter Icon.png
Please make sure you format your email properly and make sure that your suggestion does not have NSFW content, hate speech or anything that would otherwise break YouTube's community guidelines. Twitter Icon.png
On the 17th of July, 16 characters will be qualified to enter the tournament, where they will throw down in an epic battle royale with the winner decided with YOUR VOTES! So make it count!

So, what are you waiting for?
Only one can be king... so let the battle commence!
Twitter Icon.png
July 17, 2018

Thank you for your submissions! We received a lot of amazing and interesting combatants and it was very hard to pick only sixteen of them.

We're excited to reveal the fighters in the upcoming days...!

Twitter Icon.png
Ajit Pai unrevealed.jpg Twitter Icon.png
Introducing our first fighter... Ajit Pai!

Ajit Pai revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png

(Pai wanted to call himself "The Harlem Shakeover" but this name was denied by tournament staff.)

Twitter Icon.png
Geno unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
Coming down from the stars is... Geno!

Geno revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 18, 2018 Off the Hook unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
Making a splash, it's... Off the Hook (ft. Glenna Nalira)!

Off the Hook revealed.png

Twitter Icon.png
Weird Al unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
He doesn't care if you're full... "Weird Al" Yankovic!

Weird Al revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
Unregistered Hypercam 2 unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
No survey, no virus and nobody can stop it... In the upper left corner of the ring: Unregistered HyperCam 2!

Unregistered Hypercam 2 revealed.png

Twitter Icon.png
July 19, 2018 Pitbull unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
His name transcends all borders... Pitbull!

Pitbull revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
We have just been informed by many of our viewers that Pitbull is actually Cuban/American. We apologize for our error, but we're also technically still correct as after all he is "Mr. Worldwide". Twitter Icon.png
6 of the 16 fighters have been revealed so far for the King for a Day Tournament! Who is your favorite so far?

KfaD First 6.jpeg

Twitter Icon.png
You can view all the fighter profiles so far here!
Twitter Icon.png
Reggie unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
His body is always ready... Reggie Fils-Aimé!

Reggie revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
Will Smith unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
Sitting on his throne, it's... Will Smith!

Will Smith revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 20, 2018 ZUN unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
The drunken danmaku master himself... ZUN!

ZUN revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
Dancing Alien Team unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
They're 100% real, no fake... the Dancing Alien Team!

Dancing Alien Team revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 21, 2018 Thanos unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
His foes won't stand half a chance... Thanos!

Thanos revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png

The second batch of fighters has been revealed, with only five left to go!

Who's your favorite of this bunch?

KfaD Second 6.jpeg

Twitter Icon.png
July 22, 2018 Wario Bros. unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
The rotten, inseparable bond... the Wario Bros.!

Wario Bros. revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 23, 2018 King Dedede unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
The clobberin' crown of the court himself... King Dedede!

King Dedede revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 24, 2018 Solid Snake unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
He's kept us waiting... Solid Snake!

Solid Snake revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 25, 2018 DJ Professor K unrevealed.png Twitter Icon.png
He's here for a performance you'll never forget... DJ Professor K!

DJ Professor K revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png
July 26, 2018 Etika fakeout.png Twitter Icon.png
Etika unfakeout.jpg Twitter Icon.png
Reppin' the boys... Etika!

Etika revealed.jpg

Twitter Icon.png

And with this final batch, everyone is here!

Who's your favorite among the last five reveals?

KfaD Last 5.png

Twitter Icon.png

Community posts

Community posts were made on YouTube for the event, but due to the channel's termination in 2019, they were removed. They were equivalent to the tweets listed above, although not archived.[citation needed]


STRINGS OF FATE ~ Original Soundtrack2018.UnregisteredHyperCam2.FullAlbum.XviD.KfaD.320kbps[CDRip]
SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament
Music Samples
GenoOff the Hook"Weird Al" YankovicUnregistered HyperCam 2PitbullReggieWill SmithZUNDancing Alien TeamThanosWario Bros.King DededeSolid SnakeDJ Professor KEtika
Victory!Bonus Art Package
Ajit Pai (MtH).png Ajit PaiGeno (Eivuiee).png GenoOff The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png Off the Hook ft. Glenna NaliraWeird Al Yankovic (thefluffyslipper).png "Weird Al" Yankovic
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png Unregistered HyperCam 2Pitbull (LarryInc64).png PitbullReggie Fils-Aimé (MtH).png Reggie Fils-AiméWill Smith render.png Will SmithZUN (MtH).png ZUN
Dancing Alien Team render.png Dancing Alien TeamThanos render.png ThanosWario Bros. render.png Wario Bros.King Dedede render.png King DededeSnake (Coach).png Solid Snake
DJ Professor K (Chase).png DJ Professor KEtika render.png Etika
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VS and Results
Round 1
King Dedede render.png vs. Weird Al Yankovic (thefluffyslipper).png (WINNER) • DJ Professor K (Chase).png vs. Etika render.png (WINNER) • Will Smith render.png vs. Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png (WINNER) • Pitbull (LarryInc64).png vs. ZUN (MtH).png(WINNER)
Reggie Fils-Aimé (MtH).png vs. Dancing Alien Team render.png (WINNER) • Ajit Pai (MtH).png vs. Thanos render.png (WINNER) • Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png vs. Snake (Coach).png (WINNER) • Geno (Eivuiee).png vs. Wario Bros. render.png (WINNER)
Round 2
King Dedede render.png vs. Etika render.png (WINNER) • Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png vs. ZUN (MtH).png (WINNER) • Reggie Fils-Aimé (MtH).png vs. Thanos render.png (WINNER) • Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png vs. Wario Bros. render.png (WINNER)
King Dedede render.png vs. Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png (WINNER) • Reggie Fils-Aimé (MtH).png vs. Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png (WINNER)
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png vs. Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png (WINNER)
General Music
FIGHTING KING (Main Theme)VS. SCREENTraining ModeChannel HubResting King (All-Star Rest Area)Altered King ~ EVENT CHALLENGESLAP THE NUTS!! (Bonus Game)Remix 9 (Bonus Track)VS. FIGHTING REJECT TEAMLast Fighter Standing...Staff RollFINAL DESTINATION
Promotional Music
Ajit Pai (MtH).png The Harlem ShakeoverVictory!
Geno (Eivuiee).png Come On Again!Dangerous PathlineAn Adventure's Grand FinaleMario StoryVictory!
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) (Eivuiee).png Splatoon Retro MedleyFly Octo Fly (ft. Glenna)Don't Slip!Ebb & Flow InkantationSpiciest Calamari InkantationVictory!
Weird Al Yankovic (thefluffyslipper).png A Gaizin's MantraHardware Store and More!Everybody PolkamonBedrock Anthem BoogieVictory!
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render.png ParalyzerFluffing a DuckSpartan CombatScheming WeaselEverytime We TouchAwesome PlanUnreeeal Dreamscape 3How 2 Do AnythingDon't give up on your dreamscapeLet the Bodies Hit the FloorVictory!
Pitbull (LarryInc64).png Give Me the FantasyFirst-Round Losers' CypherBit BullDJ Got Us Fallin' In LoveVictory!
Reggie Fils-Aimé (MtH).png American CrossingDeceptaconThe Best Thing About It Is It's Free!This Is My WayVictory!
Will Smith render.png 'Tis the Season to Get JiggyBel Air Nu-FunkEDM Lit MachineMake Up Your MindVictory!
ZUN (MtH).png ZUN's ThemeU.N. Owen Was Her?Satori's MansionLunar Clock ~ Luna DialVictory!
Dancing Alien Team render.png Nunca Me Das CositasSleep ParalysisVictory!
Thanos render.png Five Million FirefliesBattle RoyaleFate of the UniverseFreak ItVictory!
Wario Bros. render.png Destruction Dance (Club Mix)Working in the Zone ~ Taco ZoneTomorrow HillBody RockLaunchpad LabyrinthMirror Mansion 2Wario's Cash 'n StashFor the Longest (Waluigi) TimeVictory!
King Dedede render.png A Weird RaceDedede Boss Battle: Star Allies & United UtopiaKirby Bosses Retro MedleyDedede's Two-Dimensional CannonJourney to KingVictory!
Snake (Coach).png The Front Line (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)NuclearSnake EaterVictory!
DJ Professor K (Chase).png Artificial AmateursThe SoundGRACE N GLORYVictory!
Etika render.png We Dem BoyzGo Hard (Brooklyn)ətˈæk 0N tάɪtnVictory!
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