Not to be confused with the fake game of the same name.

Kirby Rip Attack is a high quality album released on August 22, 2016. The album contains rips from various games in the Kirby franchise and the Kirby anime. The name of the album is a reference to the album Kirby Mash Attack  (which itself is a reference to the game Kirby Mass Attack) by InfinityAlex.

The album was announced with the video Poyo Announcement! (YouTube). This video parodies the Kirby Mash Attack release trailer[1]. The cover art was drawn by Triple-Q[2].

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Smash Mouth, Charles Barkley and Kanye West argue over who's going to sing for the Kirby Rip Attack Main Theme, but Psy comes in and steals the show" Sir Spacebar 01:35
2. "Snoop Dogg's Dreamland" Master Barf 03:50
3. "No Greens" PinkieOats 04:05
4. "I Don't Like Dreamland, I Love It" BotanicSage 03:40
5. "Crank Cave (2016 Mix)" MtH 03:10
6. "The Noble Trumpmann" Akfamilyhome 02:11
7. "I Don't Like Dreamland, I Love Taiga" Botanic Magolor 03:53
8. "Gambino Race" Psycosis 03:00
9. "Meta Knight's Ice-Cold Revenge" Meta Knight 02:07
10. "Zero Quality" Xarlable 02:34
11. "Let's Live Healthilation" MtH 01:14
12. "NightmaReboot" Nape Mango 01:18
13. "Dedede Fusion Collab" Toonlink, Xarlable, beat_shobon, Chaze the Chat, Blazephlozard and megamanlego 03:19
14. "ARSA" IAmMelloYellow 04:15
15. "Aqua Flowers" Chaze the Chat 00:59
16. "Pokemon Card Index" Charles445 00:57
17. "Keemstar: Right Back Into The Noose" King DeDeDe 01:24
18. "Rules of Crystal Shards (Alternate Mix)" Black Sweet Potatoes 01:16
19. "ファルコン☆パーン(グランド・ダッドMIX)" MtH 01:08
20. "Dynablade It Off" digboy 03:27
21. "Snow Stage" PinkieOats 01:42
22. "Reboot Quest" Maxtrax2001 01:13
23. "Return of the Mask (Inverse)" Chaze the Chat 03:31
24. "kirbyquest" kanef 00:54
25. "Balloon Kirby Dance" Akfamilyhome 00:03
26. "Nightmare in Gilligan Forest" ingx24 00:47
27. "P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Not Responding)" MtH 06:15
28. "Shiver Star - Grandjo Kirbzooy 64: The Snow Shards" Problem Solver 01:26
29. "Rainbow Candy" PinkieOats 01:34
30. "A-Ha!" Nape Mango 01:54
31. "Sullied Nutshack" Queen Sectonia 01:38
32. "King Dedede's Mission (2016 Mix)" MtH 01:35
33. "Factory Haltlation" President Haltmann 03:14
34. "Kirby is Chiyo" Nick Oleksiak 00:06
35. "Kirby's Booty Massacre Medley (Kirby Ass Attack)" PinkieOats 06:09
36. "Resolution Valley" Akfamilyhome 01:00
37. "SiIvaGunner makes high quality rips to the tune of Gourmet Race (Album Mix)" beat_shobon 01:28
38. "Kicked to the Kirb" Xtremer$adiq 02:38
39. "Snowy Way Wishes" Akfamilyhome 03:05
40. "Floatstones" Xarlable 01:10
41. "Grand Victory Dance" Akfamilyhome 00:05
42. "REVOCS Inspection" MtH 04:27
43. "Super Kirby Bros.: Melee in Dreamland" ingx24 01:13
45. "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NUTSHACK" Barney Rubble 02:08
46. "game?.. over?" Jinxui 00:05
47. "Light (MtH Remix - SiIvaGunner ver.)" MtH 02:22
48. "Galacta Homer" Maxtrax2001 00:49
49. "Psy Tower" Half Pixel 01:44
50. "Chance's Return to Dreamland" digboy 03:09
51. "Good Ass Butter Building (SiIvaGunner Mix)" digboy 04:00
52. "If Your Butter is Green, It's Probably Moldy" Minus Θ Zero 01:41
53. "Squeak Squalation" Akfamilyhome 00:35
54. "Journey to Yogurt Yard" Matsu Muhō 01:19
55. "Invincibility Fever" beat_shobon 00:52
56. "Chocolate Lave Cake (THE EXPERIENCE)" Maxtrax2001 02:47
57. "change the rocks" MtH 04:00
58. "Kirby races a penguin on a slide" Akfamilyhome 01:23
59. "Kirby Keeps His Mind Right" McBedtime 00:53
60. "Drop it Like it's a Mad Mechanism" Xarlable 01:26
61. "chill kirby" MtH 02:17
62. "Merry Nightmare In Dream Land" Nightmare 04:00
63. "Kirby Goes to Meme Hell" TitaniumRopeWars 02:08
64. "Dream Land Story" Unkempt Hair 02:07
65. "Patched Plains" Minus Θ Zero 01:39
66. "Pudding Plains" Can of Nothing 01:38
67. "Unfounded Squeakvenge" Chaze the Chat 01:27
68. "Peanut Shack" MtH 01:46
69. "Heavy Snack Attack" Le Ruse Bird 03:00
70. "Soldier Vs. Masked Spy (Xarlable Remake)" wazgul 02:09
71. "7 Grand Island" MtH 01:03
72. "Here Come the Skeletons!" Akfamilyhome 03:10
73. "Iwata's Grape Garden" Solid STRGG 00:45
74. "Snoop Dogg's Metal Dreamland (Chaze Remaster)" Chaze the Chat 04:20
75. "Steel DeDeDrum" ZVAARI 05:16
76. "Yogurt Mart" MtH 00:59
77. "Millionaire Race" kyokuP 02:09
78. "Heavy Lobster Shack" goeticThunder 01:33
79. "Kirby Superstar Saga" kanef 01:44
80. "Grand Grands" Jinxui 00:57
81. "Vs. Snow Dream" Half Pixel 03:24
82. "Soap Squeak Squad" Chaze the Chat 01:27
83. "El Galactdito" Galactica Knight 00:53
84. "Pop Rocks Star" Charles445 01:37
85. "Ice Cream Machine" MtH 03:08
86. "Nutbomb" TitaniumRopeWars 01:18
87. "Green Memeland" Xarlable 01:24
88. "Flintstocean" Le Ruse Bird 01:48
89. "Firing an Emblem and Halating a Dream" Akfamilyhome 04:25
90. "SiIvaGunner's Triumphant Return" Matsu Muhō 00:17
91. "The GiIvaSunner Staff Roll" MtH 06:00
92. "Light (MtH Remix)" MtH 02:22
93. "Frozen Yogurt Yard" Nape Mango 03:07
94. "Ice Cream Machine (Alternate Mix)" MtH 05:18
95. "hey its ya boy darksonichu86" Shengda Baba 01:04
96. "Moonstruck Snow Blossom" SmokyThrill77 02:20
97. "G-I-L-V-A-S-U-N-N-E-R" SmokyThrill77 02:38
98. "Fountain of Memes 2.0" UnlimitedAndy 03:05

Bonus media[edit | edit source]

The album contains two text files:

  • "Kirby Mash Attack MP3.txt" which contains a MEGA link to an MP3 version of Kirby Mash Attack:!ZZ4VnbiS!Wo4v3MXPXTEeQwOspUMHeA.
  • "Worlds.txt", which identifies the worlds seen in the album art. The area with lots of trees is "Verdant Vista", the ruins are "Grey Garrison", the bedrock town is "Risky Rocks", the pirate island is "Inconspicuous Island", the city is "Polar Precinct" and the crater is "Secret Silo".

The album also contains several bonus images:

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. "[InfinityAlex Mirror] Kirby Mash Attack Release Trailer", Flustered Fernando, YouTube
  2. "commission for SiIvaGunner", Triple-Q, Tumblr
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