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Kolo Terorita is a high quality shoot 'em up video game by SiIvaGunner. It was announced via "Trailer Theme - Kolo Terorita" and released on Newgrounds and on May 31, 2022, as part of The Harlem Shakeover. The game follows Ajit Pai as he fights through hordes of antivirus programs on SiIvaGunner's computer in order to defend his takeover.


Kolo Terorita is a shoot 'em up in a top-down perspective. As Ajit Pai, the player must defeat several waves of enemies, which become progressively more difficult as the game progresses, without losing all of his health. Ajit has three types of attacks at his disposal:

  • Nerf Gun: By holding the left mouse button or pressing Q to autofire, Ajit can fire his Nerf gun to damage enemies from afar, initially dealing 10 damage per bullet.
  • Lightsaber: By holding the right mouse button or pressing E to autofire, Ajit can swing his lightsaber to damage enemies at close range, initially dealing 20 damage per hit. It can also be used to deflect bullets from enemies with proper timing.
  • Mug: Ajit can charge with his large Reese's mug by pressing the space bar to charge in the direction he's moving, or by clicking the middle mouse button to charge towards the cursor. It initially deals 50 damage to enemies and grants invincibility during its duration. After being used, the player must wait for it to recharge before it can be used again, indicated by a "Kolo!" sample being played.

After defeating numerous waves of enemies, the music stops and a short cutscene plays. Ajit's health is then refilled and the final boss battle against Protegent Reborn begins, during which his health bar is shown at the bottom of the screen. After defeating him, the screen fades to black and text reading "VICTORY / THE HARLEM SHAKE LIVES ON" appears, followed by a button that brings the game back to the title screen. If Ajit dies at any point, the game will declare that "THE SHAKEOVER IS / SHAKE OVER" as the screen fades to red and a devastated "Aaaaiii..." plays in the background, followed by a prompt to either retry the game or return to the title screen.


Shake Harder

Added in version 7.0, "Shake Harder" is an alternate mode that substantially increases the game's difficulty. Waves now last shorter and enemies become harder to dodge, but certain upgrades are improved and new ones are added. Defeating Protegent Reborn in this mode for the first time grants the "Harder Shake" Newgrounds medal.

  • The lightsaber no longer reflects with its blade, and instead creates a refletor shield around Ajit when swung.
  • Woody's health increases.
  • Shoota shoots its bullets in a larger angle.
  • Beanie's movement speed and charge speed increase, while its deacceleration decreases.
  • Beast's detection range is much larger and its bullet speed and firing rate increase.
  • Cam's detection range is much larger and its bullet firing rate increases.
  • Demon shoots its circular bullets faster in a spiral pattern instead of diagonal.
  • Many of Protegent Reborn's attack patterns receive upgrades:
    • The spiral pattern of the pink bullets are reversed after a while.
    • He shoots his barrage of gear-shaped bullets in a spiral pattern.
    • His volleys of green bullets are locked on Ajit.


On the title screen, the player can activate one of four challenge modes to apply to the game. These modes restrict Ajit's arsenal and limit the amount of upgrades granted per level-up down to 2. Newgrounds medals can be earned in these modes.

  • Nerf Gun-Only Mode: Only the Nerf gun can be used and only Nerf gun-related upgrades are granted. Defeating Protegent Reborn in this mode for the first time grants the "Nerf This!" Newgrounds medal.
  • Lightsaber-Only Mode: Only the lightsaber can be used and only lightsaber-related upgrades are granted. Defeating Protegent Reborn in this mode for the first time grants the "Message from Ajit Pai" Newgrounds medal.
  • Mug-Only Mode: Only the mug charge can be used and only mug-related upgrades are granted. Defeating Protegent Reborn in this mode for the first time grants the "Certified Mug Moment" Newgrounds medal.
  • -Only Mode: No weapons can be used, making it impossible to deal damage to enemies or earn any upgrades, and enemy waves spawn continuously every five seconds. Dying in this mode for the first time grants the secret "Dead Through Helplessness" Newgrounds medal.


Enemies drop one of five Reese's products upon death. One of them, dropped randomly by all enemies, yields health points, while the other four accrue "Shake" points, which fill a "Shake" bar in the top-left corner below Ajit's health. The amount of "Shake" points granted is directly proportional to the enemy's difficulty.

Item Effect Dropped by
Kolo Terorita - Reese 1.png + 1 Shake! Woody
Kolo Terorita - Reese 2.png + 5 Shake! Shoota
Kolo Terorita - Reese 3.png + 15 Shake! Beanie
Kolo Terorita - Reese 4.png + 25 Shake! Cam
+ 50 Shake! Beast
+ 150 Shake! Demon
Kolo Terorita - Reese 5.png + 20 HP! Any


Upon filling the "Shake" bar, Ajit's "SHAKE LEVEL" increases by 1 and an upgrade is granted. The player is then prompted to choose one of three random upgrades to Ajit's arsenal, which can provide several benefits, such as increased damage or larger attack range. Upgrades can be claimed manually by pressing F, or claimed automatically if the option for such is toggled in the title screen or in-game by pressing U.

For every "SHAKE LEVEL", Ajit's maximum "Shake" and health points increase by 5 each. On "Shake Harder", however, only his maximum "Shake" points increase by 4.

Upgrade Description Effects
Kolo Terorita - Nerf upgrade 1.png Nerf Gun
Increases the damage dealt by each bullet.
Increases bullet damage by 5. Passively increases knockback.
Kolo Terorita - Nerf upgrade 2.png Nerf Gun
Increases the amount of bullets fired.
Adds 2 more bullets to each volley fired.
Shake Harder: Adds 1 more bullet to each volley fired.
Kolo Terorita - Nerf upgrade 3.png Nerf Gun
Increases the amount of enemies each bullet can hit.
Increases the amount by 1.
Kolo Terorita - Nerf upgrade 4.png Nerf Gun
Decreases the time between shots.
Decreases interval to seconds.
Kolo Terorita - Saber upgrade 1.png Lightsaber
Increases the lightsaber's damage and girth.
Increases lightsaber damage by 7. Increases girth.
Shake Harder / Challenge Modes: Increases lightsaber damage by 8. Increases girth.
Kolo Terorita - Saber upgrade 2.png Lightsaber
Increases the lightsaber's range.
Increases lightsaber range by 64 pixels.
Shake Harder: Increases lightsaber range by 56 pixels.
Kolo Terorita - Saber upgrade 3.png Lightsaber
Increases the lightsaber's swinging arc and girth.
Increases lightsaber swinging arc by 60 degrees. Increases girth.
Kolo Terorita - Saber upgrade 4.png Lightsaber
+Swing Speed
Decreases the time between swings.
Decreases interval to seconds.
Shake Harder: Decreases interval to seconds.
Kolo Terorita - Mug upgrade 1.png Mug
Increases charge speed and damage.
Increases charge speed by 300. Increases charge damage by 10.
Shake Harder: Increases charge speed by 500. Increases charge damage by 25.
Kolo Terorita - Mug upgrade 2.png Mug
Increases charge duration.
Increases duration by 0.25 seconds. Also decreases momentum loss.
Shake Harder: Increases duration by 0.5 seconds.
Kolo Terorita - Mug upgrade 3.png Mug
Increases knockback dealt as well as the size of the charge.
Increases knockback speed. Increases charge size by 25% initial value.
Kolo Terorita - Mug upgrade 4.png Mug
+Recharge Rate
Decreases the time between charges.
Decreases interval to seconds.
Shake Harder and Challenge Modes
Kolo Terorita - The Dud.png You Got The Dud
She looks just like you!
Has no effects.
Kolo Terorita - Nerf upgrade 5.png Nerf Gun
Increases the amount of times the bullet can bounce.
Increases the amount by 1.
Kolo Terorita - Saber upgrade 5.png Lightsaber
+Reflector Size
Increases reflector size.
Increases reflector range by 32 pixels.
Kolo Terorita - Mug upgrade 5.png Mug
Decreases charge momentum loss.
Decreases momentum loss.


All enemies except Protegent Reborn lack official names, so conjectural names based on file names are used.
  • Woody: The first enemy encountered and the weakest in the game. It walks towards Ajit and attempts to deal damage with spikes when approached. It is a combination of Wood Man and the Goombas from the Super Mario franchise. Its arrival is signaled by a flashing ">:[" face on the field.
  • Shoota: The second enemy encountered in the game. It tries to keep a safe distance away from Ajit while periodically shooting volleys of three bullets. It is based on the Kazoo Master, with a weapon based on his kazoo. Its arrival is signaled by a flashing round target on the field.
  • Beanie: The third enemy encountered in the game. It walks towards Ajit and does not deal contact damage, but periodically enrages and charges in a similar manner to the mug charge, causing great knockback upon hit. It is based on Green de la Bean, with its arrival being signaled by a flashing image of his face on the field.
  • Beast: The fourth enemy encountered in the game. It walks towards Ajit while shooting barrages of triangular bullets, as well as ones resembling the 8-Bit Beast's head. It is a combination of the 8-Bit Beast and Grand Dad, with its arrival being signaled by a flashing image of the 8-Bit Beast's head on the field. Upon death, it turns into a tombstone with text reading "RIP BOZO L".
  • Cam: The fifth enemy encountered in the game. It stays still and continuously shoots circular bullets at Ajit when approached. It is based on Unregistered HyperCam 2, with a cat resembling Nyan Cat with an eyepatch controlling it. Its arrival is signaled by a flashing image of a film reel on the field.
  • Demon: The sixth enemy encountered and the strongest regular enemy in the game. It slowly moves towards Ajit while continuously shooting diagonal barrages of circular bullets and spawning red cursors that follow Ajit. Its arrival is signaled by a flashing image of its face on the field.
  • Protegent Reborn: The game's final boss, based on the mascot of the Indian antivirus software Protegent. Defeating him for the first time grants the "Data Deleted" Newgrounds medal. He cycles through four different attack patterns:
    1. Teleporting to the center of the field and shooting a spiraling barrage of pink bullets.
    2. Shooting an outwards barrage of red and green gear-shaped bullets.
    3. Standing still while spawning a horde of enemies.
    4. Dashing across the screen, spawning several volleys of green bullets.


The game's soundtrack consists of two songs:


In the game's Newgrounds release, medals can be earned by completing certain objectives, which grant Newgrounds experience points when obtained. The last two are secret.

Medal Description
Kolo Terorita - Medal 1.png Data Deleted
10 Points
Defeat Proto.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 2.png Nerf This!
25 Points
Finish the game on nerf gun-only mode.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 3.png Message from Ajit Pai
25 Points
Finish the game on lightsaber-only mode.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 4.png Certified Mug Moment
25 Points
Finish the game on mug-only mode.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 5.png Harder Shake
100 Points
Finish the game on hard mode.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 6.png Average V-Tuber Fan
50 Points
Collect 10 duds.
Kolo Terorita - Medal 7.png Dead Through Helplessness
5 Points
Die on -only mode.

Update history

Version 7.0

On June 4, 2022, the game received its final update,[1] version 7.0. The changelog reads as follows:

• Added medals to newgrounds version.
• Added a hard mode.
• Added challenge modes.
• Added more movement inputs(YGHJ / Arrow keys).
• Added extra buttons to menus

Version 1.1

On June 1, 2022, the game was updated to version 1.1. The changelog reads as follows:

• You can now use the middle mouse button to charge, doing so will charge in the direction you're aiming rather the one you're moving in.
• Increasing charge duration also decreases momentum loss.
• Knockback upgrades also increases the charge's hitbox size.
• Whenever you level up the upgrade screen wont automatically show up, instead you will have to press 'F' for it to show up (option can be toggled at the main menu or in gameplay by pressing 'U').

Version 1.0

The initial version of the game, released on May 31, 2022.


As listed in the game's pages:


Kolo Terorita received a very positive response. As of writing, the game has had over 14 thousand views on Newgrounds alone, and has an average score of 4.5/5. It was featured on the frontpage of Newgrounds a day after release and won the Daily Feature and Weekly 2nd Place awards shortly later.


  • The game's title is a mistranscription of the "con los terroristas" sample used in "Harlem Shake".
  • There are four images included in the game's files that can never be seen in-game, two of which were added in version 7.0:
    • A sprite of a variant of Woody with a mustache, titled "elwoodio". This image is used as a placeholder for the enemies.
    • An upgrade icon featuring Whitty from Friday Night Funkin': V.S. Whitty Full Week, titled "skillIcon". This image was used in a previous placeholder for the upgrade options, and has since been replaced with the "You Got The Dud" icon in version 7.0.
    • An upgrade icon with a heart, titled "upgradeIcon16". This image is used in an unobtainable upgrade titled "Go Faster" with the description "+Move Speed / Increases your movement speed", presumably mistakenly swapped with "upgradeIcon17". It was meant to be added exclusively to "Shake Harder", but was ultimately scrapped.
    • An upgrade icon with The Dud's right foot, titled "upgradeIcon17". This image is used in an unobtainable upgrade titled "Get Healthy" with the description "+Health / Increases your maximum health", presumably mistakenly swapped with "upgradeIcon16". It was meant to be added exclusively to "Shake Harder", but was ultimately scrapped.

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  1. "Kolo Terorita v7 (might have skipped a few numbers)", News post by Blue9Fairy, Newgrounds, June 4, 2022.
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