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L.A.M.A.J and ERIOIOIRE are two characters created by mirroring the boxart of L.A. Noire in two different ways. Both menem are distorted versions of the game's main protagonist Cole Phelps, with their abilities and characteristics determined completely by the appearance of their respective "games'" boxart.

Fan Artwork by AngusBurgers (DeviantArt link)

A debate had been raging in the SiIvaGunner backroom for quite some time about whether L.A.M.A.J or ERIOIOIRE would win in a fight. The debate was finally made public with "Batting Theme - Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby". In the video, the Backroom members debate which of the two would win, until one of them gives up and starts playing the infamously hard Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby (with the debate still going on in the background).

L.A.M.A.J is usually depicted as the "glass cannon" of the two, due to his slender build and dual-wielded handguns, while ERIOIOIRE is depicted as a tough, strong and resilient "mighty glacier" due to his huge build. Going by the boxart, L.A.M.A.J has two female companions of some kind, likely Stands (either two separate ones or a single two-headed being), while ERIOIOIRE has six hell henchmen to assist him.

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