Laughing Baby Bubbling Remix is song which was uploaded on October 11th, 2008 by YouTube user Marcel Plomp. It is a minor meme on the channel.

Overview Edit

The song features this stock sound of a baby laughing, which is remixed over a repeating percussion loop. The video starts with the text "Laughing Baby Bubbling Remix" and then changes to a picture of a clipart baby, the same baby in the thumbnail, which is taken from a gif. At 1:06, the text "Thnx for watching" appears, as well as the video title.

The video is 1:16 long and has the description "Laughing Baby Bubbling Remix very funny song". It was also made in Microsoft Movie Maker.

Rips Edit

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The first rip using this meme, "Intro - Baby Baldi's Basics In Adventures with Friends!", was uploaded to the channel during April Fools' Day 2020. The song later appeared fairly frequently around late April and later coincided with FUNNY BUDOTS 2020, which is also a remixed song of baby's laugh. Rips using this meme most often involve pitch-shifting rips that put the laugh into a different melody. Rips in the Pooplers playlist always use this meme.

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