Le Ruse Bird, also known as Happy Happy Cultist, is a SiIvaGunner collaborator and a frequent user of the 4chan board [s4s].

Rips Edit

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Le Ruse Bird is mostly recognized for his infamous rip of Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot featuring a link to a shock video of a baby with a rare skin disease (uploaded on June 18, 2016). The video received negative feedback and has been removed from the channel, while its creator has been kicked out of the team. Later on, after an apology, the ripper was brought back to the group. Nowadays, the melody is often referenced on the channel. A sfw version of the original rip was also uploaded, replacing the harlequin baby with a Kirby drawing of the same disease. He made Title Theme & Ending (Beta Mix) - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy - one of the most popular rips on the channel.

Le Ruse Bird also introduced Green de la Bean to the channel: he made the first 3 bean rips.

Trivia Edit

  • Le Ruse Bird is one of the composers for the 4chan game Pokémon Clover and on multiple occasions has made SiIva rips of his own songs.
  • He also contributed to multiple /s4s/ Bandcamp albums.
  • His YouTube username originates from a religion in EarthBound called Happy Happyism.

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