"Lifelight Fusion Collab" is a high quality fusion collaboration released by the SiIvaGunner team to celebrate the channel's revival after its deletion in early 2019. It features thirteen different arrangements of "Lifelight" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Each arrangement is accompanied by its own visual segment. The first and last segments are accompanied by footage from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adventure Mode: World of Light cutscenes; the rest have a basic format of footage related to the style, mostly Smash Bros. gameplay footage, taking up most of the screen, with an illustration (by SparkBag) of Galeem at the top that has other related footage overlaid on it.

Time Style/Song Author
0:00 Famitracker MtH
0:31 MOTHER 3 Nape Mango
0:45 Classical Japanese Trofflesby
1:00 Mōsō Express (Monogatari) MtH
1:14 Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire / Emerald Dirty Spaceman
1:29 YTPMV Omknee
1:51 Kingdom Hearts II ShonicTH
2:05 Pokémon Black & White Kirbio
2:20 Jazz Chaze the Chat & thefluffyslipper
2:34 mm2wood Twonko
2:56 Sonic Rush Hinchy
3:13 Touhou Princess Sylvysprit
3:31 Original outro wolfman1405
3:52 "Now that was epic!" PapaGenos

Description Edit

Project and Medley Director: Chaze the Chat
Audio and Visual Production: Hinchy

Part 1 (Famitracker): MtH
Part 2 (MOTHER 3): Nape Mango
Part 3 (yoooh~ Japan): Trofflesby
Part 4 (Mousou♡Express): MtH
Part 5 (Pokémon RSE): Dirty Spaceman
Part 6 (YTPMV): Omknee
Part 7 (Kingdom Hearts II): ShonicTH
Part 8 (Pokémon BW): Kirbio
Part 9 (Jazz): Chaze the Chat and thefluffyslipper
Part 10 (mm2wood.mid): Twonko
Part 11 (Sonic Rush): Hinchy
Part 12 (Touhou): Sylvyspirit
Part 13 (Outro): wolfman1405

Galeem Illustration: SparkBag
"Spirits" Visuals Performance: Hinchy, Marrow, Twonko, 123zc
Special Guest: PapaGenos

I sincerely wish all my viewers a happy "Welcome back!"
I'm very excited to finally be able to get back to uploading more video game rips in the highest possible quality.

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