Minor characters from The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

2B Edit

2B is the protagonist of the game NieR: Automata. Her first appearance in the Christmas Comeback Crisis was in "Timbre of a Kazoo" where she appeared from a portal at the entrance of the Rapper's Union hideout. She revealed that she was searching for Wario and Waluigi. This is a reference to the video "Opening Scene - Waluigi's Tacostand". She also appears in "Final Destination - Super Smash Bros (working title)", an AMUNO rip, leading to believe that she is able to travel between the canon Christmas Crisis episodes and some of the "shitpost" rips. She was mentioned again later by Wood Man, in the bonus episode "Wood Man and Robbie Rotten: A Christmas Comeback Crisis Side Story".

Cinderella Girls Edit

The Cinderella Girls are a virtual J-Pop group from the multimedia franchise THE iDOLM@STER .They were captured during the Voice Inside Your Head's coup and publicly executed for being "weeaboo anime bullshit" in "Seasonal Return". Kirari Moroboshi[1] and the Producer[2] were briefly able to talk before their ultimate demise.

Citizens Edit

The citizens of Grandiose City (a representation of the people subscribed to the SiIvaGunner channel) are mentioned multiple times over the course of the SCCC. At first confused during the Voice's initial coup in "Seasonal Return", they started to riot in "Old Times" but were quickly stopped by the Stringbots.

Some citizens are however glad of the grand anime purge initialized by the Voice. One in particular, a fan of the Nutshack in "No Place To Hide", is a loyal partisan of the Voice and stood in the Rapper's Union's way, summoning a Spheric after them. When the mecha was defeated by Nozomi's Smolitzer, he took to his heels.

Elves Edit

The Elves are Santa Claus' loyal helpers. When the Voice attacked Santa's Workshop with his mechas in "Advent of Hell", they stood the line the best they could but were outnumbered and lost the battle. When Santa, Nozomi and Meta Knight escaped the Workshop, they found a pile of dead elves body. "It was too soon for you guys" sadly said Santa.


The INTERCOM is a robotic voice announcing the imminent self-destruction of Santa Claus' Workshop in "Advent of Hell".

The Joke-Explainer™ 7000 Edit

Main article: The Joke-Explainer™ 7000 [FILE-11] - Haltmann's Archives

The Joke-Explainer™ 7000 (codename JK-EX-7000) is a smol mecha appearing in "Loves the Ladies" to do a recap of the previous 6 episodes, apologizing for the delay between this episode and the previous one and advising some material to better understand the lore. It has the appearance of Smol Nozomi and sports a yellow orb on its head with Wood Man's face on it.

It references a YouTube commenter under the same name who used to tell the jokes on some rips[3].

Susie Edit

Susanna Patrya Haltmann (best known as Susie)[4] is a character from Kirby Planet Robobot and the daughter and assistant of President Haltmann. Although she has yet to appear in the SCCC, she has been mentioned multiple times (the first time in "No Place To Hide", and only by name since "Loves the Ladies") as she seems to be in some unknown trouble forcing Haltmann to work for the Voice who claims to be able to help her. The Voice was however unable to fulfilled his promise and tried to fool Haltmann by masquerading Haruka Amami as her performing the song "The Noble Haltmann", which didn't work at all.

Troops Edit

The troops are the Voice's soldiers, sporting a purple uniform. They were first seen in "Haltmann" when a gatekeeper was bested by Robbie Rotten disguised as one of them. They were later seen surveilling Santa's Workshop in "Advent of Hell", two of them accidentally giving Nozomi and Meta Knight the code of a lock.

References Edit

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