"Lost Life - The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants" is a high quality rip of "Lost Life" from The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants.

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This is an odd, cryptic, mostly ominous video, presented with VHS effects as though it was found on a long-lost tape. However, upon further inspection, everything in the video is a reference to then-contributor Solid STRGG, with a creepypasta aesthetic.

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At the beginning, we see a clip from Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. In the clip, Ryota Mitarai has this exchange with The Ultimate Imposter:

Mitarai: "--gave me something to live for."
Imposter: "Yeah, I gathered that."
Mitarai: "When I'm done, my suffering... will give other lost souls... their solace."
[Mitarai collapses on the floor.]
Imposter: "Mitarai?"

After a burst of static, we cut to the intro of The Simpsons, but with an odd, cacophonous arrangement replacing the audio. We then cut to a clip from the Duckman episode "Ride the High School", where King Chicken crashes into a robotic Bart Simpson. The image freezes on a frame of his head flying off, then resumes with eerie ambient noise.

We see and hear a losing screen from The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare. After that, the ambient techno song "Semena Mertvykh" by Boards of Canada plays, and we see footage from the Simpsons episode "Bart the General", where Bart daydreams of his own funeral, with Principal Skinner giving the eulogy. Here, however, Skinner is dubbed over in a digitally pitched-down voice: "What a time to be alive. Why? Good question." We see footage of a fire breaking out at an anti-Trump protest. "Skinner" continues: "You see, the world has too many people like yourself, and it's being stupefied by people like you, and then all you do is wake up, troll people, and go to sleep." We see relevant clips from Bart's life. "You have no compassion for other people around you in Springfiel--"

We abruptly cut to footage from someone walking around in a park. They grab a sheet of paper taped to a tree. On it is a screenshot of Leslie Jones tweeting "Don not but his shit" in response to Solid STRGG's "buy mgs 2" trolling, Seiko Kimura's head, and, scrawled in red pen, "BUY MGS 2", this Picosong URL, and "-Ruruka Andou".

We then cut back to Bart's funeral. Says "Skinner": "Well, it's about time someone put you in your place. All I have to say now is, 'Don not but his shit'." Homer is then dubbed over voice clips from the video, "YTP4LIFE CRYING".

Cut back to the park footage. They grab another sheet off a tree. This one has iLoveMemphis' "Hit the Quan" single cover with Seiko Kimura's head pasted on, with the following text scrawled in red pen:

IF I GET 100 Likes

I will

Ruruka Andou

Cut to a clip of Seiko Kimura's corpse from Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.

We then cut to this image made to depict the "Dead Bart" creepypasta, which is tilted to the left and distorting, along with Seiko Kimura's head flickering in and out, and this Russian text, also distorting:

получиться именно так?

Я просто хотел,

чтобы спасти всех...

Вам нужно

выбрасывать гнилуые

части, или все

зто получит гнилой.

This can be translated as:

Why did it turn out this way?
I just wanted to save everyone...
You need to discard all the rotten parts,
or else everything turns rotten.

Unknown distorted, backwards speech is also heard at this point.

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