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MAXIMUM QUALITY ACHIEVED is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner initially released to attendees of the MAGFest 2020 SiIvaGunner Panel on January 2, 2020, and later released publicly on February 3, 2020.

It is based around a video of the same name, also known as "The SiivaGunner MAGFest Rave Mix" within the album itself. This is a rave DJ mixset that mainly focuses on SiIvaGunner rips, memes, and tracks by SiIvaGunner contributors, hosted by the SiIvaGunner character with an appearance by Mr Rental in the outro. It was first played live on January 2, 2020 for MAGFest 2020's "SiIvaGunner High Quality RAVE" event, and was then uploaded to the channel five days later.

All of the tracks used in the mix that weren't previously on the SiIvaGunner channel were uploaded as rips for MAXIMUM QUALITY ACHIEVED Day which concluded in the release of this album, announced with the video "A Maximum Quality Announcement".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "The SiivaGunner MAGFest Rave Mix" Cryptrik 53:15
2. "Hamoud 3" Scribble1k 2:45
3. "Mantra Style" Dooki51 2:34
4. "voiceless (short rave remix)" Peacock Roy 2:31
5. "My Sweet Passion (EuRosy mix)" coraldev 3:18
6. "epic style" UUN4 0:46
7. "Smognam City" Ethan64Music 4:41
8. "Lunatic Shakeover" ChickenSuitGuy 0:25
9. "Lej and Dery" Omknee 1:38
10. "Slamjama 1996" UUN4 2:02
11. "Chiptune Is Dead" JJokerDude 2:30
12. "Parappa the Noodle Master" Netyasha Roozi 2:16
13. "Guilty!? Farewell rave" Ethan64Music 3:57
14. "Cryptequeizer" OnBP 2:47
Hidden tracks
15. "Let It Reel (SG Art Team Demo Reel Music)" LarryInc64 2:26
16. "SG Art Team Jingle" SmokyThrill77 0:05
17. "Ocarina of Jerry Temporary" toonlink 1:55


One rip was removed from the album.

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
5. "Hello Brony" Twonko 1:05

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