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"Machine Passage (Air Ride) - Kirby Planet Robobot" is a high quality rip of "Machine Passage (Air Ride)" from Kirby Planet Robobot.


This is a medley mashup centered on the advertised track.

Timestamp Joke Source
0:01 "Crank That" Soulja Boy
0:09 "Sandstorm" Darude
0:15 "Yankin" Lady
0:22 "Bangarang" Skrillex ft. Sirah
0:26 "Hotline Bling" Drake
0:31 "Astronaut in the Ocean" Masked Wolf
0:34 "Snow halation" (melody change) μ's
0:35 "Whales" Hail Mary Mallon
0:45 "Fuck Bees"
0:46 "Space Jam" Quad City DJs
0:52 "We Are Number One" LazyTown
0:58 "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Daft Punk
"Among Us Trap Remix" Leonz
1:00 "Gentleman" PSY
1:03 Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel
"Tunak Tunak Tun" Daler Mehndi
1:09 "Gangnam Style" PSY
"The Coconut Gun Rap" Donkey Kong 64, Hinchy
1:16 "Temporary Secretary" Paul McCartney
1:20 "7.00!!! OMG!!! NEW PB! OMG!! OMG!!! SO CLOSE TO SIX!! OOMMGG!!!" speedstackinggirl
1:31 "mm2wood.mid" MidiShrine
1:33 "Meet the Flintstones" (TV version) The Flintstones
1:40 "Haunted House" 8-Bit Beast
1:43 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy (Porn)
1:48 "MEGALOVANIA" Toby Fox
1:51 "Witch Doctor" Cartoons