"Main Theme - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" (originally titled "Main Theme - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch", then "Main Theme - Super Smash Bros. (working title)") is a high quality rip by SiIvaGunner of "Main Theme" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

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The rip is actually a video by RelaxAlax parodying his series "Know Your Moves", in which RelaxAlax analyzes the characters of Super Smash Bros. This video features a reskinned Bowser as Robbie Rotten (a "DLC character" from LazyTown).

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[A reskinned Captain Falcon performs several flips in front of four reskinned Bowsers in Rotten's jumpsuit.]

[An instrumental of "We Are Number One" plays as the "Rottens" begin a synchronized dance.]
[Captain Falcon eats an apple and then gets stunned. The Bowsers capture him, but one of them is shot out of a cannon]

[Titlecard: SiIvaGunner presents: Know Your Moves]

Of the Super Smash Bros. DLC newcomers nobody stands out like Robbie Rotten.
Robbie: I am Robbie Rotten.
Robbie Rotten was released as the eighth DLC character in Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch in November 2017. And, honestly, it was to no one's surprise. I mean, with his critical reception from the "We Are Number One" meme and his infamy in LazyTown and not to mention Stefán Stefánsson running for the United States president in 2020 butyouknow...[mumbles and trails off]. It was clear that everyone online (and everyone offline) saw him as the true candidate to be included in Super Smash Brothers.

So here's a little lesson in trickery, this is Robbie Rotten's history.

Robbie Rotten had his beginnings in the Icelandic-produced Nick Jr. show LazyTown. Played by Stefán Stefánsson, Robbie was your typical villain: always up to no good for seemingly no reason at all. Now, the LazyTown show had its first run from 2004 to 2007, but it did come back in 2013 and 2014 to have two more seasons made for it. Now LazyTown has produced other memes you may know such as "The Pirate Song" and "Cooking By the Book". But it was only until mashup artists found this song when we began to see the true effect of what this meme could become.

The "We Are Number One" song is quite an enigma. A lot of songs are in this show, don't get me wrong, each episode has a different song. But this one in particular presented a sort of boombastic beat and an easy sing-along nature that was pleasing to the ear and also very catchy. The episode the song comes from is called "Robbie's Dream Team" where, as the title suggests, Robbie needs some more help in fulfilling some schemes and he gets a team of Robbie Rottens to take over Sportaflop. And as you know, the song in the episode teaches the Robbies how to be evil and how to fulfill evil schemes. Now this song stayed on the back-ends of YouTube until the channel of SiIvaGunner made a high quality rip that still stands this day as the highest quality rip on the channel... It's literally number one.

But after the meme took off of "We Are Number One but this or that", fans unanimously came to the conclusion that Robbie Rotten needed to be in Super Smash Brothers.

But we have a lot of moves to be talking about so watch and learn here's the deal.
[The rip "Bonetrousle (Day 1 Patch)" begins playing]
First and most importantly, let's talk about how he looks. We seem him sporting
[Freeze frame] - Or I guess we could say unsporting [multiple drum rolls, then a beep]
-the same jumpsuit he has in the very first episode of LazyTown.

Besides this, many more of his Smash Brothers traits align with his appearance from LazyTown as well. For example, Robbie can't jump very high and he moves very slowly as a reference to his appearance in LazyTown, as he eats junkfood and doesn't enjoy physical activity.
Robbie (as he eats a giant fully-frosted cake): Mm-mmm!
[A reskinned Bowser appears, doing his idle animation.]
This is also reflected in his stance. Here we can see that he has his legs spread with a squinty, angry expression all while he clenches his fists.

These mannerisms follow Robbie throughout all of LazyTown when he's coming up with his dastardly schemes. His run animation has him bent over, as Robbie often is in the show. His Up Special (his Super Spin) allows Robbie to gain some extra height to recover. In the show this move was used in a totally different way, where he would actually use it to put on different disguises on multiple occasions. Another call-out is Robbie's Side Special where his kicks a soccer balls [sic]. Now you may remember this from the "Robbie's Dream Team" episode, but it actually retains its origin from the first episode of LazyTown where we see Robbie holding a soccer ball.

Speaking of "We Are Number One", a majority of Robbie's attacks and actions are a call-out to this legendary meme. Of course, there's his Down Special, his Rotten Stall.

Okay. We admit it. He's a piece of shit. [Robbie dabs] And often times, his plans don't work because he's not coordinated and he doesn't think things through. This stalling move is call-out to how Robbie often gets himself into trouble (and often hurts himself in the process).

Now watch and learn, here's the deal, his Neutral B is a banana peel! As it does in the episode, this... makes... people... slip...
Robbie: What are you doing?!

And finally his Grab where he uses his net to-
Robbie: Throw it on him, not me! [BEEP.]
His net is something that has left many people perplexed. How could he have "just found" it? Did he not priorly know its position in space and time, or did he just literally "find it" out of nowhere? These are questions that philosophers have been asking since the oncoming of the meme, and many people are still perplexed at the very notion.

What I'm more concerned about is this net even powerful enough to catch Sportacus? After a bit of preliminary research [an image of the Wikipedia article on "Fishing net" is displayed] I have found that it's most likely a nylon fishing net used to catch schools of fish. Now this is most likely strong enough to hold Sportacus, but the real question is: Are four Robbies enough to hold him down? Judging by their athletic and eating habits, I would say "no".

Alright, those are all of Robbie Rotten's moves. Though he doesn't have too many in Smash Brothers, his overall design is an extreme homage to his appearance in LazyTown and also the legacy he has left behind with his legendary meme.

Oh wait, I almost forgot his Final Smash it's a reference to the very used-
Robbie (after pulling a sheet over the screen to cover the "Final Smash"): Don't let your kids watch it!

[A "To be continued" arrow appears as "Roundabout" by Yes plays]


Trivia Edit

  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch was conceived as a fake game for the purpose of this rip, before it was revealed for real at the March 8th 2018 Nintendo Direct.
  • This rip was made unlisted sometime around July 10th and July 11th, 2020, and has been removed from the Super Smash Bros. UItimate playlist. This is most likely because of various allegations made against RelaxAlax in early July 2020 involving sexual assault and manipulation.[2]

References Edit

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