"Main Theme - Superman 64" (later uploaded to SiIvaGunner2 as "How to email your SiivaGunner") is a high quality rip of the main theme from Superman 64.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually a tutorial for submitting high quality video game rips to the SiIvaGunner channel. It is presented by Chaze the Chat, PoliSlix, and TheBlueBandito in the Blender House.

An updated version of the rules for submitting can be found at Ripping#Submissions.

Transcript Edit

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[The rip starts off with TheBlueBandito, holding a bottle of Flintstones Gummy Vitamins, to represent an ad that plays before the instruction video]

TheBlueBandito: "Remember a vitamin keep- The Nutshack? A vita-"

Someone: "Yeah."

All: [laughs]

TheBlueBandito: "Remember a vitamin keeps The Nutshack away." [TheBlueBandito proceeds to eat the vitamin and shows a thumbs up].

[The instruction video starts, having the title "How to email your SiivaGunner" pop up. As well, presented with a door, which later gets opened to a room with PoliSlix, sleeping on the bed.]

Narrator: "Has this ever happened to you?"

PoliSlix: [wakes up] "Ahh. Ready to start the day."

[PoliSlix proceeds to get on his computer and begins using it. Apparently he's sending a rip to SiIvaGunner via email. PoliSlix then looks disappointed, seeing that SiIvaGunner hasn't responded to his email.]

PoliSlix: "Why isn't SiIvaGunner replying to any of my emails?"

Narrator: "We're going to answer just that question and more, in today's video: How to email your SiivaGunner."

Narrator: "Think of your favorite video game."

[PoliSlix thinks of his video game and pulls a Superman 64 cartridge out of a drawer.]

Narrator: "Do you have a high quality rip of that?"

[PoliSlix nods his head, smiling.]

Narrator: "Do you wanna share with the world?"

[PoliSlix again nods his head, smiling.]

Narrator: "Well, SiIvaGunner's channel is a perfect place to do so. But if you wanna maximize your chances of having your high quality rip being seen across the globe, we have a few simple steps to help you."

[PoliSlix, using the computer, follows the narrator's steps.)

Narrator: "As you can imagine, we here at SiIvaGunner receive countless emails from all of you wonderful people. And as eager as you are to share your high quality rips with the world, you do need to try to make it a bit easier on us. Here's how."

[It cuts to a computer screen.]

[The computer screen shows an email being composed to SiIvaGunner.]

Narrator: "When you format your email please include the:

  • song name
  • game name
  • composer
  • playlist, if there is one, and the
  • platform the game is on.

And if you upload an actual video with your email please include a preview link."

[It cuts to Slix licking a USB cord and then starting to type the email.]

Narrator: "We would greatly appreciate it."

[It cuts to another take of Slix typing.]

Narrator: "The recommended format for our high quality rips is MP3." [The words "MpThree" appear in a comically "fancy" font.]

Narrator: "And if you don't know how to upload those, we have just the list for you."

[Text begins to scroll across the screen, prompting Slix to attempt to bat it away.]

Narrator: "Our preferred websites to use for uploading MP3's are as follows:"

[The list reads:



[While the narrator speaks, he completes the email, which reads:

Subject: High Quality Rip.AAC

Song Name - Game Title


Narrator: "If you are like us here at SiIvaGunner, you appreciate a good joke. And what goes better with jokes than high-quality rips? So if you're including a specific joke or reference in your high-quality rip, please, explain it in the email because not everybody gets the same references you do. And above all else, please keep it short and sweet.

Narrator: "Now then, YouTuber, how do you feel about emailing your SiIvaGunner right now? would
you say the possibilities are endless?"

[Slix smiles and nods excitedly.]

Narrator: "Well you'd be wrong.

[Slix's smile disappears.]

Narrator: "But don't worry, though, there's only a few select tracks and high-quality rips that we will more than likely look over, for various reasons. These include:

[Chaze the Chat reads this text (after "Baned!") in a sped up voice:


  • run of the mill rap mashups
  • Chip the Ripper mashups (especially if you don't remove / adjust the flute part)
  • 4/4 "Space Jam" mashups
  • Fresh Prince mashups
  • "All Star" mashups
  • "Hotline Bling", if it isn't the Kids Bop version[note 1]
  • Kanye West[note 1]
  • iDOLM@STER songs as a base track[note 1]
  • recent Love Live songs (2015-2016) as a base track
  • straight MIDI swaps/slaps (aka downloading an midi and putting a soundfont over it with no changes)
  • Death Grips
  • licensed songs
  • Songs that go out of sync/beat (unless that's the joke)
  • Songs that aren't on key (unless it sounds ok off key, or is the joke)
  • low quality audio (unless that's the joke)
  • Grand Metropolis (as the base track)
  • Undertale duplicate rips
  • straight MIDI swaps/slaps (aka downloading an midi and putting a soundfont over it with no changes)
  • Death Grips
  • licensed songs
  • Songs that go out of sync/beat (unless that's the joke)
  • Songs that aren't on key (unless it sounds ok off key, or is the joke)
  • low quality audio (unless that's the joke)
  • Grand Metropolis (as the base track)
  • Undertale duplicate rips


  • "Title Theme" - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
  • "Snow halation" - Love Live! School idol festival
  • "DK Rap" - Donkey Kong 64

[A censored text bar appears with this text:
"Producer's note: we kind of forgot that we weren't supposed to say this so this is kind of a sloppy edit"

Note: All other censored text bars are accompanied with squelching sounds and stock screams.]

[Censor bar: "REDACTED!!!!!!1"]

[Censor bar: "Producer's note #2: unrelated but did you know that Nico Yazawa's father is dead? look it up, it's kinda sad]


Narrator: "Now let's see what you've learned."

[It cuts to an email which reads:

From: DudeMan011
To: SiivaGunner

Body: Hey, I had a rip for you guys to upload! Here it is:


Narrator: "What- is that it? Were you even paying attention, th- I just went through all- You know what, just- just
just stop. Go back to bed."

[Sad music plays as Slix goes back to bed.]

Slix: [parodying a scene from the movie Titanic] "Upload me like one of your high-quality rips SiIvaGunner."

Video description Edit

The following video description is from the SiIvaGunner2 upload:

How to email your SiivaGunner

The thumbnail on SiIvaGunner2.

Send your rips to:

Use the format:
"Song Title - Game Name
Name: Song Title
Composer: name
Platform: the systems

 *provide link to song here*

Joke: Explain the joke of your rip."

Slix as the Emailer
TheBlueBandito as the Narrator
Chaze the Chat as the banned sources list guy

Directed by: Chaze the Chat
Written by: No one this was basically entirely improvised

This video was inspired by:

This was formally uploaded as Main Theme - Superman 64.

Please read the channel description.

Trivia Edit

  • The vitamins at the start are Flintstones Gummies.
  • There is text on the computer PoliSlix types at that reads "E". The other text cannot be deciphered from the video.
  • Next to the computer PoliSlix types at is a frame with a picture of Hancho and a picture of the creators' friend.[1]
    • Hancho is a character created by Chaze's friends that he uses as his avatar.[2]
  • The catchphrase is a reference to "How To Use Your Blender" by PoliSlix and TheBlueBandito.[3]
    • "Your Blender" is also one of the platforms, and appears as the platform in several other rips.
    • The link shown in the low-quality email submission is "How To Use Your Blender".
  • The videos "YOU can join the fight! - A Recruitment Video from The Voice" and "The Haltmann Works Co. Training Video (Emailing Rips, Art, and King for Another Day Contestants!)" follow up from this rip.
    • The fact that Superman 64 was ripped is connected to Poliwager's video "Superman 64 - Then There's No Time To Waste!", which appeared in "YOU can join the fight!" as a Tinyurl link.
    • It is still unknown what the censored bars were supposed to say, since no additional bans were placed. However, in "YOU can join the fight!", the banning of anything with The Voice became anything with Green de la Bean. In "Haltmann Works Co. Training Video", the restrictions against rips with Chad Warden, The Voice, and the Bean were all removed, while a ban on rips with the Protegent Rap was added.
  • One of the screams used to censor some text is the Howie scream.
  • From 4:01 onwards, we can see a blackboard with the letters "LIWAGER" on it, possibly relating to Poliwager.
  • The video "Main Theme - Superman 128 (Cancelled)" contains part of a cancelled "sequel" to this video that would have been called "How 2 Email Your SilvaGunner".[4]

References Edit

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