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"Main Theme - The Loud House: The Game" is a high quality rip of "Main Theme" from The Loud House: The Game.


This is a SiIvaGunner-themed edit of the intro title sequence to The Loud House, with channel memes added to both the music and the visuals.

Loud Nigra's scream is pitch-shifted to imitate both the melody and the girls shouting near the intro's end, while "It's The Nutshack" imitates "In the Loud House". Angry Joe yelling "FOUR HOURS!" replaces Lily's "poopoo" at the end of the intro.

Throughout the rip, heads representing various SiIvaGunner memes are edited over the characters' heads. On the title screen, the Nickelodeon logo is removed, the show's logo is edited to read "The Loud Nigra", and Chris Savino's name is replaced with SiIvaGunner's. More subtly, the text on Luna's amp reads "todokete", and the "Space Jam" logo is on a book in the shot of Lincoln picking up the TV remote.


Here's how the characters from The Loud House correspond to their SiIvaGunner meme analogues:


  • This was the 25th rip to reach one million YouTube views. This was achieved on August 6, 2020.[2] The rip shows symptoms of being viewed by lots of young children on YouTube, such as a relatively low amount of likes and comments compared to other rips with similarly high views, a relatively high number of dislikes, and several comments that are complete nonsense.[3][4][5]
  • This rip was blocked by Viacom on copyright grounds sometime before February 24, 2017,[6] and has kept being unblocked and reblocked, according to the comments. Currently, the video has been available since at least February 22, 2020.[7]
  • This rip was "previewed" in "Circus (Loud Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's". Coincidentally, the earlier rip ends with a joke about the rip being taken down by Viacom.
  • On October 22, 2017, for the release of "Anomalies, Portals and Fabrications [FILE-04] - Haltmann's Archives", this rip was put into the Haltmann's Archives playlist. This is also why it says "[Archived by: MPH]" in the description.


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