"Main Theme - Ubisoft E3 Conference 2017" is a rip from the Ubisoft E3 Conference 2017.


The rip starts off where "Main Theme - Ubisoft E3 Conference 2016" left off with SiIvaGunner repeatedly saying, "Give me Beyond Good and Evil 2," and finally stops after saying, "Also, that hacker with LED mask."

He is about to go back to ripping when he finds a portal and travels forwards in time to 2017. His first response upon arriving is, "Oh my God, there are robots everywhere,". The ripper is about to head back into the portal but before he does, he reacts to a teaser of Beyond Good and Evil 2. As it ends, the "Yeah!" sound effect from "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who plays. In response to the trailer, SiIva has some afterthoughts on it, saying "Holy shit! Ubisoft, you are making Beyond Good and Evil 2. I've been waiting for almost 15 years for this game, and finally, I've got my wish." He then proceeds to repeat, "You are making Beyond Good and Evil 2." from 1:03 to 3:35 where he ends by saying, "Also, fuck that pirate game."

The robots begin to come towards SiIva and so he jumps back through the portal back to 2016 and decides that it was a hallucination due to sleep deprivation.

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