"Mario Circuit - Super Mario Kart" is a high quality rip of "Mario Circuit" from Super Mario Kart.

This video is extremely loud, and contains strobing lights that may trigger epilepsy.

Jokes Edit

The rip begins as a melody swap of "Mario Circuit" and "Meet the Flintstones", but the rip's audio slows down where it fades and uses words “Woops Troop Poort” and transitions to a series of parodies of Bird Up! from The Eric and Andre Show.

Jokes list Edit

Time stamp Joke Source
0:10 It's Eric Andre in his Bird Up suit, saying, "Zip it, silly bitches, bird time!"; glitch effects are added The Eric Andre Show


It's Hannibal Buress's face with "poob implants" for eyes from the aforementioned interview. The Eric Andre Show
0:15 [Rootspread] John - Reaction to "8 GRAND MA" RocketWithAPocket
Eric Andre in front of a green screen Eric Andre -- VMA Audition Tape
0:20 intro for BIRD UP! skit Bird Up! Seeks Water Man | The Eric Andre Show | Adult Swim
0:22 Super Mario Bros. Theme (melody) Super Mario Bros.
0:24 "suspicious text" "suspicious text"
The Voice's head The Voice Inside Your Head
0:25 this isn't lore LORE
LINDSAY LOHAN IS REALLY IN THE NEWS!!! (extended) originally from the Eric Andre show; clip cut out by travthelegend
0:27 male scream The Eric Andre Show
0:29 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy (NSFW)
clip from aforementioned interview The Eric Andre Show
0:31 We Are Number One (melody) LazyTown
0:34 "What are you doing?"
0:35 Felix the Cat's skull Felix the Cat game over screen (NSFW)
0:36 Manwith10toes3's face Kitchen Catastrophe - Manwith10toes3
JonTron's face Final Hallway XIII - JonTron
0:38 Eric Andre's face from a BIRD UP skit The Eric Andre Show
female scream Tim & Eric
0:39 "We'll Be Right Back" The Eric Andre Show
0:41 "What if it was Purple?" clip re-uploaded by IanAC; originally from The Eric Andre Show


"CANCELLED" The Eric Andre Show
"APPROVED" The creator of the rip's voice
0:47 "WRONG!" Superman Returns
intro of a BIRD UP skit The Eric Andre Show
0:48 TOTINO BOY! Tim & Eric
0:49 "GAAHHH! It's the halfway point of the shoooooooooooooooooow!" The Eric Andre Show
1:10 an intro of an episode of The Eric Andre Show (S4) The Eric Andre Show
1:15 Eric Andre shaking vigorously The Eric Andre Show
1:17 "Time For Some Ranch!" The Eric Andre Show

Mini-ARG Edit

Following a concerted effort by members of the SiIvaGunner Discord and hints by Twonko, the text "♫/rayk" was revealed to be a part of a false lore event orchestrated by members of the SiIvaGunner team.[1]

Title: just copy and paste
Artist: box boy
Album: none of this this anything you know that right?
Length: 0:16
Filename: palu.mp3
File size: 0.50 0.50

Track: 1
Year: 2017
Genre: 4KSrmc6N
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

  • The genre ("4KSrmc6N") leads to a pastebin titled "bitter boy":

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110100 01110111 01101001 01110100

it was about birds

--tweet tweet <3

  • Twonko then spammed pictures of birds in a Discord server dedicated to the ARG
  • Going to (an anagram of "Bird Up!") leads to a Twitter account named "stop over analyzing" with the description, "the exact opposite".

01110100 01100101 01110010 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01000100 01110101 01100010 01011111 01010010 01101001 01110000

      • This binary translates to "", the second half of the Twitter link.
  • Taking the "exact opposite" of Dub_Rip and making it RipDubstep creates the Twitter link
    • The website on the @Dub_Rip account is "", the website of a popular Dubstep music producer.
  • @RipDubstep only has one Tweet:
    • This video, titled "i wonder what it says????", has the full melody swap of "Meet the Flintstones" and "Mario Circuit".
      • The video's description is "yo dis sum lore shit?? oohohohohohohohhwwwwwwowwoww"
      • The video contains the title screen of 7 GRAND DAD with a filter while this string of numbers is shown panning from the right:

083 116 111 112 032 097 115 115 117 109 105 110 103 032 101 118 101 114 121 116 104 105 110 103 032 116 111 032 098 101 032 108 111 114 101 033

        • This binary translates to "Stop assuming everything to be lore"
      • The end of the video is the word "heck" in bold red letters.

Trivia Edit

  • White text appears before the loud parts of the video, saying "TURN DOWN VOLUME".
  • The accounts, pastebin, Tweets, and YouTube video used in the mini-ARG were made on February 6, 2017, exactly two months before the rip's upload date.
  • The second Tweet of @Dub_Rip is addressed to Xander Mobus, the voice actor for the Super Smash Bros. announcer. The Tweet (posted February 10, 2017) states:

can i please get a voice recording of you saying "Bird Up" ????

  • The uploader of the "i wonder what it says????" video is "l.ronhoyabembe", which is used in the Eric & Andre skit "Eric Andre - Black Scientologists" as the "true" name of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.
  • With the conclusion of the "ARG", this text was added to the ARG document:

The “lore” has has completed. Congrats Congrats! I tried to tell you this whole time that this means nothing and you’re wasting your time.

You guys are still amazing and and at SilvaGunner still appreciate you. Much love. <3

References Edit

  1. "SiIvaGunner 4/6/2017 Mini-ARG", Google Document by Anderos. Lat updated: June 8, 2017. (ARG "solved" April 8, 2017)