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"Mariya Takeuchi In King For Another Day, Blue Album Out Today, Grand Dad Rip In April | News Wave" is a high quality episode of News Wave recapping the major information presented in the SiIva Direct 4.1.2019 stream.


This video is a spoof episode of the YouTube series News Wave, with Spawn Wave, the series' host, playing himself. In the video, he briefly goes over all the information revealed in the SiIva Direct, although the video is completely redundant since it was uploaded an hour after the SiIva Direct itself.


A SiIvaGunner direct aired on April 1st, revealing two brand new characters for King For Another Day Mariya Takeuchi and Dr. Robotnik. A grand dad rip was revealed for the first time in months, releasing on the 7th. The new Weezer inspired album "SiIvaGunner (Blue Album)" is out now based on their iconic blue album.

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What's up, guys? Welcome back to News Wave! So, SiIvaGunner actually released their second SiIva Direct, and I have to say-- it was better than the first one, and honestly they jammed a lot of stuff in there, with a couple of little surprises sprinkled in there as well. They really delved deep into their King for Another Day event, and there's a lot of stuff to go over, so get ready, 'cause it's gonna be quite a bit.

Now they started off strong by revealing a new character for King for Another Day, Mariya Takeuchi, who is well known for singing the song "Plastic Love". You've probably seen her on your YouTube recommended, either over here or over here [points to the left and right] depending on where you're watching this, but she's a famous Japanese pop star. In fact, it's said that she represents, like, the entire Japanese city pop genre completely, so that's interesting to hear. And of course, this is a good move considering there's been kind of a lack of female representation with King for Another Day so far.

After Mariya, they showed the eighteen currently revealed characters from the roster, and there's still another fourteen that we don't know about, that are still shrouded in mystery. Now, I'm happy to see that there's still so much to look forward to, mostly because it seems like every announcement going forward has been high caliber.

Next, they elaborated on the fact that characters this time around have all received buffs to their source lists. They talked about four characters specifically: Metal Ajit Pai, who has received songs related to mechs, Weird Al, who has added Michael Jackson tracks to his source list, Reggie and Etika as the Joy-Con Men, who now represent several Nintendo franchises, and Quote, a newcomer who represents classic indie platformers and games by Nicalis and Studio Pixel. One disappointment I had watching this segment of the Direct was that they confirmed that Weird Al, despite having a new stand taking the form of Michael Jackson, does not get JoJo's Bizarre Adventure tracks on his source list. As a huge fan of JoJo, this upsets me quite a bit. However, maybe a fighter later going down the line will represent us JoJo fans.

Then, the Direct stepped away from the tournament for a minute to talk a bit about a video that is going to be uploaded for "Waluigi Pinball" on April 7th. Now, this appears to be a return to the Grand Dad meme, so I'll be taking a look and keeping an eye out April 7th for this video.

After that, they returned to speaking about the tournament by revealing "The King for Another Day Tournament Mojo!!", which seems to be a website in the same vein as the old Smash Bros. Brawl DOJO!!, where they gave information about the game before its release. They stated in the Direct that the Mojo will feature information about characters and music before the event begins, and that it'll become live some time this month.

And seemingly as the Direct was closing out, they had the whole "one more thing"-type announcement-- well, it was technically two announcements. One was another character reveal, that's Dr. Robotnik, seemingly from the Sonic Adventure series. Now, they didn't really have much else to say about him at all, it was just that he was coming to the series, and that was kinda it. So, we'll have to wait for more information on that one going forward.

Then the other announcement was actually an album that's available now. And it's pretty awesome, because it's an homage to Weezer. As you kinda see, the album itself is a direct call to their Blue Album. Now, I'm a big fan of Weezer, so of course I was excited for this, and, I haven't listened to it yet, but I know it's high quality.

And that's just about it for the Direct. I-- you know what, I think overall, it was pretty good. They didn't waste our time with a lot of filler, they were pretty straight to the point, and we found out a lot for the King for Another Day Tournament, but there's still a lot to learn, when you talk about the mystery characters and everything, so I'm thinking there's gonna be probably another event leading up to it, and want to kinda keep an eye out for that, but let me hear what you guys thought about this Direct down below. Make sure you guys like the video if you liked it, dislike if not, and I'll see you in the next video.

...Wait a minute!

[We see a "reveal trailer" for Spawn Wave, but the King for Another Day logo changes to read "lol jk you got prankd", followed by the text "GOTTIE" with a clown honk.]