Maroon 5[1] is an American pop rock band, consisting of Adam Levine (lead vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards & rhythm guitar), Mickey Madden (bass guitar), James Valentine (lead guitar), Matt Flynn (drums), PJ Morton (keyboards), and Sam Farrar (production).

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Chaze the Chat, the leader of SiIvaGunner, is a fan of Maroon 5, and especially the original group before Maroon 5, Kara's Flowers (1994 - 2002).

Thus, the band's songs are featured in many SiIvaGunner high quality rips, especially his rips. Still, Maroon 5 is not Chaze the Chat's favorite band,[2] and he doesn't like recent songs from the group that much,[3] despite them being used in some Maroon 5 rips.

There is a reference to Maroon 5 on every single album Chaze has contributed to, which includes every SiIvaGunner album[4] (up until Chaze's disappearance from the internet in late 2019, although Maroon 5 references have still been included in every SiIvaGunner album since then; as of now 2016's KORIBALL seems to be the only exception). There's also two SiIvaGunner albums entirely dedicated to Kara's Flowers: Stagg Street Arrangements and A High Quality Journey Through the Undergrand.

SiIvaGunner sometimes rips Maroon 5 songs directly, posting them as tracks from a fake game called Maroon GO. For Chaze's birthday on April 24, 2017, a load of both Maroon GO rips and rips featuring Maroon 5 were uploaded.

References Edit

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