Maroon 5[1] is an American pop rock band, consisting of Adam Levine (lead vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards & rhythm guitar), Mickey Madden (bass guitar), James Valentine (lead guitar), Matt Flynn (drums), PJ Morton (keyboards), and Sam Farrar (production).

Rips[edit | edit source]

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Chaze the Chat, the founder of SiIvaGunner, is a fan of Maroon 5, and is particularly enamored with the original members' preceding band, Kara's Flowers (1994–2002). Thus, the band's songs are featured in many SiIvaGunner high quality rips, especially his rips. Nevertheless, Maroon 5 is not Chaze the Chat's favorite band,[2] and he doesn't like later songs from the group that much,[3] despite their use in some rips.

The first rips to utilize Maroon 5 songs, "Death by Glamour - Undertale" and "Death by Glamour (Unused Vocal Version) - Undertale", were uploaded to GiIvaSunner on February 14, 2016.

Maroon 5 songs are most frequently used in mashups, although they are also used in other types of rips. SiIvaGunner sometimes rips Maroon 5 songs directly, posting them as tracks from a fake game called Maroon GO. For Chaze's birthday on April 24, 2017, a lot of both Maroon GO rips and rips featuring Maroon 5 were uploaded.

Albums[edit | edit source]

Chaze the Chat has included a Maroon 5 reference in every album he has contributed to, including every SiIvaGunner album[4] from 2016 to 2019 (with the exception of the 2016 album KORIBALL, which he did not contribute anything to). Following the cessation of his SiIvaGunner contributions, Maroon 5 references have still been included in every SiIvaGunner album. There are also two SiIvaGunner albums dedicated solely to Kara's Flowers: Stagg Street Arrangements and A High Quality Journey Through the Undergrand.

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