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The Mashup Crusaders Arc is a story that took placed during the last quarter of Season 1.


The Mashup Crusaders Arc tells the story of Mr Rental, an ordinary man that tries to ban all mashups and so he can post more dank memes.

Plot Summary

During the SiIvaDirect of July 11, 2016, the first Mr Rental rip was premiered, it features Mr Rental in a world drawn in Microsoft Paint, driving back home after a hard day of work in his "crappily drawn car" while running over the word "mashups" and Homer Simpson, this event started a storyline that spanned over multiple rips, where Mr Rental tries to "BAN ALL MASHUPS" to protect dank memes.

The first rip to fully show his hatred for mashups is Options - Mr Rental: The Video Game where he goes on a killing spree after a bad All Star mashup aired on TV, after this rip was uploaded, Mr Rental would, from time to time, invade other rips (mostly Chip tha Ripper mashups) and destroy them with his Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun or running over them with his signature blue car.

For an unknown reason at the time, a peaceful version of Mr Rental would appear in 3 Looney Tunes rips. In those videos parodying old Looney Tunes cartoons, Mr Rental is seen helping others memes in their daily activities, like in Main Theme - Looney Tunes, where he runs over "Not SiIvaGunner" in his car after learning that he ripped off Grand Dad by selling him an empty bag disguised as an high quality rip. Every episode ends with Mr Rental telling a "moral of the day" directly to the viewers, in that case it's that "SiIvaGunner only uploads high quality video game rips".

In Unknown From M.E. (10th Anniversary Edition) - Sonic Adventure, Mr Rental sings about his hatred for mashups to the instrumental of the advertised track, everything goes well until the end of the rip where he realises he has been involved in the creation of a mashup, he then proceeds to kill himself with his shotgun, many fans believed it was the end of the story, that was until the very next day when Title Screen (Demo) - Super Mario 3D Land got reuploaded to the channel, the rip starts out like the original did (a classic Chip tha Ripper mashup) but after the 10 seconds mark Mr Rental shoots the screen with his shotgun and says "Ban. All. Mashups.", the rest of the rip is pure silence.

In Intro Title / Minigame Theme - Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race, the Bedrock State Police declares a Serial Killer Emergency involving an unknown man murdering people in their home with a shotgun, the man's in-depth description states that he is five feet tall and weighs 127 pounds (a description that fits him very well), the video ends with Mr Rental whispering "Ban. All. Mashups." as the on-screen text gets replaced by an ominous "EVERYTHING IS FINE".

In Slider - Super Mario 64DD, Mr Rental gets in a heated car chase with the police after he attempted to murder Chip tha Ripper, the chase abrumptly ends when Rental's car collides with an unknown object, fans assumed the crash most likely killed him, putting an end to the story.

The Finale That Never Was

The story came to an end on October 22, 2016 in the rip Behind the Scenes - Mr Rental: The Video Game where NBGMusic, the creator of the Mr Rental rips, explains that he had to cancel the finale, due to laziness.

He then goes on to show the storyboard of the scrapped episode, which was supposed to involve the fusion of the Looney Tunes and MS Paint universes, leading to a confrontation between Mr Rental the peaceful neighbor from the Looney Tunes rips and his doppleganger, Mr Own the mashup crusader, the episode would have ended with Mr Rental killing Mr Own and it is also implied that Mr Rental also had to killed the Bean, as we can hear the beginning of "No Words" by Hopsin during the fight between the Rentals and Mr Own's grave is next to Green de la Bean's, but this might just be a reference to the Bean Mourning Day.

NBGMusic also explains that ending plot twist (there being two Rentals) was foreshadowed in Title Screen - Mr Rental: The Video Game, where Mr Own buys a phone outright, something Mr Rental would never do, because only chumps buys stuff outright.

A flashback episode was also planned, it was supposed to explain that Chip tha Ripper is entirely responsible for Mr Own's deep hatred for mashups, because he killed his family, that would have also explained why Mr Own's main target were Chip mashups, this episode was also cancelled due to laziness.

After that, Mr Rental would continue to make appearences in rips, either as a quote or a cameo and the main series got 2 new episodes in Decembre 2016 and January 2017, but they are not directly linked to the original story arc.


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This timeline includes every Mr Rental rips relevant to the Mashup Crusaders Arc :


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