"Meet an Angry Dog - Nintendogs" is a high quality rip of "Meet an Angry Dog" from Nintendogs.


At the beginning of the rip, a flute, from the video "كلب يدخن من الضوجة" by yeazn plays the intro to "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry, accompanied by footage from the video. At 0:18, the bass drop is replaced with the bark (and animation) from "Test animation: Uh... Momiji Inubashiri plays a flute or something" by Daniel Renard.

The first verse from to "Ultimate" plays, but it is accompanied by Gabe the Dog's barks pitch-shifted to it. The visuals change to a sped up video of a dog dancing to music in Brazil (a video commonly associated with "Dance Till You're Dead", a remix of "Heads Will Roll" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

"Meet an Angry Dog" does not appear in this rip.

References Edit

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