Chaze as he appears in the video.

"Megalovania (Chex Mix) - Undertale" is a high quality rip of the Chex Mix of "Megalovania" from Undertale.


The rip repeats the joke from "Megalovania (OST Version) - Undertale", except that instead of a Chad Warden YTP, Chaze the Chat breaks character and talks about the future of SiIvaGunner. This video officially retcons the Channel Ending and introduces the idea of Season 2.


[Plays opening of "We Fly High"]

[Cut to Chaze in a chair]
'Sup bitches.

[Chaze turns around]
'SUP bitches. This is not Chad Warden. Um, I'm Chaze, if you don't know, I started the channel back in January 2016. Um, and I basically run the day-to-day operations of the channel. Um, so the que-I don't normally break character often, I think I've broken it once on YouTube definitely... And... On Twitter it's debatable when I break it but, um, I don't- I try not to do it often because I think it just ruins the illusion of the channel, um, but today I wanted to touch base with you guys because, um, people have been asking like, "Why are we still, like, why are we still uploading?", "Where's Episode 7?" So I just wanted to clear the air a bit, um, so when we came back for Christmas it was only-we were only supposed to finish off the story of CCC and then end. But, we ran into some production problems with the series and in Episode 7 we've just entered basically development hell. And we haven't been able to finish or whatever. So, um, when I decided the channel would end in May 2016, when I decided that it was going to end in September, um, of that same year, I thought that if it kept going it would eventually getting- get stale... and it wouldn't be good any more. And it would just kind of become an obligation for all of us and we just wouldn't enjoy it any more.

And so through these past few months I've kept this... mentality... through December and January and February when we did the pause and even March I still had this mentality. But then, when we unpaused back on the third of April and... after we unpaused I've- I got a sense of re- I got new motivation for the channel. I started making rips almost daily now, um, I think the rips are as good as they've ever been and even better than when we first started and even... into the... good points of the channel I guess. Um, and I think- I think right now we're doing good work, and honestly I think I'm not the only one that's been motivated and... honestly a lot of people have. And, since l- right now is a busy time for people because... school is really ramping up difficulty and people are taking some time off, um, I've decided to keep uploads going on for the time being.

These uploads are gonna be in this format, probably six to eight rips a day. Maybe more if we're feeling really active or whatever, but it's mostly going to be these rips in just, the same upload speed we've been going at, um, for the time being - we might increase it at some point. You know this channel we're pretty crazy. Um, and... um... just, yeah, we're gonna keep uploading. I have a date set for when we're going to gonna end. I'm not going to reveal it because that would remove some of the suspense from the channel.

But, basically, there is an end in sight, but, for right now we're going to keep uploading and it's gonna oh- it's going to be a long period of time- I'm not gonna- I'm not gonna give a time frame because then people are going to be guessing when we're gonna end. But, it's going to be a sizable amount of time that we're going to... keep uploading rips. And, I like to think of this as the Season 2 of SiIvaGunner. When Season 1 ended back in, um, back in September of twenty-thir- of 2016 - what, 2013 what was I talking about?

Okay, so that's all I really wanted to say, um... Uh, I don't think there's anything else I really wanted to touch on, um, so... Thanks guys, for enjoying the channel- I really appreciate, er, really appreciate your support, um, and thanks for watching! Bye!

[Fade to a close up of Chaze next to a Pikachu plushie]
Oh, by the way, we have a back up channel now, just in case we get taken down. Click the annotation here.


  • Chaze says there is an annotation, but it's actually a card, a feature which superseded annotations. This is the first rip on the channel to use cards (although it was used earlier on Flustered Fernando).
  • The backup channel linked here was originally named "SiIvaGunner (backup)". It wouldn't be used until the SiIvaGunner channel's takedown during MAGFest 2019, at which point it was renamed to SiIvaGunner2.
  • Chaze saying "sup bitches" in this video is sampled in the rip "Doki Doki (Bonus Track) - Doki Doki Literature Club!".
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