"Megalovania (OST Version) - Undertale" is a high quality rip calling out "dislike bombers" who spam dislikes on "Snow halation" rips made by the channel SiIvaGunner.

Joke Edit

The rip starts with ten seconds of "Megalovania". Then it turns out to be a YouTube Poop of Chad Warden's videos. Chad Warden talks about SiIvaGunner's fanbase and how we wants the fans to stop dislike-bombing rips that include "Snow halation".

At the end of the rip, a mashup of "Snow halation" and "We Fly High" (the intro song to Chad Warden's videos) plays.

Transcript Edit

Sup, bitches? Sup, bitches? It's Chad Warden here. Aight, I'm talking about SiIvaGunner fanboys, aight. Chad Warden, Chad Warden's been lookin' at the fanboys. Who you got? You got everybody gettin' all over the fucking Flintstones remixes, even if they suck dick.

But then when SiIvaGunner shows them a "Snow halation" remix, fanboys cry all the time and then you dislike-bomb the video. Aight, I dunno 'bout you, but that shit ain't ballin'. Aight. Chad Warden ain't gon- ain't gon put up with some fucking hypocrites who actually talk about a fucking GXSCC Flintstones MIDI swap like it's the best, and then you talk about how a baller-ass "Snow halation" remix sucks, just 'cause it's Asian. Aight.

You know what? Don't even give me that shit. Aight. Sayin' how "Snow halation" is overused. Aight. 'Cause for every "Snow halation" rip, y'all niggas be gettin', like, six hundred fucking Flintstones remixes! Aight.

And then, we got this one little fat bitch - I don't even know his fucking name - but we got little fat bitch tryin' to say that "Snow halation" ain't funny. Aight. You know what? Newsflash, bitches: Not every fucking SiIvaGunner video has to make you laugh. You bitch-ass niggas should grow the hell up and stop disliking and bein' bitch-ass babies crying all the time. Aight. Or I'll shove my six hundred dollar devil dildo up yo' ass.

"Snow halation" stresses AQAP. Aight, I don't know y'all niggas know what AQAP means. Aight. AQAP means: As Quality As Possible. All Snow- all the Snow rips- foll- follow that strict policy. AQAP. AQAP! AQAP baby, AQAP.

Trivia Edit

  • The video introduces the meme "AQAP", standing for As Quality As Possible, when talking about "Snow halation" rips.
  • This video is the first to include Chad Warden.
  • The album release does not contain the "Megalovania" fake-out.