"Menu - Garfield" is a high quality rip of "Menu" from Garfield.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a video parody of "Garfielf" (a bizarre, intentionally crude animation based on the comic strip Garfield that quickly became a meme because of its ludicrous content), owing to the fact that the voices used for SiIvaGunner's character (VoiceForge Wiseguy) and Grand Dad (VoiceForge JerkFace) is the same voice used for Garfield and Jon respectively in "Garfielf".

Video summaryEdit

The rip has SiIvaGunner's character waking up to Grand Dad berating him for his laziness. SiIva's pet Smol Nozomi says "todokete", which causes SiIva to start singing "DK Rap (Gorilla Version)" before shooting her. This irritates Grand Dad. SiIva complains about a lack of rips, having used them all, and asks Grand Dad to order some Soulja Boy rips from the Nigra store. After a yelling match, Grand Dad gives up the argument and orders "the crank", only for SiIva to tell Grand Dad that he ate the phone, preventing Grand Dad from being able to order the rips. SiIva tries to go back to sleep, but Grand Dad tells him he still needs to upload a new rip. SiIva goes to sleep anyway, causing Grand Dad to go completely berserk.


SiIvaGunner: Holy cg, look at the time, it's 7 Fuck yourself

Grand Dad: For fucks sake Soiva, you fucking snop dog, Why are you such a mean fucking youtuber you loud nigra

Smol Nozomi: todokete

SiIvaGunner: that's it you stupid donkey kong I'll rap for you

DK Rapper: (singing an excerpt from "DK Rap (Gorilla Version)")

This coconut shit, isn't funny!

If you know the words, you need to shoot yourself! [A gun cocking sound can be heard on the words "shoot yourself".]

[SiIva shoots Smol Nozomi with a very audible gunshot sound.]


SiIvaGunner: shut the fuck up big daddy i'm looking for some rip

Grand Dad: you already used all the rips we had you stupid fat fuck

SiIvaGunner: order some soulja boyo from the nigra store then

Grand Dad: no

SiIvaGunner: yes

Grand Dad: no

SiIvaGunner: yes

Grand Dad: no

SiIvaGunner: yes

Grand Dad: okay jesus crist i'll order the crank

SiIvaGunner: dad

Grand Dad: what

SiIvaGunner: i ate those phone

Grand Dad: that's it you ahve done it giiva now we are going to starve

SiIvaGunner: enuff with the chatting i want me some sleep

Grand Dad: no soova you still need to upload a new rip

SiIvaGunner: zzz (pronounced "Z's")

Grand Dad: god fucking dammit you stupid channel that's it that's the last straw i'll copystrike your rips and make you cry baby piss from your armpits you lazy big fat fucking useless ugly cunty aesthetic statue

Trivia Edit

  • The rip was first uploaded on the YouTube channel SiIva Adventures as "SiIva Garfield". The original rip contains an additional five seconds of freeze-frame where a "To be continued" arrow appears while "Roundabout" plays.
  • The album version of this rip contains a small section of "X-BT2" from Xenoblade Chronicles X playing over the rip near the end. It's unknown if this was intentional or if this is a mistake.
  • This rip seems to foreshadow SiIvaGunner going to sleep in the Channel Ending. Though, the events depicted in this rip are very likely not canon, since everyone is wildly out-of-character in order to fit the "Garfielf" parody.
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