Meta Knight is one of the main character from the Kirby series and a support character in the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

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⚠️️ This article contains spoilers for the Kirby series.

Meta Knight[1] is as small warrior wearing a steel mask, gloves, purple shoes, and a blue cape with shoulder pads hiding bat-like wings. He first appeared in the NES video game Kirby's Adventure as a boss; defeating him reveals that he is from the same species as Kirby except dark blue (later material suggests that Kirby is still a child while Meta Knight is a fully grown adult). He wields a golden sword dubbed the Galaxia and his cape - the Dimensional Cape - allows him to manipulate space and teleport short distances. He is nonetheless very quick and able to create small tornadoes.

His character was expended in the game Kirby Super Star in which he stars in his own section called "Revenge of Meta Knight". In this sub-game, Kirby had to stop Meta Knight's flying gunship, the Halberd, as Meta Knight tried to conquer Dream Land and restore its former glory.

Later games usually featured him as friendlier character and a companion and role model to Kirby. Some even allowed to play as him in dedicated storylines, while some other still featured him as a boss (usually because of mind-control, dark copy, or variation of his character such as Galacta Knight). He also became a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (in which he was infamously overpowered).

He has his own leitmotif used through the series, although he is also heavily associated with the Halberd theme (especially since his appearance in Brawl).

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Meta Knight first appeared in the episode "Will of a Knight" in which he met in person with Smol Nozomi and informed her that Santa Claus was under attack by the Voice Inside Your Head's troops and that her Smolitzer (though familiar) might be their only chance to save him. Despite his cold behavior, he still went out of his way just to (sneakily) get Nozomi a barbecue.

When they arrived to Santa's Workshop in "Advent of Hell" it was already too late. They stealthily infiltrated the base and managed to learn the code of the lock of the door containing Santa Claus, who decided to blow up the Workshop. They were however spotted during the evasion by Patrol-Bots, and soon troops and Stringbots were standing in the Smolitzer's way (that Nozomi somehow summoned). Meta Knight sent them flying with a tornado, and they managed to break out of the Workshop; but Nathaniel Welchert were waiting for them. Thanks to Meta Knight's advices, Nozomi eventually beat Nathaniel's Spider-Bot and they all escaped by the air.

When they were all safe, Meta Knight demanded explanations from Santa Claus who then explained the origin of the Christmas Spirit and that he had to destroy the Workshop to prevent the Voice from exploiting it. Meta Knight was more confused than anything by this explanation.

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