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"Music Select BGM (dj TAKA) - REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA" is a high quality rip of "Music Select BGM (dj TAKA)" (which is in turn a short edit of "RAIN" by dj TAKA) from REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA.

It also doubles as the announcement video for the Rhythm Masters' inclusion as fighters in the King for Another Day Tournament.


For the rip's first half, the advertised track changes to various melodies.

Time Song name Source
0:12 "Meet the Flintstones" Hoyt Curtin
0:24 "Wood Man Stage" Mega Man 2
0:36 "Patched Plains" Kirby Planet Robobot
0:48 "Night of Nights" beatMARIO
1:12 "Counter Strike" Yousuke Yasui
1:24 "Hi-Spec Robo Go! - Hard-Boiled Heavy Boss" Sonic Mania
1:36 "Rich Girl" Gwen Stefani
1:49 ??? ???
2:01 "Axel F" Harold Faltermeyer
2:13 "Sakura Reflection" REFLEC BEAT

From 2:30 onward, it plays the Rhythm Masters' reveal trailer, "Go for a Perfect!".