"Narrow Road (Beta Mix) - Falsion" is a high quality rip of the Beta mix of "Narrow Road" from Falsion.

It also doubles as the announcement video for the Jack Bros.' inclusion as a fighter in the King for Another Day Tournament.


The rip begins as a reupload of a deliberately off-beat mashup of the advertised track and "S.L.A.B. Freestyle".

From 1:03 on, the rip plays Jack Bros.' reveal trailer, "A Personable Encounter".

History Edit

The mashup in this rip was made by New Guy, and was originally posted to the SiIvaGunner Discord's #main_chat channel on July 13, 2017. It is colloquially known as "Wace" due to its Picosong URL. Its origins were explained by New Guy in a post on November 10, 2017:

  back in july I decided I was gonna make mashups, so I made them in garageband
  thats one of em
  anyway, I kept postin em in main chat here
  and people were like "new guy! actually learn how to rip! don't just make stupid rap mashups!"
  especially deogenerate was like "HE'S GONNA ONLY MAKE SAME BPM MASHUPS"
  anyway, i was pretty fed up with ppl tellin me to stop makin my art
  and deo's rip of narrow road from falsion had come out recently
  so I sped chip up and slapped it on the OG narrow road
  and luckily just got the best pico link of all time

Unusually, this rip was announced before its official upload, in the stream "SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live ∣ E3 2019". The stream revealed little about the rip, except that it was a Chip mashup set for June 25. The rip was then premiered in the stream "Join us for the reveal of a high quality video game rip!".

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  1. A Personable Encounter - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament
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