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Nathaniel Welchert is a meme on the SiIvaGunner channel based on Nat Welchert (born Nathaniel Welchert).


On December 30, 2012, Welchert's mother posted a picture of them on Facebook with the caption "He is such a handsome face and such a HUGE heart!". This is the image of Welchert that would eventually become a meme.

A few years later, a Facebook page was created titled "Christian Moms Against Homestuck", which made posts pretending to be Christian mothers talking about the alleged evils and dangers of the popular webcomic Homestuck. Welchert was a fan of this page and frequently commented on it. This frequency caught the attention of one of the people running the page, a person who goes by the username Opra Zebb. Opra also noticed that Welchert's profile picture was one of Opra's pieces of artwork, so he decided to friend them.

Eventually, Nat became an admin on the Facebook page and, according to Opra Zebb, started to post "really edgy shit" that "sort of ruined the page".[1] These posts annoyed many of the page's followers, causing it to lose much of its fanbase. Opra then unfriended Nat, though they have since become friends again.

After this, Opra Zebb found the picture of Nat posted by their mother and saved it to his computer. About half a year later, Opra Zebb was messaging a friend one night - who goes by the username Bath Soap on YouTube - and he sent the image without context to Bath Soap. Bath Soap found this image very funny, so Opra created an edited version of the image and sent that to him. Opra continued to send Bath Soap edited versions of the image for the rest of the night. Bath Soap then had the idea to create a page out of these edited images, so Opra Zebb created a Facebook page titled "Nathaniel Memes". The two continued share more edits of the image on the page until it was shut down by Welchert's mother on June 24, 2016.[2][3]

Along with the Facebook page, Bath Soap and Opra Zebb created a Bandcamp page dedicated to Welchert. On April 27, 2016, a recording was uploaded to the Bandcamp titled "NathanielBound" (now titled "Nathaniel's Mix: Onett"), which was a recording of Bath Soap repeating Welchert's name over the songs "Sunset" and "Onett" from EarthBound. The next day, another recording was uploaded to the Bandcamp titled "Nathaniel's Mix: The World of MOTHER", which is a 24-minute long recording of Opra Zebb repeating Welchert's name over the entire soundtrack to the game Mother.[1]

On July 23, 2016,[4] Opra Zebb created the Nathaniel Wikia, a wiki dedicated to Welchert. All of the information on the wiki has very little to do with the real-life Welchert, but rather of a story that portrays them as some kind of deity and the founder of the Church of Nathanielism.[2]

The Varying Nathaniels

"The Varying Nathaniels" refers to the various edited versions of Welchert. Within the story of the Nathaniel Wikia, these edited versions of them are clones of the original so that the growing population could have enough for everyone to love them all at once. Some of these "clones" have since shown up in a few rips and have become part of the SiIvaGunner lore.[5]


In May 2016,[6] Opra Zebb sent an email to SiIvaGunner requesting "Nathaniel's Mix: The World of MOTHER" to be uploaded to the channel as a rip. According to Chaze the Chat, the backroom members were very confused by this recording. Two of the backroom members, MtH and turdl3, wrote out an analysis of the recording and sent it as a reply email back to Opra Zebb that June, claiming that the "impurities" of the recording were the reason why SiIvaGunner couldn't upload it to his channel.[1][7] The email that Opra Zebb received is presented below.

To see the full e-mail, click "Expand".


I'm sorry to have to say I can not accept this rip for the following reasons:
1. My audience may not be very familiar with Nathaniel Welchert (or his backpack).

2. I usually do not upload "full OST tracks", even if they're included on the soundtrack.

And most importantly,
3. This Nathaniel is impure. A completely pure Nathaniel has lyrics that consist solely of the words "Nathaniel" and "Welchert", in their entirety. Here is my complete report of all the impurities in this submission, marked with timestamps:

01:16 (incomplete "welchert" resulting in a "wel")
03:02 (unintelligible)
04:41 (nathaniel yolchert?)
04:43 (unintelligible)
05:20 (unintelligible)
05:32 (static imitations)
06:31 ("nathaniel welchert he is cool")
06:42 ("nathaniel welchert he is gay")
08:02 ("nathel welchert")
09:07 (humming?)
09:58 ("nathaniel thaniel")
10:07 (unintelligible)
10:57 (unintelligible)
11:28 (very forbidden wtf is this)
11:57 (says "this is too fast")
the whole song from 11:28-12:00 has a lot of unintelligible singing and unfinished "nathaniel"s resulting in "nathan"s
12:26 (the "na" in "nathaniel" is swallowed)
14:03 (humming?)
14:10 (unintelligible)
14:44 (unintelligible)
15:08 (fades out with two "na"s)
15:10 (humming?)
15:31 (humming?)
16:29 ("natha-"...?)
17:17 (very high pitched, hides the "nie" in "nathaniel", sounds more like "nathanel")
18:15 (what the fuck is this)
18:21 (gagging)
18:25 (gargling)
18:33 (unintelligible)
18:40 ("nathaniel welchert is gay and also cool")
19:05 (unintelligible)
(lots of unfinished "na"s here too)
19:45 (unintelligible)
19:57 (unintelligible)
19:58 ("I hate nathaniel, stop singing, stop, no, I hate nathaniel")
20:32 ("oh i hate nathaniel, stop the singing, no, oh man, I'm giygas, I'm going to (unintelligible) oh man I'm going to kill everyone I'm giygas, I mean I'm nathaniel giygas")
23:50 (unintelligible)
23:52 ("love grows strong now sing nathaniel of love ooh oh oh (?) good night everybody I'm nathaniel welchert")

If these impurities are taken care of, I might still consider uploading this rip. Do not count on it happening for sure, though.

Nathaniel Welchert,


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Like the tracks on the Nathaniel Welchert Bandcamp page, Nathaniel Welchert rips contain someone singing the words "Nathaniel Welchert" to the tune of the advertised track.

First Appearances

The first appearance of Nathaniel Welchert on the channel was in "Let's Play: 7 Grand Dad - Episode 2", a stream hosted on the channel on June 17, 2016.[8] At one point in the stream, the song "Nathaniel's Mix: Onett" is played.[9] The first Nathaniel Welchert rip was "Nathaniel's Mix: The World of MOTHER", uploaded under the title "The World of MOTHER - EarthBound Beginnings/MOTHER".

In Nathaniel Welchert's Christmas Adventure

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Welchert stars as the main character of their own game, Nathaniel Welchert's Christmas Adventure. These rips portray them as a religious deity.

In "Carrot and Stick", it is revealed that Nathaniel is 82% water (7% higher than the average newborn baby), their grey shirt was found in a mine, and they used this shirt to stabilize a time loop. They have several clones, were born before Bob Dylan started smoking weed, and want to kill anime.

They were murdered by their mother in "The Final Battle".

In the Christmas Comeback Crisis

Welchert appeared (as Nathaniel Welchert) in "Advent of Hell", where they controlled a large spider mech. After their mother disowned them, they became a minion of The Voice. They were killed by Smol Nozomi, Meta Knight and Santa Claus.

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