"Nerf This!" is a twerking video by ChelHellbunny. It (and a vocoded version of it) became a recurring meme on the SiIvaGunner channel in late August 2019.

History Edit

The video was uploaded July 23, 2016 to ChelHellbunny's YouTube channel (although she has since removed all her videos), however it's a remake of a video she posted to Twitter 3 days prior. Both videos show ChelHellbunny cosplaying as the character D.Va from Overwatch. She says "Nerf this!" (D.Va's catchphrase), slaps her rear end, and then twerks.

Later, a fart noise (originating from another video) was added by another party, possibly the channel Astro Boy, which has the earliest known upload of the fart edit. This edited video became a minor meme in certain communities afterward.

The reason why the meme has been picked up by SiIvaGunner is currently unknown, but the first four rips with the meme actually reference a vocoded edit which may be meaningful. These first few rips were met with an overwhelmingly negative reception, naturally causing more rippers to include the Nerf This! meme in rips.

Rips Edit

See also: Category:Rips featuring Nerf This!

The rips using this meme have so far been relatively short, usually playing a bit of the advertised track, then inserting the audio for the phrase "Nerf this!" (either ChelhellBunny's or D.Va's), and then ending with the fart noise. Only a few rips incorporate the meme in a musical way.

Notably, the vocoded version makes the fart sound like the first five notes of "Giant Steps".

The majority of Nerf This! rips were published in August and September 2019.

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