Nico Nico is a competitor in the King for Another Day Tournament. Its character is Terebi-chan, Nico Nico Douga's mascot. It was selected by the rippers.

27 NicoNico King for Another Day Tournament Edit

"Coming all the way from Japan, Nico Nico enters the battle! Don’t get too close to Terebi-chan, as many devious tricks are hidden behind the cute face on its screen. The voice samples it emits are just a small sample of the toolset this little television has prepared for the tournament. With the sounds of Miku, Aniki, and many more, this contestant is ready to win the crown and go MAD with power!"
—Nico Nico's description on the MOJO!!

Nico Nico was revealed at the end of "Hammer - Super Smash Bros. Melee". Its source list consists of rips featuring sources popular on Nico Nico Douga, such as Inmu, "Ippon Manzoku", "Promise", "Dance Robot Dance", Cheetahmen 2, and IOSYS remixes, and rips featuring music from popular late-2000s anime, such as "Fuwa Fuwa Time", "Hare Hare Yukai", and "Luka Luka★Night Fever".

In Round 1, it battled Metal Ajit Pai and won; it then lost to The Jazz Cats in Round 2. In Round 2 of the Loser's Bracket, it faced off against Johnny Bravo and was eliminated.

Quotes Edit

Lines in bold were used in the tournaments.

VS Edit

Against 27 NicoNico Nico Nico's quote
02 Geno "VIP先生wwwwwwwww"
OTHStock "Oh ho ho ho gangin' up!"
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "ゥルルァッタッタッ!!ゥゥルルァァッタッタタ!!"
NintendoPowerStock "俺は宗教なんかに興味ねーんだよ!"
MenInBlackStock "エイリアン ふたりはエイリアン, 高鳴る気持ちが抑えられない !"
08 ZUN (v2) "ぷはー 今日もいいペンキ☆"
09 Thanos "NYN姉貴? あた~まわ~るわ~るわぁ^~る~わるぅ^~"
WarioPartnersStock "あ、ワリオ。またサボり?"
12 Snake "兄貴! 兄貴! ♂ Ass we can! ♂"
13 DJProfessorK "3年F組...DJ先生!!"
14 Quote "ダンスロボットダンス!もーいいかい?"
15 Adam "スタイリッシュいちまんじゃくwwww"
16 Johnny "イケメーン?www"
17 MrKrabs "ハッキョーセット! SUPONGE BOB DAYO!!!"
18 Mariya "おめーの席ねぇから !"
19 Robotnik "ゆでたまご wwwwwwwwww"
21 Papyrus "神聖なたわごと! れはガイコツ書店員本田さん!"
JackandElmoStock "How Elmo! How! We have to stop this stop sign! Hey how's it going? This stop sign has glorious sides! Oh! Oh!"
JackBrosStock "世間はさぁ、冷てぇよなぁ"

"おなかすいた; おなかすいた; おなかすいた; た た!"

RMStock "エレクリだーーー (チャーーラーラーrーtrwrgwウィmrgtzbダツツダツツダツツダツツダツダツデツツデツツ"
28 DonkeyKong "ハンマーwww"
29 Missingno "sm666? (`〇Д〇)"
TJCStock "すっごーい!なにこれにこれ!"
31 Eminem "伯方さん ! 伯方さん !"
L&DStock "池田大作wwwwwwwwww *デスクスラム!*"

Victory Edit

Against 27 NicoNico Nico Nico's quote
01 MetalAjitPai "そんな装備で大丈夫か?"
02 Geno "I'm a gaming god."
OTHStock "侵略 攻略 計画 成功! 侵略 攻略 イカ娘!"
PaTAStock "ボルガ博士、お許しください!"
NintendoPowerStock "二度と来るんじゃねえよ!"
MenInBlackStock "まだあなたは全てを知りたい?"
08 ZUN (v2) "ああああああああ ! ! 忘れてた!"
09 Thanos "Here's your change, have a nice day."
WarioPartnersStock "Get up you lazy cow! Where's my breakfast? ♂"
11 Dedede "パーン!パーン!頭がパーン!頭がパーン!パーン!パーン!"
12 Snake "兄貴・・・"
13 DJProfessorK "ダイナモ感覚!ダイナモ感覚! YO! YO! YO! DJ DJ... YEAH!"
14 Quote "なんて非効率的でしょう ロボットダンス"
15 Adam "ララララ ラララ ララララ ラララ ララララ ラララ ララララララ!"
16 Johnny "やらないか?"
17 MrKrabs "キェェェェェェアァァァァァァシャァベッタァァァァァァァ!!!"
18 Mariya "あなたの肌が、大好きです。いつまでも、変わらないで。しんほう堂すきだからららららら!"
19 Robotnik "v0"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "TARGET. CAPTURED."
21 Papyrus カップヌードル食べたくなってきた"
JackandElmoStock "ジャックジャック動画"
23 DrPiccolo "ヤムチャしやがって・・・"
JackBrosStock "もっと熱くなれよ!!"
25 HOBaRT "私が決めた いま決めた だから飲んで 私の野菜ジュース 価格は200円"
RMStock "三倍アイスクリィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィィーム!!"
28 DonkeyKong "ウンチーコングって知ってる?"
29 Missingno "X Windows エラー"
TJCStock "きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー!きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー! "
31 Eminem "はしたない !"
L&DStock "ありがとうアナログマ"

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In her stock icon when she loses, Nico Nico displays a black screen with the word "Out of order" in Japanese.
  • Nico Nico has the ability to suddenly have buff, muscular arms burst out from the side of her, an homage to the Gachimuchi meme series. It is not explained how it is possible for her to do this.
  • On the last Mojo post, The Party - Part 3, it is revealed that Nico Nico is Unregistered HyperCam 2's sister. The connection is reasonable, since many memes are shared among YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.
    • Unregsitered HyperCam 2 also comments on how he wishes he could've teamed up with Nico Nico had he still have been a viable contestant for King for Another Day.
  • A few SiIvaGunner rips have been reuploaded to the Nicovideo website, most of which are credited. A NicoNicoCommunity page for SiIvaGunner also has been written.


All of Nico Nico's dialogue consists of references, quotes, and memorable lines from popular Nico Nico Douga memes and fads, making most of her connection to other characters limited since most of them cannot understand what she is talking about. Nico Nico is not exempt from listening however, so her speech is still in relation to the current hand at topic.

Character Reference Context Source
Metal Ajit Pai (VS.) Alexander Vishnevskiy "Russian Robot" Alexander Vishnevskiy demonstrating a very robot-like performance at the IFBB 2003 Grand Prix in Hungary. This served as a contributor to the Gachimuchi meme series. It's inclusion relates to Metal Ajit Pai's new robotic body. YouTube


Metal Ajit Pai (Victory) El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron El Shaddai's main character, Enoch, displayed a wide variety odd dialogue and weird expressions during the game's trailers, a notion that caught attention to users of 2ch and Niconico in which MADs would be made out of him. It's inclusion relates to the heavy amounts of bulk armor Metal Ajit Pai has outside of him. YouTube (timestamped)
Geno (VS.) VIP先生 DJ XBrav uploaded the "Geno's Forest" remix to Newgrounds on June 24th, 2004, which would later gain more traction three years later on Niconico as VIP先生, a loop of an erotic-dancing robot from Fritz Lang's Metropolis while the songs plays. Niconico
Geno (Victory) VIP先生 "I'm a gaming god" references the last verse said in the Rawest Forest remix. Niconico
Off the Hook ft. Paruko (VS.) Danny Lee/Kiyoshi Kazuya A popular phrase of words uttered by Danny Lee in Water Gun Shootout 2 of Junkyard Boyz. Off the Hook ft. Paruko is interpreted as a gang, with three characters combined into one contestant slot. N/A
Off the Hook ft. Paruko (Victory) Shinryaku! Ika Musume Part of the lyrics to the opening of Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl), a 2000's manga and anime series about a squid-like girl discovering the surface as a waitress. YouTube (timestamped)
"Weird Al" Yankovic (VS.) Michael Jackson sang Tetete Part of the lyrics to Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time", specifically his backing vocals. It's inclusion is a reference to a popular mashup on Niconico called "Michael Jackson sang Tetete" combining "Remember The Time", "You Rock My World", and BGM for iDOLM@STER Town. YouTube


"Weird Al" Yankovic (Victory) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure The battle cry to the main villain of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 1 and 3, Dio Brando. This is used for "Weird Al" Yankovic because he was referenced in the final episode of Stardust Crusaders. YouTube
Pitbull and the Aliens (VS.) Chargeman Ken! The signature catchphrase for the main character of the Chargeman Ken! series, Ken Izumi, when transforming into his superhero persona.

The series is known to many as being a "so bad, it's good" example, featuring confusing plot structure, stiff animation, and poor sound design. Chargeman Ken! is mainly popularized for its usage in MADs.

This is used for Pitbull and the Aliens in association with the series' enemies, Jurals, Earth-invading aliens.

YouTube (timestamped)
Pitbull and the Aliens (Victory) Chargeman Ken! An infamous line from the 35th episode of Chargeman Ken! "Dynamite in the Brain" when Ken reveals to Professor Volga he actually has been murdered, turned into a human robot, and a bomb is implanted inside his head, before ejecting him into a Jural's ship as an explosive. YouTube (timestamped)
Nintendo Power (VS.) Airmoto/SGI A line said by Kurachi in the short future2 skit, "Ishikawa's Visit", where two men (named Ishikawa and nicknamed "Backman") arrive at Kurachi's apartment to advertise Soka Gokkai International, a Japanese Buddhist religious movement. YouTube (timestamped)
Nintendo Power (VS.) Airmoto/SGI The second line said by Kurachi in "Ishikawa's Visit", YouTube (timestamped)
Men in Black (VS.) Alien Alien The last few lyrics to the song "Alien Alien" by Hatsune Miku. This song was heavily used in MADs (and later YTPMVs) of multiple sources. YouTube (timestamped)
Men in Black (Victory) Alien Alien A verse to the song "Alien Alien" by Hatsune Miku. YouTube (timestamped)
ZUN (VS.) Cookie☆ RU姉貴's "Today is good weather" line is used here. It stems from "Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss", a Valentines Day collaborated special released in 2009 that also falls within the category of "so bad, it's good". YouTube (timestamped)


ZUN (Victory) Cookie☆ UDK姉貴's "I forgot!!" line is also used here, when Marisa remembers it is Valentines Day and she never gave Alice a Valentines Day gift. YouTube (timestamped)


Thanos (VS.) Cookie☆ Nico Nico mistakes Thanos for the popular Cookie☆ character NYN姉貴, because of their mouse/rat-like appearances. The phrase "Atama waru waru" is also used in the quote as well, referencing the many remixes made from the phrase. YouTube (timestamped)


Thanos (Victory) Cookie☆ One of few lines from kofji姉貴 in Easter☆, when Nazrin gives WEB姉貴 (as Alice Margatroid) her change. YouTube (timestamped)


Wario Partners, LLP (VS.) Cookie☆ HNS姉貴's "Ah, Reimu. Are you slacking off again?" line can be found, when Alice notices Reimu at the beginning of the video. This is most likely used for Wario and Waluigi's lazy and immovable attitudes. YouTube (timestamped)


Wario Partners, LLP (Victory) Anthony Stone "Chavez Obama" The infamous lines said by Anthony Stone in his appearance in Switchcraft, when harshly ordering Edweina Simplestein for breakfast and commenting on her unhealthy shape. This is used for Wario Partners, LLP. in reference to Wario's fat.
King Dedede (VS.) Kirby: Falcon Punch Remix A well-known mashup spread throughout YouTube and Niconico of Super Smash Bros.'s "Dream Land" matched with clips of Kirby, Captain Falcon, and the Announcer, most of the clips being Kirby's voice of "Falcon Punch!". YouTube


King Dedede (Victory) Airmoto/SGI A reference to a Gourmet Race MAD featuring an interview with Masami Hisamoto, where she expresses the happiness she felt when Daisaku Ikeda praised her for her TV appearances, to which she says "PARN!", representing an explosion (of joy). Niconico
Solid Snake (VS.) Billy "Aniki" Herrington Nico Nico chants "Aniki" (big brother) twice, and makes a reference to Billy Herrington's trip to Japan, where he recorded a video of himself regarding the economic crisis of Nico Nico Douga, including his most famed quote, "ASS WE CAN". This is used for Solid Snake in reference to his position as brother of Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake. YouTube (timestamped)


Solid Snake (Victory) Billy "Aniki" Herrington Nico Nico again repeats "Aniki", but in a more solemn tone, possibly referencing Billy Herrington's death on March 3rd, 2018. Wikipedia
DJ Professor K (VS.) Japanese Fanta Commercials A line said in a series of adverts for Fanta in Japan, of adults with exaggerated personalities filling in their role as teacher for a class of third graders. Parodies of the commercials would be made with 2000's animes such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and other video game series like Touhou Project. YouTube (timestamped)
DJ Professor K (Victory) Dynamo Feeling A special song provided by Japanese rapper You the Rock★performed at the Nona Reeves' in-store live show at Tower Records Shibuya. This also is a popular catchphrase among those of the Inmufags, who had a deep relation with Gota Nishidera, leader of Nona Reeves, because he looked a lot like Yajuu-Senpai (YJSNPI). YouTube
Quote (VS.) Dance Robot Dance Part of the lyrics to the song "Dance Robot Dance" by Hatsune Miku. This song was heavily used in MADs (and later YTPMVs) of multiple sources. YouTube (timestamped)
Quote (Victory) Dance Robot Dance The repeated chorus heard in "Dance Robot Dance" by Hatsune Miku. YouTube (timestamped)
Adam Levine (VS.) Stylish Yankee Doodle A hand-drawn animated series of videos found on Niconico of Fate/Zero characters Tokiomi Tohsaka and Gilgamesh striking stylish poses to the tune of "Yankee Doodle". This is used for Adam Levine in reference to the maroon and gold colors the two characters sport. Niconico
Adam Levine (Victory) Stylish Yankee Doodle Nico Nico starts to sing "Lalalala lalala" to the tune of Yankee Doodle (see reference above). Niconico
Johnny Bravo (VS.) Shit Soup Technique Nico Nico comments, "Ikemen?" to Johnny, meaning "good-looking", which is what is used to refer to the characters of the one-shot bara manga. Additionally, this is also where the "Yarinaika" meme stems from. Niconico
Johnny Bravo (Victory) Shit Soup Technique The most popular line of words from the manga, "Shall we do it?", when Takakazu Abe unzips his jumpsuit and exposes his genitals to Masaki Michisata. Niconico
Mr. Krabs (VS.) Happy Set The dialogue shouted from the narrator of the commercial, advertising a McDonald's toy of SpongeBob straw toys that talk when drunken out of. Many MADs were created using this source, often clashing with Ronald McDonald. YouTube (timestamped)
Mr. Krabs (Victory) Happy Set The popular catchphrase said by the blue shirt kid featured in the commercial, which additionally became reported by Hatena News about it's trending status on Twitter. YouTube (timestamped)
Mariya Takeuchi (VS.) There's No Fucking Seat For You! The most well-known phrase from the live-action adaptation of Life, which was criticized for its cheesy acting. The manga series was about depictions of bullying and explicit content involving high school students. YouTube
Mariya Takeuchi (Victory) Jang-Dong Gun A popular MAD source that features Jang-Dong Gun, a popular South Korean actor and celebrity, talking about mail-order service for women's cosmetics. YouTube
Dr. Robotnik (VS.) Airmoto/SGI Nico Nico compares Dr. Robotnik to one of the audiences in the future2 episode, Masayuki Oshima, who is also referred to as "Egghead" or "Boiled Egg" because of his bald head. Niconico
Dr. Robotnik (Victory) Airmoto/SGI The set of letters, "vO", represents ASCII-art indicating a famous pose by Oshima. It was coined by NND commenters on an edit of the episode slowed down as a source for MADs (now unavailable). Niconico
Daft Punk ft. Pharrell (VS.) Cyclops-Senpai (Yajuu-Senpai) The main bulk of the transcript from Cyclops-Senpai, the incarnation of Yajuu-Senpai, derived from "Scooop!!! 1 – Virtual Sex – Meet the Team!!!". Niconico
Daft Punk ft. Pharrell (Victory) Cyclops-Senpai (Yajuu-Senpai) The first few lines of the transcript from Cyclops-Senpai. Inmufags are the main source of popularization for this video, to which MADs would also follow, using this video as a source. Niconico
Papyrus (VS.) Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san A reference to a line from Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san, a manga and anime series based on the author's real life experiences of working at a bookstore employee portrayed by a skeleton man. YouTube (playlist)
Papyrus (Victory) Spa (スパ王) References to commercials to Nissin, particularly their advertisement on spaghetti. These are used frequently in MADs utilizing the commercial audio. Niconico
Jack & Elmo (VS.) Jack Black Defines Octagon The sentence mixing found within a popular MAD, "Jack Black Dance Like a Butterfly", combining the source of Jack Black's appearance on Sesame Street and's "Butterfly". The original Nicovideo link is down, but stein has reuploaded the video onto YouTube under the many coron accounts. YouTube
Jack & Elmo (Victory) Jack Black Defines Octagon A reference to "8 Sides of Nico Nico Douga", a collaborated efforts between many YTPMV mixers and video editors that includes many of the most famed songs from Niconico culture remixed into a medley utilizing the Octagon source. YouTube
Dr. Piccolo (VS.) Ginyu Force Pose An iconic fighting pose associated with the Ginyu Force, a team consisting of Freeza's five elite mercenaries. It's well-choreographed and Super Sentai/Power Rangers inspired stance has been parodied time after time by Dragon Ball Z fans. YouTube
Dr. Piccolo (Victory) Yamcha's Death Pose A reference to the popular meme of Yamcha's position after being killed in the battle against Saibaimen. The phrase "You were Yamcha..." is also usually tagged in Niconico posts, originally derived from the expression "You were reckless". Niconico
Jack Bros. (VS.) Matsuoka Shuzo Former professional tennis player and popular commentator, Matsuoka Shuzo is known for his video messages about motivating his fans to keep on trying and never to give up. One video includes Shuzo talking to the viewer while outside in cold weather.
Jack Bros. (Victory) Matsuoka Shuzo Another line of Shuzo talking to the viewer about how weather should get hotter. He has also become a prominent source for Niconico MADs and even YTPMVs.
HOBaRT (VS.) I'm Hungry A song written by famous Vocaloid composer, Lamaze-P. It also comes with an animation, but like "Get Down" and "Fukkireta", it is a short and simple loop. This is used for HOBaRT in relation to his food-making. Niconico
HOBaRT (Victory) PoPiPo Part of the lyrics to Hatsune Miku's "PoPiPo", a song about vegetable juice. YouTube
Rhythm Masters (VS.) Elemental Creation A popular copypasta that imitates the sounds heard in the intro to the Dance Dance Revolution song "Elemental Creation" by dj TAKA and DJ YOSHITAKA. YouTube
Rhythm Masters (Victory) Second Heaven A popular track from the arcade series beatmania IIDX that has been used notoriously in MADs for the famously misheard lyrics of "Somebody Scream!" to "Sanbai Ice Cream! (Triple Ice Cream!)" The song, along with others in its soundtrack, has also been reused numerously with other Niconico sources. YouTube
Donkey Kong (VS.) Hammer Another popular MAD source, Hammer originates from the arcade game Donkey Kong. A MAD creator on Niconico began to use this song in his works despite its simple quality, even being dubbed "The Hammer Man". The Hammer Man has also been known to upload a Hammer MAD on the 11th of every month, a tradition fans maintain. YouTube


Donkey Kong (Victory) UNCHI KONG A rendition of Donkey Kong with Pac-Man's eyes and colors. The audio is taken from Japanese spliced clips from the character Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising. The original line is, "Do you know what launching is?" combined with "Donkey Kong". Visually, UNCHI KONG is a recolor of Donkey Kong with the eyes and colors of Innyume, a Japanese emoji horror game character. UNCHI KONG closely translates to "Shitty Kong". Niconico
MissingNo. (VS.) sm666 Nico Nico becomes fearful of MissingNo., thinking it is sm666. sm666 is a gruesome video created by Piropito famously known as a creepypasta of searching the 666th user on Nicovideo and the webpage slowly decaying to creepy and devil-like elements before a hand reaches out to the viewer at the end. There is also a YouTube reciprocal of this. YouTube


MissingNo. (Victory) Windows Error Remixes The text is mimicking the contents of a Windows error message, a source of MADs found on Niconico. They utilize not only error sound effects, but pop-ups, invalid inputs, and mouse clicking. Niconico
The Jazz Cats (VS.) Kemono Friends A quote from Serval, mascot and consistent character of the Kemono Friends series. Niconico
The Jazz Cats (Victory) Kyu Kyu Nyaa Nyaa A four-step dance with music from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite playing, an expansion to Monster Hunter Freedom 2. The song and animation would be featured on Niconico before the game's release and include Touhou character Chen (link down). YouTube
Eminem (VS.) Hakata-san Nico Nico chants the name "Hakata-san" to Eminem, a reference to the 2009 moe gijinka character for table salt. Originally starting as a MAD source meme for the Hakata Salt Company logo, users of the Nico Nico Pedia and Oekaki comment boards began to confess lewd imaginations for salt. This led to the creation of Hakata-san, who sported a colorful Mexican hat and poncho due to the solar salt being taken from that country. Niconico
Eminem (Victory) Hakata-san An video posted by Lamaze-P, creator of the famous Vocaloid songs "PoPiPo", "Fukkireta", and "Get Down", animated a version of Hakata-san dancing while spliced clips from the Hakata Salt Company sound logo were reconstructed to say, "Hakata-san! How disgraceful!" to the beat. Niconico
Law & Disorder (VS.) Airmoto/SGI Nico Nico references Daisaku Ikeda, the third and honorary president of Soka Gakkai. "Desk Slam" is a reference to an animation of Ikeda slamming his desk at a conference, which later became the basis for ICG姉貴's slam (Cookie☆). Niconico
Law & Disorder (Victory) Analoguma When the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB) were forced to make a new mascot, Chide-jika (a pun on the words "digital TV" and "deer"), members of the Japanese textboard 2ch parodied this character with the creation of Analoguma, utilizing the words "analog TV" and "bear". Fans even composed its own fight song, containing a vocal track from Hatsune Miku. YouTube


01 MetalAjitPai Metal Ajit Pai02 Geno GenoOTHStock Off the Hook ft. ParukoWeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Weird Al" Yankovic
PaTAStock Pitbull and the AliensNintendoPowerStock Nintendo PowerMenInBlackStock Men in Black08 ZUN (v2) ZUN
09 Thanos ThanosWarioPartnersStock Wario Partners, LLP11 Dedede King Dedede12 Snake Solid Snake13 DJProfessorK DJ Professor K
14 Quote Quote15 Adam Adam Levine16 Johnny Johnny Bravo17 MrKrabs Mr. Krabs18 Mariya Mariya Takeuchi19 Robotnik Dr. Robotnik
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock Daft Punk ft. Pharrell21 Papyrus PapyrusJackandElmoStock Jack & Elmo23 DrPiccolo Dr. PiccoloJackBrosStock Jack Bros.
25 HOBaRT HOBaRTRMStock Rhythm Masters27 NicoNico Nico Nico28 DonkeyKong Donkey Kong29 Missingno MissingNo.
TJCStock The Jazz Cats31 Eminem EminemL&DStock Law & Disorder
Bonus Characters
33 MrBean Mr. Bean00 Meowth Meowth00 UHC2 Unregistered HyperCam 2Staff JohnJohn Notwoodman

List of minor characters from the King for Another Day Tournament

Original Soundtrack Albums

Promotional rips
Note that tracks are listed by order of appearance from the MOJO!! This list is subject to change.
"BATTLEFIELD" • "BATTLEFIELD (VER. 2)" • "VS Fighting Placeholder Team" • "DUEL ZONE ~惑星のトラベラーズ~"
"Tax Break (Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud)" • "Radical Dreamers" • "Gem Blaster" • "8 PM (Fishing Night in Heaven)"
30 Doge30 Naxx "But Not You" • "Racing King" • "Keep Running"
02 GenoOTHStockPaTAStockMenInBlackStock14 Quote15 Adam25 HOBaRT31 Eminem "First Round Losers' Medley"
13 DJProfessorK18 Mariya29 MissingnoL&DStock"Altered Melee ~ FINAL FOUR" • "Lo-Fi 8-Bit High Quality Chill Beats to Train and Relax To"
"Boss Battle (I)" • "Bop the Bag" • "DREADSCAPE 〜Unrestrained HyperCam 2〜 (Final Boss)" • "Boss Battle (II)"
"NIGHTMARESCAPE 〜Unrestrained HyperCam 2〜 (Final Boss Phase 2)" • "Tropic Tune 〜On a Distant Horizon〜"
• "Stardust Encounter 〜A Reverberation From the Future〜" • "Lost in Translation" • "Goodbye, Baby"
"DUEL ZONE (VER. 2) 〜戦いはさらに激化!〜" • "VS Fighting Placeholder Team -VGM ver-" • "FINAL BOUT"
"BEHIND THE KING" • "An Oblige Orthodoxy" • "FORCE CRYSTAL" • "Vs. Screen" • "Match Results"
"Vs. Screen (Final Four)" • "THROUGH THE GATES" • "Lifelight" • "Slapped Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire"
"BE THE KRINGLE" • "PRE THE KING (Reveal Trailer Theme)"
"A Music Mashup Royale"

01 MetalAjitPai "BEYOND THE TIME 〜メビウスの宇宙を越えて〜" • "GUNPLA☆WORLD" • "Black History" • "A New Threat"
"Harlem Shake" • "Battle! Vs. Lorekeeper Shockwave!"
02 Geno "Weapons Factory" • "Ken's Theme" • "Battle Against the Dark Knight of Vanda" • "Professor E. Gadd"
"A Swing in the Forest" • "Freak in a Sheet" • "Boggly Woods" • "Francis Flow" • "Beware the Musical Mushrooms"
"Fight Against An Armed Boss" • "F-1 DREAM" • "From Inside the Earthen Pipe" • "Cherry Lake" • "DEARLY BELOVED..."
OTHStock "God of ink" • "Ink That" • "Acid Hues" • "Muck Warfare" • "Ink Me Up" • "Splat 2 the Funk" • "Undertow"
"Ebb & Flow (Octo)" • "Ebb n' Flow Inkantation Reloaded" • "Ebb n' Flow" • "Calamari Inkantation"
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Don't Touch That Dial"• "Ladies and Gentlemen...Leave Me Alone" • "Funny Man Goes to the Tool Shop"
"Headline News" • "Whispers of a Fool's Paradise" • "A Very Cheesy Goof Off" • "Dare to be Stupid" • "Melanie" • "Virus!!"
PaTAStock "Más Gasolina" • "Fun" • "Minecraft con Gadget ft. Pitbull" • "Give Me Your Thing"
"The Father Also Resurrects" • "Atrévete-Te-Te" • "El Sonidito" • "Miéntele"
NintendoPowerStock "Kass' Theme" • "Reggie's Late Nite" • "K.K. Disco" • "Battle!! ~Torna~" • "Breath of the World" • "In Town"
"Bubblegum K.K" • "3 AM" • "Dragon Dungeon Dance" • "Bill's Doughnut Disaster" • "Wii Play: Tanks" • "00B800"
"Conquest" • "Indomitable Will" • "Ocean Breeze" • "Super Square Hill" • "welcome to main street" • "Fairy Reunion"
MenInBlackStock "Kraid's Lair" • "Battle Against an Otherworldly Prince" • "Battle Against an Otherworldly Prince (Vocal Mix)"
"Battle Against a Machine (Vocal Mix)" • "A Spacecraft Fueled on Fright" • "Blastin' Lazers"
"Captain! An Epic Battle!" • "Yo Home to Bel-Air" • "Eve of the Chops" • "Gettin' Jiggy" • "The Grox Invasion"
"XO Tour Llif3" • "The Men in Black" • "She Came from Outer Space!"
08 ZUN (v2) "The Great Fairy Medley" • "Dance of the Curse Goddess ~ Dark Road"
"Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon" • "Neo Yuanxian" • "Everyday is Night"
"Adventurer's Tavern of the Old World" • "Ridiculous Rondo ~ Sneer of Woods" • "Death Fantastique"
"U.N. Owen Was Who?" • "Memento Forest (Shinjutou café MIX)" • "MASSIVE X" • "MASSIVE X (Beta Mix)"
"GROOVIN' FAITH" • "A Jizo's Past Regrets" • "Cirno's Musical Playground" • "Timeless Youkai ~ Battle for Leadership"
"Fool's Journey Across an Eastern Story" • "Former Hell Funk" • "The Sea Where My Mind is Reflected" • "Origin"
"An Apple Disaster!" • "NON-STOP FINAL YOUKAI GIRL" • "Main Theme Badass Knife Maid"
"霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion"
09 Thanos "Space Mountain Stage" • "Lion King on Piano" • "Theme of War Machine" • "Eye to Eye" • "Cantina Band"
"Believe Your Eyes" • "Your Bermudian Forecast, in a Snap!" • "A Filthy Finale" • "Crank Dat Lion King"
"Crank Dat Lion King (Instrumental)" • "Paint the Tourney" • "The Chain"
WarioPartnersStock "Bad Shrooms" • "Wario Land 3: The Mysterious Music Box Medley" • "Star Maze (Club Mix)" • "Body Rock (US)"
"Body Rock (JP)" • "The Purple Wind" • "Greenhorn Pinball Acapella" • "Wario Artist Paint Studio" • "Just Plains"
"Space Party Medley" • "Rainbow Road (Super Circuit!!)" • "Wreck Train" • "Windbreak Bay"
11 Dedede "My Good Friend, Kirby!" • "(5/4)est Trail" • "Bubbly Clouds" • "A Gourmet Worth Racing For" • "Hilltop Rave"
"Rainbow Route" • "The Star Conquering Traveler -FINAL SHOWDOWN-" • "House of the Fallen Halberd"
"Fountain of Dremes" • "Ordeal of the Masked King" • "Clobba That Dere Dark Mind!" • "BOSS☆BUTCH"
"PERFECT KNIGHTMARE" • "~THE MIRACLE ⦿F DEATH~" • "Moonstruck blossom" • "Crown-Taking Battle"
"KIRBY​!​! ☆星のヒーロー☆"
12 Snake "OP.13" • "PLEASURE-TENSION" • "NEO KOBE 外伝" • "D E A D _ C E L L" • "Medusa Waterways" • "Theme of Tara"
"Sneaking Around the Marble Gallery"
13 DJProfessorK "Blow My Speakers Up" • "Mango!" • "September" • "epic Sound Shower" • "The Beat of Your Dreams..."
"Last Survivor" • We're Wrapped in Black, Too Strong" • "VERY COOL VICTORY BEAT" • "The Legend of BIONICLE"
"Teknopathetic" • "4帽子 (2019 remaster)" • "Gateway to Nightopia" • ""IDOLA" The Strange Fruits" • "Angel of the Beach"
"The End of the Future" • "Take a Space Walk" • "Golden Axe: The Wilderness Battle" • "After the Dream"

14 Quote "From Somewhere, An Invitation..." • "Running Hell/Curly's Theme" • "Changing the Predestined"
"Letka/jenkka" • "On to Grasstown" • "Cave Story Boss Medley" • "Labyrinth Fight" • "Nothing But Pressure"
"Periculum" • "Pulse°" • "I ❤ Mom" • "Lifelike Waterway" • "CAVE STORY" • "Scales of Zordium"
"Scorching Back" • "Tower of Heaven" • "Last Battle" • "Balcony" • "Battle Against a Super Slugger"
15 Adam "V Stands for Victory" • "This Love" • "Nu Sugar" • "Sugar" • "Everlong, Eternally" • "Moves Like Jagger x3"
"Welcome to Paradise!!!" • "Animals / One More Night" • "Sounds Like Jagger" • "Gasping for Air" • "Soap Disco"
"Control Myself" • "Chrome Buddy" • "Theme of Adamposting"
16 Johnny "Do the Tourney With Me!" • "Here Comes a Thought" • "Billy & Mandy's Brains"
"Hey, Ice King! What’re You Doing In KFAD?!!" • "Hey Johnny Bravo" • "Another Man's Treasure"
"The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)" • "Ed, Edd n Eddy" • "Way of the Samurai" • "A Courageously Sad Song"
"Back To The Lab (Again)" • "Crayon" • "Signal in the Sky" • "Signal in the Sky (Vocal Mix)" • "It's All Coming Back to You!"
"True Kinda FM" • "Adoration is Key"
17 MrKrabs "Play That Song Again" • "1NF3$+@+!0N (Electric Zoo Remix)" • "Give it All You Got"
"Mr. Krabs Rave" • "Gary Comes Home" • "Easy Money 「LONG」" • "Kelpy G at Bikini Bottom Smooth Jazz Festival"
"Music to Drive By" • "No Control" • "Stadium Rave A" • "The Rake Hornpipe"
18 Mariya "Up Next..." • "Ride on Time" • "Plastic Love (DJ DVD RIP Edit)" • "The Girl in White" • "FIGHTCLUB CHINATOWN"
"Bomber (ポストエルビス Edit)" • "LOVELAND 愛LAND" • "Dress Down (DJ DVD RIP Edit)"
"Telephone Number (fm chillout mix)" • "DO-RU-FIN" • "Fly Flushin'" • "Pissy Pamper" • "Plastic Forces ...for Pop City"
"Rootin-Tootin Love" • "Future Funk Trilogy" • "Natsukashii(育応あ)" • "Love Through Time and Space"
"Ride on Time (DEMO Version)
19 Robotnik "A Promotion Awaits!" • "Special Stage!" • "Quickly Difficult!"
"Scrap Brain Zone" • "Marina Madness (Mania Mix)" • "Memories and Passwords" • "Tomorrow..." • "Stardust Speedway"
"Hill Top Zone" • "Last Area" • "Gene Gadget's Electronic Beats" • "Chaos!" • "Back in Time" • "Cavern Club"
"I Win! I Win! I Win!" • "Theme of "TIKAL"" • "The Big Pingas Machine" • "Ashes of the Volcanic Valley"
"Sonic Gets High on Chemicals Haha" • "Sky Deck Babylon" • "Reactive Factory (Work It Out)" • "Find That Hedgehog!"
"Rapid Carefree Advice" • "Robotnik Drops the Pingas"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Happier, Better, Faster, Stronger" • "Daft Buster" • "Refresh" • "Despicable Punk"
"Music Sounds Better With You (Power Mix)" • "Doin' it Right" • "Alive 1987" • "Robot R.O.C.K" • "Baby I'm Yours"
"There's No Time to Fix Our Mistakes" • "Something About Us (Angry Mix)"
"Maschinenmensch Medley (Theme of Destruction)" • "PUNKVISION" • "Hellifrançais" • "Instant Crush"
"Alive 2017" • "Justice for All"
21 Papyrus "Knock Knock Knock!" • "Super Papyrus Picross" • "Bonetrousle" • "Oh Grow a Spine Will You?" • "Cliff Notes"
"Music 3 (NES)" • "Cryogenic Noodles" • "Piece-Place Diablerie!" • "A Big Box Full of Bones and Puzzles"
"Fruit on Grass" • "The Royal Underground Ensemble" • "Super-Star DJs" • "Villains' Spooky Ska" • "Boondoggling!!"
"The Dance of the Spheres" • "Riven: The Sequel to Myst Medley" • "Robots FTW" • "Cara Mia Addio"
JackandElmoStock "Fighting Octagon Team" • "Up in the Clouds, Where the Rainbows Meet"
"Gravibus Octanguli" • "Take Off and Octagon" • "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stops the Rock!"
"Counter Strike -VGM edition-" • "Goodbye for Now!" • "Boss Battle (Pokémon Typing Adventure)"
23 DrPiccolo "Prescribe the World" • "MY HERO" • "Green and Purple" • "Solid State Scouter" • "Gentle Breeze Acapella" • "Killer"
"Smile Bomb" • "Watch Out!" • "Hyori Ittai" • "Don't Sue Us Danny Elfman"
JackBrosStock "A Personable Encounter" • "Moonlight Serendipity" • "Battle (Shin Megami Tensei)"
"Mecha Fortress (Level 5)" • "Party Over Here!" • "Common Battle Medley" • "Battle - b2 (Boss Battle)"
"Battle in Fairy Land" • "Mass Destruction" • "Quest Battle" • "Burn My Dread -Ultimate Battle-"
25 HOBaRT "Hyper Operative Baking and Ripping Technology" • "FRUIT SALAD: 1987" • "Theme of HOBaRT"
"Symphony of Chefs" • "VB Longneck (PSY Mix)" • "I'm Here to See..." • "Tasmania Nights '03" • "The Hobart Hootenanny"
"Frank Walker's National Tiles" • "Since I'm Australian" • "Polar Pass"
RMStock "Go for a Perfect!" • "Remix 5 (Wii)" • "I.C.U." • "Rhythm Toys" • "Timepiece Phase II"
"Night Walk" • "リミックス四 ~侍の道~" • "EternuS" • "Mr.Werewolf" • "Rhythm Masters RAP"
"FREEDOM DiVE (k. far a. day mix)" • "Noodles Cannot Be Defeated" • "The Utopia of Deemo" • "Bridal Festival"
"Super Battle Groundhogs" • "DROP OUT ~MASTER MIX~" • "World IIDX" • "Built to Scale (Extended Ver.)"
27 NicoNico "ニコニコ参戦!!" • "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" • "♂ KAZUYA'S BREAKDOWN ♂"
"PoPiPo" • "Light Chip Music Club" • "Nico Nico Douga Stole Your Precious Soul"
"Nico Nico Douga Stole Your Precious Soul (Instrumental Mix)" • "Ishikawa's Visit" • "Convictor Yamaxanadu!"
"At The Tournament, Daily Life With Karakuri Spirits" • "At The Tournament, Daily Life Without Karakuri Spirits"
"Caramelldansen" • "Fukkireta" • "Overdriven to Insanity" • "Two Faced Memories"
28 DonkeyKong "Kong for a Day" • "Bubblegloop Swamp" • "StickerBush" • "Searing Savannah" • "Treasures Galore"
"Mount Amazing 2" • "Mining Motorway" • "I'm Leo Luster" • "DK Rap" • "The Secret of the Cold Air Bath"
"Darkmoon Caverns" • "Gorilla" • "Forest Interlude" • "Lockjaw's Saga" • "The Ballad of Jumpman and Pauline"
"Aquatic Ambience"
29 Missingno "See Me For Who I Am" • "Unhealed" • "Even Care / Work Zone" • "Title Theme (Time Trax)" • "Elegy of ZZAZZ"
"Ketsuban" • "the end (150)(e2+valhalla mix)" • "Battle! (The_Missing-Number)"
"n3w_makr.scop (19-96) // Keygen Zone" • "DATA_VALUE_(NULLVOID)" • "Flame Core ~Cavern Lights~"
"Fearful Harmonies" • "Calm Bus" • "MisSaNo.Nara" • "Glitch City" • "Dark Pixel" • "vordhosbn town" • "amalgam8"
"We're Finally Speedrunning (Glitched)" • "merciful" • "mines.ogg (unused)" • "'M 's Theme"
"Subcon Forest Masked" • "Exploring the Meat Factory" • "Lavender Town Syndrome*
TJCStock "Jazz Cats: The Beginning" • "Countdown" • "By Fire" • "World Map" • "Jazz on Mars"
"Nyakuza Manholes" • "Don't Lose Your Clothes" • "Into the Future!" • "SLAM!" • "Giant Dubsteps" • "Unfinished Business"
"Autumn Leaves"
31 Eminem "The Lead Singer" • "Eff Ayy Cee Kay" • "Lose Yourself" • "My Salsa" • "Calm Down"
"You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood"
L&DStock "Turnabout Despair" • "LOGIC&&TRICK" • "Mr. Monokuma's Swing Lesson" • "HYPER ULTRA -CLIMAX- TRIAL"
"Psycho on the Water" • "Objection! 2001" • "Solving Groove" • "Samurai Woman" • "The Turntable Turnabout"
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" • "Point and Plunder" • "4 Minutes Before Death (Variation)" • "Case of Missing Gary"
"Investigation to the Core" • "Keep on Cornering" • "Welcome to Danganronpa!"
"Discussion -MIX- (TOURNAMENT Version)"

33 MrBean "You Guessed It!" • "Wallace's Workshop" • "Bean Bean Beach"
00 Meowth "Double Trouble (Team Rocket's REALLY Rockin' Remix)" • "Meowth, That's Right!"
00 UHC2 "hi utub im back" • "hey look at this cool 8 Bit Remix I made"
"How 2 Do Anything Feat. Vari (UPDATED WORKING 2014)" • "Snap Zone"
Staff John "Vote Responsibly!!" • "Announcer Reel 2: Announce Harder" • "Announcer Reel 3: It Gets Worse"
XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "Rabbits in the Desert" • "Ooh Nah Nah"

Round 1
18 Mariya × JackBrosStock "The Whims of Plastic Love" • 01 MetalAjitPai × 27 NicoNico "The Metal Master"
21 Papyrus × L&DStock "PROSECUTOR PAPYRUS' PURSUIT!" • 17 MrKrabs × 19 Robotnik "Grass Skirt Crowdkill"
MenInBlackStock × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Wild West Rock" • 31 Eminem × 28 DonkeyKong "Love the Way You Blast"
28 DonkeyKong × 31 Eminem "Salsa Delivery Service" • 12 Snake × PaTAStock "Caught in the Worldwide Spotlight"
29 Missingno × 13 DJProfessorK "This is M0st DisturbiNg" • NintendoPowerStock × 25 HOBaRT "Hobart Crossing"
Round 2
27 NicoNico × TJCStock "You Thought All I Could Say Was Miaou" • 17 MrKrabs × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Technolepiep"
TJCStock × 27 NicoNico "Nyan Cat" • NintendoPowerStock × 13 DJProfessorK "K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle"
PaTAStock × 09 Thanos "Marcianito y Thanos 100% real bailando cumbia.wmv"
Round 3
16 Johnny × 27 NicoNico "Kibou no Kakera"•TJCStock × JackBrosStock "Vulfsona"
29 Missingno × 17 MrKrabs "Red Mist"
Round 4-6
19 Robotnik × RMStock "Classic Zone Remix"•04 WeirdAl04 BEATIT × 18 Mariya "Livin' Off the Wall"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 13 DJProfessorK "AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FLAT BEAT" • L&DStock × TJCStock "Otherworldly Movement"
L&DStock × 13 DJProfessorK "DOUBLE DECKER!" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "Let the Saint Sleep" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "The Concept of Plastic Love"
18 Mariya × 13 DJProfessorK "One Last Ride Through the City of Tokyo-to" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "Fall Breaks"
18 Mariya × 13 DJProfessorK "Thank You, Everybody!"
02 Geno × PaTAStock "Simmering Kingdom" • 02 Geno × TJCStock "Play It With Heart This Time"
02 Geno × XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "In the Toadwoods"
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- × XX Crown "POLKA FOR ANOTHER DAY"
PaTAStock x MenInBlackStock "Icono Viviente" • PaTAStock x RMStock "Conga de los Alienígenas"
PaTAStock × TJCStock "Cumbiote Bien Gaton"
NintendoPowerStock × 13 DJProfessorK "K.K. Mysterious Destiny" • NintendoPowerStock × TJCStock "Desolation"
MenInBlackStock × 28 DonkeyKong "That Long Train Ride"
08 ZUN (v2) × 14 Quote "Phantasm Diary"
09 Thanos × MenInBlackStock "We're Seizing the Future" • 09 Thanos × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Prepare for Immediate Deresolution"
13 DJProfessorK × 15 Adam "Jet Set Vervine" • 13 DJProfessorK × 19 Robotnik "Big Beat Radio" • 13 DJProfessorK × TJCStock "Rouge of Love"
15 Adam × RMStock "Sunday Morning in Heaven" • 15 Adam × TJCStock "Sunday Morning"
16 Johnny × 01 MetalAjitPai "Megas eXtra Large Robot" • 16 Johnny × 29 Missingno "About that time (p4rallel univ3rse mix)"
18 Mariya × NintendoPowerStock "The Glorious Fairy Fountain" • 18 Mariya × 08 ZUN (v2) "Strange Oriental Rydeen"
18 Mariya × RMStock "LOVE TOGETHER (hushpupz Remix)"
19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Chiller" • 19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Launch da Base Into Space" • 19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "INVINCIBLE"
19 Robotnik × PaTAStock "Madness" • 19 Robotnik × 13 DJProfessorK "Streets of Hydrocity" • 19 Robotnik × 15 Adam "Nine-Inch Hedgehog Stew"
19 Robotnik × 25 HOBaRT "What's a Fruit to a Machine?" • 19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Launch Base '93" • 19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Yσυ'ɾҽ Tσσ Sʅσɯ."
19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Space Queens"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 08 ZUN (v2) "MyonMyon(myon)~Myon...Myon!Myon!" • DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 19 Robotnik "Robotnik Rock Star"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × JackBrosStock "Emotionally Making Love Beneath the Mask"
21 Papyrus × RMStock "Skeletal Evolution"
JackandElmoStock × 18 Mariya "SING" • JackandElmoStock × RMStock "Snow Jack" • JackandElmoStock × 28 DonkeyKong "School of Rock / Monkey Business"
23 DrPiccolo × 17 MrKrabs "We Are!" • 23 DrPiccolo × JackandElmoStock "Brain Age"
JackBrosStock × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Human After All (SebastiAn Remix) vs. Life Will Change"
25 HOBaRT × MenInBlackStock "La Soupe aux Choux" • 25 HOBaRT × 11 Dedede "Banana Split Island"
RMStock × 08 ZUN (v2) "Revolving Around the Flower" • RMStock × 18 Mariya "Route to the Future" • RMStock × TJCStock "Kitties!"
27 NicoNico × 08 ZUN (v2) "ドナルドを信仰風化曲" • 27 NicoNico x 11 Dedede "SoundMAD Canyon" • 27 NicoNico x 19 Robotnik "Koi no Mean Bean Densetsu"
27 NicoNico × JackandElmoStock "Octa-Gon Disco" • 27 NicoNico × RMStock "Oshama Scramble" • 27 NicoNico × RMStock "音ゲーMAD Series Medley"
27 NicoNico × TJCStock "Bossa Bossa Bossa Dayo"
28 DonkeyKong × 13 DJProfessorK "Clock Tower Factory (Intense Mix)" • 28 DonkeyKong × 17 MrKrabs "The Mirror Never Lies"
28 DonkeyKong × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Discovery Channel" • 28 DonkeyKong × TJCStock "Gear Getaway"
29 Missingno × 01 MetalAjitPai "Bedrock Factory" • 29 Missingno × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Screaming in Unison" • 29 Missingno × NintendoPowerStock "Meeting with a Terrible Fate"
29 Missingno × 16 Johnny "Drifting Away" • 29 Missingno × JackBrosStock "Wild Catherine Battle" • 29 Missingno × 28 DonkeyKong "Meeting with a Terrible Ape"
TJCStock × MenInBlackStock "Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Medley" • TJCStock × 11 Dedede "Funky Rush"
TJCStock × 11 Dedede "Butter Building" • TJCStock × 13 DJProfessorK "Herbing the Cockline"
TJCStock × 18 Mariya "Plastic Airplanes in Strasbourg" • TJCStock × JackandElmoStock "The Jazz"
TJCStock × RMStock "Big Jazz Finish A" • TJCStock × RMStock "Miku-nyan’s Groove"
TJCStock × TJCStock "Jazz Cats: The Ballads of Naxx and Doge" • TJCStock × XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "Chungularity"
31 Eminem × 15 Adam "Hailie Will Be Loved"
L&DStock × TJCStock "It's Up for Debate"
33 MrBean × PaTAStock "The Funny Dance"" • 35 Nico34 JebBush "AFTER SCHOOL JEBINATORS

"SiIvaGunner presents... The KING FOR ANOTHER DAY TOURNAMENT!"
"SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Overview: CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!"
"BATTLEFIELD (Special Edition)" • "A reminder from Studio Gunner!" • "a̵c̖͠c͏i̡̲͚d̩͘e͚n̪̰̱t̶a̙̥͜l ̱̗a̰̲ͅn̠̞̕n̘̣͎o͔̜u̳̭͖n̴͖̳c͙͚ͅę̝̼m͓͕͚e̦̕ͅn̛t͎̰̠"
"Credits" • "All Vs/Victory Lines (Secrets and Easter Eggs!)"

"King for Another Day Tournament MOJO!!"

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