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"Noodles Can't Be Beat (Beta Mix) - PaRappa the Rapper 2" is a high quality rip from PaRappa the Rapper 2.


The rip is a partial parody of the video "chinese" by Ambassador Foxx, a viral YouTube video where some people drunkenly mess around with the multiplayer mode on PaRappa the Rapper 2 by mashing buttons, resulting in the characters gibbering nonsensically and moving erratically.

  • Starting from 0:50, the voice sample "Chinese" is repeated multiple times.
  • At 1:06, the a cappella of "Chop Suey" by System of a Down is overlayed onto the instrumental.
  • At 1:35, the lines "sushi" and "they all taste good" are repeated.
  • At 1:48, part of the a cappella from "Gangnam Style" is overlayed onto the instrumental.
  • At 2:21, the line "The king of all food" is repeated. At 2:34, two voicelines are repeated to say "fuck you", "fuck me" and "fuck", like in the "chinese" video.
  • At 2:37, the voiceline of Ganon saying "Die!" from Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon makes an appearance.
  • At 2:48, the opening of "Saleel al-Sawarim", a propaganda song made by terrorist group ISIS, plays until 3:06.
  • At 3:11, the "no" voice clip from this Hotel Mario scene plays

In the last second of the rip, "S.L.A.B. Freestyle" starts to play.


Click "expand" to show lyrics.

Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.)

I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that noodles rule the world.

Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tastes so good all the time.

Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight)

It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis)

In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly.

No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly.

The so-called noodles you find in spaghetti, are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes.

Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive.

With the thought, comes my direct actions.

Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction.

Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it.

(Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.)

Smell it, taste it, pasta in a market.

(Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.)

Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese

Anything goes, even Chinese


Long, and chewy, occasionally gooey.

The best things in life taste good with chop (chop) suey!

[System of a Down - "Chop Suey":]
Wake up
Grab a brush and put on a little make up
Hide the scars to fade away the shake-

[PJ's DJ crashes through the wall, everyone is asking what's going on]

Roll it on your spoon, create your own boom.

(Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.)

I betcha didn't know; Noodles' the rules.

(I betcha didn't know; There are no rules.)
Sushi sushi sushi sushi. They all taste good. They all taste good. They all taste good. All taste good.

(As long as they love food, then any thing's cool.)

Hip hop music (Hip hop,) with an old school (hip hop.) twist.

I keep the place intact and do a rap like this.

[PSY - "Gangnam Style":]
naje neun tta saro un ingan jeogin yeoja
keopi hanjan ye yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok itneun yeoja
bami omyeon shimjangi tteugeo wo jineun yeoja
geureon ban jeon itneun yeoja

Great tasting pasta, blow to your chest.

(Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.)

Ramen, udon, soba, you name it.

(Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.)

Any type of noodles you like, yes I got it.

(Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.)

Whatever your thoughts may be, I'm bound to be

The king of all foods. The king of all foods. The king of all foods.

King of all foods.

Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask me why.

(Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny-) Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. (Die!) Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck me.

But then again, many things can be fucked. Fuck you.

[ISIS - "Saleel al-Sawarim":]
saleelul sawarim nasheedul ubah
wa darbul qitaly tariqul haya
fa baynaq tihamin yubidu tugha
wa kateem musawtim jamilun sadah


See? Noodles aren't the only food around no!

Yeah, you're right! I'm up for some noodle sushi!

[Chip tha Ripper - "S.L.A.B. Freestyle]
Now baby I-



  1. The rip is in turdl3's playlist of contributions.