Now That's What I Call Quality! 2 is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a sequel to the album Now That's What I Call Quality!. Like its predecessor, this album was originally released to attendees of a MAGFest SiIvaGunner panel, and later released publicly.

The album was announced in the video "Artificial Intelligence Bomb" (YouTube Icon).

Track List Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Artificial Intelligence Dad" Sanic7HQR 02:02
2. "YTP Mania" vince94 01:18
3. "Like the Legend of the Ho-Oh" NutellaFrenchToast, Sonicheroesfan1, Scribble1k 03:49
4. "OceanBound" LarryInc64 01:12
5. "1539 W. WAKER" OnBP 02:17
6. "Lunatic Bunny" andres 02:10
7. "Cavern of Eternal Remembrance" Kirbio 03:20
8. "A Grand to the Dad" ShonicTH 02:59
9. "A Fight to the Death ft Snow Halation" ShonicTH 02:59
10. "Cory! Late for school~" vince94 01:36
11. "Lucid Sketches" KnightOfGames 04:00
12. "Sceptic Town" Chaze the Chat 01:55
13. "Up on Mt. Money-Laundering (from "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud")" Hinchy 03:09
14. "Market Boulevard" Half Pixel 01:33
15. "Aquadial" cookiefonster 01:55
16. "Wario Goes Treasure Hunting in Jolly Roger's Lagoon" Dooki51 04:30
17. "Sandvich Halation" Marioshi 04:18
18. "THE WORLD REVOLVING (ML:BiS Style Arrange)" Kirbio 03:39
19. "Fighting HeartGold" thefluffyslipper 01:29
20. "Chobobo Ocean" cookiefonster 01:30
21. "Field of Epic Hopes and Dreams" Jp 03:13
22. "bike rides on moon" UUN4 02:33
23. "hear that a Chaotix zone was cut from Mania? its true. my dad works at Tee Lopes [100% REAL NO FAKE]" Hinchy and Chaze the Chat 03:44
24. "No! by Vim remix" vince94 03:15
25. "Ultra Fight! Monkey in the Morning" Scribblenaut19 03:39
26. "King Lancer's Casino" Sonicheroesfan1 feat. eCs 00:52
27. "Your comments are not funny" ShonicTH 02:45
28. "DDLC is for babies anyway" RHMan 03:28
29. "Eternal Field of Hopes and Dreams" pedipanol and Speedy 03:45
30. "Kirby vs. the Forces of Nightmare" Ethan64Music 00:33
31. "Hotline Banshee" OnBP and Niko+ 04:49
32. "Main Theme (Plok's Recommendation)" Dooki51 03:16
33. "Grand and Dad" ShonicTH 02:15
34. "Telling Fish Tales" Marrow 04:50
35. "Sakuya's Padventure" Bruh de la Boi 00:57
36. "Field of Ponponpon and Smash" Kirbio 02:43
37. "Back in the 64s" Ethan64Music 00:44
38. "The F-Zero Title Theme Megamix" OnBP 02:21
39. "SUPER MARIO ALL STARS+ PART 3" deogenerate 02:49
40. "Man, why does every Bleck actor gotta rap some" Half Pixel 02:41
41. "Porky's World" Bruh de la Boi 01:52
42. "Ethan Feels So Good" thefluffyslipper and Chaze the Chat 01:56
43. "Another Stickerbrush" pedipanol 03:54
44. "I bless the girls down in Pokémon" MtH 01:40
45. "Satan loses a game of puyo puyo to his Doggg" Niko+ 04:57
46. "THE WANO REVOLVING" Mitchell 03:31
47. "One Ahead Trial (Solar Terminal)" _rats 03:53
48. "Run And Gun" Dooki51 04:42
49. "Grand Ikoroshia" trivial171 03:23
50. "Old S.H. 2040" pedipanol and Speedy 05:26
51. "The Snow halation Sucks Rap" Hinchy and SmokyThrill77 03:44
52. "The Big Beat Mario Beats" Nib Roc 01:30
53. "Wonderful Ocarina of Time" MtH 01:36
54. "This is Metallic Madness!" andres 01:31
55. "Artificial Dorito Bomb" UUN4 01:40
56. "Ordinary People vs. Creative People vs. PSY vs. µ's vs. Yacker vs. Ryuko vs. Knuckles vs. Infinite vs. FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM" SmokyThrill77 02:20
57. "HOW TO GO SICKO MODE" toonlink 02:40
58. "MARRIOTT2GAY.MID" LarryInc64 01:27
59. "Dad Rave (MAGFest 2019 Panel Interstitial Theme)" Cryptrik and Moder112 03:23
60. "King for Another Day Reveal Trailer Theme" wolfman1405 02:21
61. "How 2 Do Anything [UPDATED WORKING 2014]" Scribble1k ft. Vari 05:05
62. "A love letter to this wonderful community and my amazing friends" New Guy 03:53

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