Now That's What I Call Quality! 2 is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a sequel to the album Now That's What I Call Quality!. Like its predecessor, this album was originally released to attendees of a MAGFest SiIvaGunner panel, and later released publicly.

The album was announced in the video "Artificial Intelligence Bomb" (YouTube Icon.png).

Track List[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Artificial Intelligence Dad" Sanic7HQR 02:02
2. "YTP Mania" vince94 01:18
3. "Like the Legend of the Ho-Oh" NutellaFrenchToast, Sonicheroesfan1, Scribble1k 03:49
4. "OceanBound" LarryInc64 01:12
5. "1539 W. WAKER" OnBP 02:17
6. "Lunatic Bunny" andres 02:10
7. "Cavern of Eternal Remembrance" Kirbio 03:20
8. "A Grand to the Dad" ShonicTH 02:59
9. "A Fight to the Death ft Snow Halation" ShonicTH 02:59
10. "Cory! Late for school~" vince94 01:36
11. "Lucid Sketches" KnightOfGames 04:00
12. "Sceptic Town" Chaze the Chat 01:55
13. "Up on Mt. Money-Laundering (from "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud")" Hinchy 03:09
14. "Market Boulevard" Half Pixel 01:33
15. "Aquadial" cookiefonster 01:55
16. "Wario Goes Treasure Hunting in Jolly Roger's Lagoon" Dooki51 04:30
17. "Sandvich Halation" Marioshi 04:18
18. "THE WORLD REVOLVING (ML:BiS Style Arrange)" Kirbio 03:39
19. "Fighting HeartGold" thefluffyslipper 01:29
20. "Chobobo Ocean" cookiefonster 01:30
21. "Field of Epic Hopes and Dreams" Jp 03:13
22. "bike rides on moon" UUN4 02:33
23. "hear that a Chaotix zone was cut from Mania? its true. my dad works at Tee Lopes [100% REAL NO FAKE]" Hinchy and Chaze the Chat 03:44
24. "No! by Vim remix" vince94 03:15
25. "Ultra Fight! Monkey in the Morning" Scribblenaut19 03:39
26. "King Lancer's Casino" Sonicheroesfan1 feat. eCs 00:52
27. "Your comments are not funny" ShonicTH 02:45
28. "DDLC is for babies anyway" RHMan 03:28
29. "Eternal Field of Hopes and Dreams" pedipanol and Speedy 03:45
30. "Kirby vs. the Forces of Nightmare" Ethan64Music 00:33
31. "Hotline Banshee" OnBP and Nikki+ 04:49
32. "Main Theme (Plok's Recommendation)" Dooki51 03:16
33. "Grand and Dad" ShonicTH 02:15
34. "Telling Fish Tales" Marrow 04:50
35. "Sakuya's Padventure" Bruh de la Boi 00:57
36. "Field of Ponponpon and Smash" Kirbio 02:43
37. "Back in the 64s" Ethan64Music 00:44
38. "The F-Zero Title Theme Megamix" OnBP 02:21
39. "SUPER MARIO ALL STARS+ PART 3" deogenerate 02:49
40. "Man, why does every Bleck actor gotta rap some" Half Pixel 02:41
41. "Porky's World" Bruh de la Boi 01:52
42. "Ethan Feels So Good" thefluffyslipper and Chaze the Chat 01:56
43. "Another Stickerbrush" pedipanol 03:54
44. "I bless the girls down in Pokémon" MtH 01:40
45. "Satan loses a game of puyo puyo to his Doggg" Nikki+ 04:57
46. "THE WANO REVOLVING" Mitchell 03:31
47. "One Ahead Trial (Solar Terminal)" _rats 03:53
48. "Run And Gun" Dooki51 04:42
49. "Grand Ikoroshia" trivial171 03:23
50. "Old S.H. 2040" pedipanol and Speedy 05:26
51. "The Snow halation Sucks Rap" Hinchy and SmokyThrill77 03:44
52. "The Big Beat Mario Beats" Nib Roc 01:30
53. "Wonderful Ocarina of Time" MtH 01:36
54. "This is Metallic Madness!" andres 01:31
55. "Artificial Dorito Bomb" UUN4 01:40
56. "Ordinary People vs. Creative People vs. PSY vs. µ's vs. Yacker vs. Ryuko vs. Knuckles vs. Infinite vs. FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM" SmokyThrill77 02:20
57. "HOW TO GO SICKO MODE" toonlink 02:40
58. "MARRIOTT2GAY.MID" LarryInc64 01:27
59. "Dad Rave (MAGFest 2019 Panel Interstitial Theme)" Cryptrik and Moder112 03:23
60. "King for Another Day Reveal Trailer Theme" wolfman1405 02:21
61. "How 2 Do Anything [UPDATED WORKING 2014]" Scribble1k ft. Vari 05:05
62. "A love letter to this wonderful community and my amazing friends" New Guy 03:53

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