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"Old Times [Episode 3] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a lore video and the third episode of the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event.

Plot summary

Down in Grandiose City, riots erupt against the Voice's reign, overpowering his Spheric forces. Suddenly, in the sky, comes a swarm of Stringbots, who Bean the rioters and begin to neutralize the uprising.

Meanwhile, in the tower, The Voice meets Wood Man, a nice Figment that gave The Voice a second chance. The Voice explains to the boss that he was the product of a glitch in one of the Voice's rips. Thanks to Wood Man, The Voice was able to recover after his confrontation with Chad Warden. Wood Man wonders how, prompting the Voice to exposit on the nature of Figments and Humans.

According to the Voice, Figments are ideas, products of the human imagination with incredible abilities. However, Figments cannot exist in the real world. Humans can, however, and they have the ability create Figments as long as they are creative. SiIvaGunner is, as Wood Man puts it, a "figment factory", having created characters like Grand Dad, Smol Nozomi, and Tito Dick.

The Voice explains that he is an exception to this Figment/Human categorization. He describes himself as a hybrid that has the power to transcend realms, and can live on as long as the idea of him remains. This was the case after Chad Warden defeated him, and The Voice was able to survive thanks to Wood Man keeping the idea of The Voice alive. The Voice explains that Wood Man himself is a hybrid, though he somehow understands more about the real world than the Voice. Wood Man agrees, calling the Voice dumb and asserting that he even knows who the real people who made the rips.

The Voice ignores Wood Man's comment (calling it "arrogance"), and continues his explanation. Wood Man's virus-like nature allows him to transcend realms, and the Voice planned to use this property to import other figures. This, the Voice explains, is why Wood Man took over the channel after SiIvaGunner went to sleep. Wood Man was able to install a program on SiIvaGunner's computer that transported Figments into real life, hence the events of the Prologue.

Bringing Figments into the real world allows them to die permanently, which is why the Voice intends to round up every Figment and destroy anime forever. The Voice then tells Wood Man to kill Smol Nozomi, who is a threat to the Voice's plans. Wood Man reluctantly agrees as the episode ends.

Track list

Time Song / track Source Usage / Note
0:00 - 0:16 "The Dreadful Visitor Ver. Z - Super Robot Wars Z" Trofflesby
0:19 - 1:29 "Last Impression - 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha" yodooder During the Beanbots' attack
1:32 - 1:50 "My Name is Haltmann" Kirby Planet Robobot The Tower's theme.
1:51 - 2:38 "Mantis (Explore) - FTL: Faster Than Light" Xarlable During The Voice's explanation of Wood Man's origins.
2:40 - 4:27 "Colonial (Battle) - FTL: Faster Than Light" Xarlable During The Voice's explanation of Figments and Humans.
"4:30 - 5:21" "Cold Odyssey" Kirby Triple Deluxe During The Voice's explanation of his plan.
5:26 - 6:07 "Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2001 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" Matsu Muhō (with transcription by Blue Fairy) While Wood Man plots to kill Smol Nozomi.


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In the streets of Grandiose City... riots started to erupt!

Screens were trashed. Spherics were being deployed, but they were not enough to stop the power of the people. They had already had enough of the Voice's rule, and the city was in complete disarray...

Suddenly, in the sky, came a large swarm of robots. The people below dismissed them as mere Patrol-Bots. Nothing to be afraid of...

But they were soon to regret their decision as the swarm drew closer. They looked different, more elongated, with jetpacks... and green.

They descended into the streets, right in the middle of the riots.

As they landed, their jetpacks folded out into feet as they aimed themselves at the rioters below.

A group of rioters attempted to gang up on the team of green robots, but as it turned out...

...they were friccin' morons.



A deafening explosion from the speakers of the robots sent the groups of rioters flying!!

Everyone around the robots careened backwards from the huge shockwave.
Yes... this was the mighty power of the Harlequin Force Stringbots

"BITCH YOU"s, along with "BRRTESO"s, were heard all over the city as the Stringbots neutralized any riot they could see.

Meanwhile, back in the tower...

The VoiceThank you for coming...'s been a while, my dear Wood Man.

Wood Mannice.

The VoiceIndeed.
Do you remember when we first met, Wood Man?
That fateful day, in July...

Wood Mandude those were some nice times. but I can't really remember anything beyond that...

The VoiceThat's because you had no sentience.
You were created due to a glitch in one of my rips.
Yes, Wood Man... you are an accident.

Wood Mannice.

The VoiceIs that really all you have to say?

Wood Manyeah lmao. without you I wouldn't be here and being here is pretty nice.

The VoiceI suppose. And nor would I... saved my life, essentially.

You possess a rare power unknown to most Figments:
the power to traverse the digital realm and the real one.
And when I was up against that fool, Chad Warden...
...I knew I could not win against him.

Wood Manhe merked your ass pretty hard tbh. good thing I was there to preserve your data. but... I don't really understand how that worked

The VoiceAllow me to explain, Wood Man...
There are two types of beings in this universe:
Figments, and humans.

A Figment is an idea, like a figment of the human imagination.
Figments possess extraordinary powers far beyond humans, but they cannot exist outside of our imagination.

Humans can keep making Figments as long as they remain imaginative and creative, but humans are limited to the physical realm...

Wood Mandude. siivagunner is like a figment factory then

The VoiceYes.
Grand Dad, Nozomi, Tito Dick... all Figments.

But I am more than that: I guess you could say that I am a hybrid.
I can transcend realms.

When Chad Warden "killed" me, I was left powerless...
But the IDEA of me still existed.

Wood Manoh so that's why I held your data then. nice

The VoiceYes, Wood Man.
You kept the idea of me alive.

And you are like a hybrid as well...
...but you somehow have much more knowledge of the real world than I do.

Wood Manur dumb and I'm smart

The VoiceOkay, there is no need for you to put it like that.

Wood Manbut it's true. I know who REALLY made the rips.
like... REALLY really.
haha nice shrek reference

The VoiceYour arrogance will be the death of you one day.

Wood Manjust go back to telling me how cool and nice I am

The VoiceRight... you see, Wood Man, your virus-like nature gave you the ability to transcend realms.

...but surely, there had to be a way to apply that to other Figments.

That's why I asked you to take over the channel.

Wood Many'know I couldn't do that until silvagunner got tired right? n*gga works like 900 hours a day

The VoiceThere aren't that many hours in a day.

Wood Manthere can be if days are 900 hours long

The VoiceWishful thinking. Anyway, you remember your complete directive, right?

Wood Manuh gimme a sec. It was... "keep the idea of me alive until you can develop a program which can transport figments into real life"...

The VoiceYep. And that's why we are here today. Great job on that program, by the way... works great with SilvaGunner's computer.

The VoiceMaking your own rips was highly unnecessary though.

Wood Mandude. I just wanna entertain man. it's fun and I like making people laugh

The VoiceWhatever, what's done is done.
But do you know why I want to bring Figments into real life?

You see, Wood Man, when humans are killed, it is possible, but not guaranteed, for them to live on as memories, or Figments.

Think of it as like a second chance.

The VoiceThat is not exactly true for Figments.

Figments are free to kill each other in the digital realm as much as they like because they can just instantly revive themselves.

The VoiceBut when a Figment dies in real life, it is purged forever from existence.

The VoiceYou must kill Nozomi, Wood Man. She is a threat to my plans.

Wood Manthat's... kinda not nice tbh

The VoiceWood Man, I have given you life.
You wouldn't be here without me.

Wood Manfair enough.
yeah okay whatever, I'll kill her sheesh.

The VoiceExcellent work, Wood Man.

She was last seen close to the center of Grandoise City near a large community building, inside of a Spheric robot.

The VoiceI look forward to seeing whatever combat prowess you have on the battlefield...

The VoiceI have no doubts that you are an excellent fighter with all these virus-like qualities of yours.

Wood Man...

Wood Man...nice.




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