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Ooooooooo I Smoke The Weed, I'm Bob Dylan is an album by SiIvaGunner. It consists solely of collaborator PinkieOats impersonating Bob Dylan in song covers.

It was announced through the video "Dylannouncement".


Hello GiIvaSunner listeners, it's me - your friendly, neighborhood weed smokin', folk singin' Bob Dylan! Recently, I've become enlightened by these High Quality Rips and decided to contribute covers of his best work as a full-fledged album. This album features a number of my older contributions such as "I Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday" and "Pepsiman", as well as never-before heard rips! This album is best enjoyed while smoking the weeeeeed, oooooooo. I smoke the weed. Thank you.

(DISCLAIMER: GiIvaSunner does not condone nor encourages the usage of weed. Bob Dylan is an experienced weed smoker and understands the dangers of smoking the weed. GiIvaSunner and his associates are not responsible for, in agreement with, or in any way bound to anything that may be appear while listening to this album. Please smoke responsibly.)

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "The Flintstones Title Theme" PinkieOats 1:05
2. "I Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday" PinkieOats 8:04
3. "I Play Pokémon Go Everyday" PinkieOats 1:10
4. "Pepsiman" PinkieOats 4:05
5. "Bon Voyage, Amigo" PinkieOats 2:59
6. "Pumpkin Hill feat. Strong Bad" PinkieOats 3:52
7. "The Nutshack Theme Song" PinkieOats ft. SmokyThrill77 1:03
8. "Bloody Stream" PinkieOats 1:45
9. "Nuclear" PinkieOats 5:02
10. "Snake Eater" PinkieOats 2:57
11. "Bane Eater" PinkieOats 2:52
12. "Everyday Goodbyes feat. Adam Levine" PinkieOats ft. Chaze the Chat 3:12
13. "Bane Plane Crash Scene" PinkieOats 5:03
14. "Go My Way" PinkieOats 1:35
15. "Snow Halation" PinkieOats 4:16
16. "Do The Mario feat. Mario" PinkieOats ft. Super Mario 0:48
Hidden tracks
17. "Faker!" PinkieOats and Le Ruse Bird 0:30
18. "Live and Learn" PinkieOats 4:38


  • The video for the track "Bane Plane Crash Scene" is a Banepost consisting of "Bob Dylan" dubbing a scene in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

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