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"Opening Scene - Waluigi's Tacostand" is a high quality rip of "Opening Scene" from Waluigi's Tacostand.


The rip was originally titled "Last Hurrah [FINALE] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" as a joke ending to The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. The rip shows Waluigi's first day at work at El Bean's taco stand.

Many meme-filled clips are shown in the TV sequence, including the unedited LazyTown "We Are Number One" music video, I.M. Crazy[citation needed], Mowtendoo's "Weed la Weed", The Nutshack theme, and a clip from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


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[An old-fashioned TV plays a news report from Grandiose City: "We welcome our new overlord, the pyramid head in a business s-"]

[The TV suddenly switches channels and plays meme-filled clips]

???: Blegh! Nothing good as usual. When will they learn? This calls for drastic measures. I must take matters into my own hands, and do something I've never done before. PURCHASE A CABLE SUBSCRIPTION.

And now, completely unrelated to the current story, we meet Waluigi. A hardworking, relatable man with no income who watches TV all day. While the city has basically been turned upside down, Waluigi doesn't care in the slightest and has been playing video games the whole time.

Waluigi: ...This subscription's way out of my reach. Guess I'm stuck with these stupid chinese cartoons.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door.

???: Waluigi, open up. It's me.

Mr Rent: I know how unpleasant it is, but I'm here for your rent.

Waluigi: Mr. Rent, I'm sorry but I just don't have the cash at the moment. Things just aren't going Waluigi's way.

Mr Rent: I know, its [sic] been tough since the Voice built the wall.

Waluigi: ...who?

Mr Rent: Listen, Waluigi. You're a hardworking man, and everyone loves you. You even saved my wife's life. I hate to see you like this, so I'll help you. I can get you a job.

Waluigi: Is it with your maniac cousin again?

Mr Rent: Lord, no. God knows where he is right now.

[A short scene similar to the Mr Rental: The Video Game rips, taking place in the MS Paint universe, plays. Mr Own is shown with his shotgun at a supermarket named "THE FUCKING STORE". 2B is serving at the checkout. As Mr Own approaches the checkout, Homer Simpson cuts in the line]

Homer Simpson: D'oh!

Mr Own: Hey, fam, wait for your own hecking turn.

[The store explodes. The story cuts back to Waluigi's apartment]

Mr Rent: Anyway, I can hook you up with a job as a waiter. It's in a taco restaurant.

Waluigi: Sounds great, Waluigi will finally stop starving to death. When do I start?

Mr Rent: I'll call the manager right now. Just head down two blocks.

Without a moment to spare, Waluigi headed to the taco stand.

Waluigi: I'm here for that job thing whatever when do I get pai- wait this isn't a restaurant

El Bean: shut the fricc up and make me some goddamn tacos

Waluigi: I'm not getting paid am I?

El Bean: bitch u guessed it

Waluigi headed to the kitchen, ready to make some tacos. Problem is, he's never made a taco in his life. The only thing he's ever cooked is ham sandwiches. Then, through the mysterious power of "Moving The Goddamn Plot Along", Waluigi manages to learn how to make tacos.

Waluigi: And to spice things up, some garlic! Yes, truly a masterpiec-

Suddenly, the tacos exploded, and some sort of portal with a purple dot in the middle took its place! The manager came rushing in...

El Bean: you friccin' moron!!!! what did you do????


El Bean: are you insane????????? you don't put garlic in the tacos, that creates a wormhole out of pure bad taste!!!!! everybody knows that!!!!!

Waluigi: what the fuck

El Bean: now we'll get succed into a parallel universe where the flintstones is off the air, snow halation doesn't exist and family guy is funny

Waluigi: I don't know what any of that means but it sounds waanderful

Waluigi: so does waluigi get el dinero from el bean if you know what I mean

El Bean: i never promised you money

Waluigi: Please, Wario is angry that I gambled all of his money away and now he doesn't have a castle anymore

El Bean: ni*** how do you even do that???

Waluigi: It was...

El Bean: it was what boy

Waluigi: It was...

El Bean: speak up do i need to teach you how to be loud

Waluigi: The...

Waluigi: ...


Waluigi: PACHINKO MACHINE!!!!!!!!

El Bean: hooh

There was a long moment of silence as Waluigi stared at the floor.

Waluigi: You know we've been standing outside this portal for a while

El Bean: tbh i don't really care about the friccin portal im just mad you wasted my ingredients... someone's hankering for a beaning

Waluigi: Please no my ears haven't recovered from that time where Wario used to listen to nothing but bass boosted loadsamoney out loud

El Bean: tbh we dont have to go into the portal, no-one will even know it's there if i just cover it with a blanket

Waluigi: How do you cover a portal with a blanket?

El Bean: boy...


El Bean: w/e you're fired

Waluigi: whatever I don't listen to green de la beaners

Waluigi shrugged his shoulders and calmly walked away with an indifferent expression on his face.

El Bean: I'll have you know I'm actually a pea pod you dastardly dick ripoff

On a rainy street, in a far-away place...

Wario: Thanks to that lanky fuck I'm left out here on the streets.

Wario: I may have lost all my shit and my castle but at least I still have all of these gold coins...

Passer-by: Why don't you just buy all the stuff you need?

Wario: shut the f-

[The scene changes to static, then an intermission message with a saxophone version of Snow halation's guitar solo playing: "Note: The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the SiIvaGunner backroom. Garlic tastes good and anyone who disagrees is wrong."]


  • The rip's listed platforms are all failed consoles.
  • The idea of "Waluigi's Taco Stand" is likely inspired by a meme from GameFAQs and a fanfiction under the same name.
  • In the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis episode "Timbre of a Kazoo", the passerby from the rip (2B from Nier: Automata) appears from a portal similar to the one caused by Waluigi's taco and asks for Waluigi and Wario.
  • In the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis side story "The Life and Times of Wade L.D.", President Haltmann is shown actively searching for one of Waluigi's tacos, as he is interested by its ability to create interdimensional portals.
  • Despite being a joke episode, this rip played in The Christmas Comeback Crisis Watchalong.

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