"Overworld (OST Version) - Super Mario Bros. 2" is a high quality rip of the OST version of "Overworld" from Super Mario Bros. 2.

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The rip is a continuation of Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 and Overworld (Gamma Mix) - Super Mario Bros. 2, with text-to-speech voices (and other voices) reading the comments out loud.

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Time Commenter Comment Comment source Notes Voice
Normal comments
0:00 DiggyDog Why do you people care so much about likes? Not very likely we'll get another comment video anyways. Wise Guy
0:09 Aspen Attack! The Adventures of Super WoodMan Odyssey Bros Galaxy SuperStar Ultra 2018 Return to Banjo-Kazooie Bound to the Past and Battle for Meme Bottom and Knuckles for WiiDs and Xbox4 3
0:21 TheGavtel (hears Mario)

Me: Oh cool, a Mario joke.

(downloads song via YouTube to mp3)

(Snow Halation plays)


(Edit: goes to delete downloaded rip)

0:33 Gyro Py I imagine siiva being like "ZA WARUDO" time stops "YABA DABADABADABADABA HYA QUARITY RIPU DOO" time resumes The rip uses the time stopping noise for "time stops", as well the screen changes color a few seconds

  • wistlyr
You could put Soulja Boy in anything and it'd still probably sound good.
The rip uses for Soulja Boy's "YOUUUUUUUU"
0:45 177WW tfw You take too many Flintstones vitamins
0:49 Armless Cleric There are so many subtle jokes deftly crafted into this rip. This is like the Rick and Morty of rips. epic. Rick (Rick & Morty)
0:56 Energy Blast this is really unfunny please remove this person from the siiva team
1:00 Captain Crafter Hold on a moment, the background of when they are fighting is Undertale AU Sans's! We have Normal Sans, Underswap Papyrus, Storyshift Chara, Stortswap Asriel, Undertoad Mairo, Even Altertale Toriel?!? Sanesssss!, Undertale Repainted Sans, (There is an Asgor Sans, not sure if Storyspin or Alterswap), Horrortale Sans, Underfell Sans, Animal Crossing Villager Sans (not sure what AU that is), Underscramble Alphys (at least I think it's Underscramble), Frisk Sans (not sure what AU again), some Undertale AU Yoshi and Birdo Sans, Freshtale Sans, Evil Sans I don't know (I think it's Killer Sans), Monster Kid Sans, Outertale Sans, Storyfell Chara, Storyswapfell Asriel, Sans with Metatton legs (Mettatale?), Sonic Sans (Not sure which AU, maybe Velocitale?), and I think another Papyrus Sans. The Only missing Sans's are Spongetale, Spongeswap, and Toontale, and we have more evidence on who the Voice is. It might be that the map just so happens to be there, but why would they pick it in the first place? The Text-to-speech is cut off after the first "AU" and skips to the next comment
1:05 Benjamin Quintanilla

  • Miss Peregrine
man i wish i could comment something good

  • Something good  

there i did it for you

1:10 Colin Bro

  • Kawou
  • Dudeman
(voice clips from DK Rap)

So she is Quick AND Nimble!?

  • AND QUICK (4x)
  • AND NIMBLE (4x)
lyrics from DK Rap
1:20 Kayo-chin!! Why can't the comments go back to the old days when the CCC just started when everything was lore and everyone was roleplaying?
1:27 Gigantic Franklin Why am I dabbing right now?
1:29 Duster the Master Thief An awesome song now ruined by this dumbass and his sheep followers. Please stay away from Mother 3.
1:35 maggintons LORE THEROY: Could it be that ChazeTheChat is becoming a siivagunner meme and Marooon GO is his figment form?
1:41 Curo Risluodi

  • felixdaniels37
"Art for art's sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith I am searching for."

– George Sand

  • If I had a dollar for every time I've seen this quote in the comments
  • +SSB_Seal I'd have like, 4 dollars.
We hear a slot machine jackpot noise after felixdaniels37's comment
1:57 Luxurious Foods © Why would they change the original theme from the secret slide in Mario 64??? This is so horrible. What song even is this? Flintstones? A high-pitched FLEENTSTONES is played, after "Flintstones" is said.
2:06 Ben Sweetser

  • ReaLSeba [TG]
  • Meta Knight
  • Chico 16
Welcome to the I don't get the joke club

  • Can I join?
  • It's Jerry Temporary by Paul McCartney, now the club is closed.
  • Meta knight it's not jerry temporary anyway, its temporary secretary by Paul McCartney and now the club is closed
Powerful Mario (Beta Mix) - Super Mario 64
2:22 useless account

Joke: Jerry Temporary by Paul McCartney

  • Temporary Secretary*
  • Jerry Temporary
  • Jerry Temporary*
  • Jerry Temporary
  • Jerry Temporary*
  • Jerry Temporary
  • Jerry Temporary
In-Game Music - Xevious
2:35 Noah Goldberg Dat Boi's Epic Math Class Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Alpha Mix) - Touhou 6: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

  • The toatinos ruined it
At that timestamp, the melody changes into the tune of Totino's.
2:40-3:14 Comments on the "Totino's" source
2:43 7617437 philbert from berd sould have a collab between these tonitos rips
2:46 Pigeon Damigion Fuck yea tortinos
2:48 Lewie Cogner Tostinos anyone?
2:50 Starman Totinis......
2:51 Msta Cring I was expecting a Tostitos joke
2:53 GFFN Every "Sonic Mania" rip will be about Totiono's. When it gets the word "Totiono's", we hear Knuckles' "OH NO" at the "-ono's" part
2:57 DAT BOI | just got a Tortino and my big brother ate it all ;-; The text-to-speech says "Sad face" when ";-;" is shown
3:02 aruce9 Silva stop this Totions rip or I am unsubscribing
3:06 MtH man i love me some tortitos The word "tortitos" is echoed. MtH
3:09 TMOSP Tonitions Tonitinons Hot Petezaroll The text-to-speech says the comment in time with the background music
3:13 TheImmortaWolf Totingo fuck yourself The music stops and it returns to the unedited version.
3:15 - 8:44 Normal comments
3:15 Firemario94

  • carrotkek
Sigh... Remember when he used to just upload the actual music?

  • Firemario94 no
3:19 Ember McSquiddies

  • Michael Aiyedun
...w-why does this sound unironically good?

  • Because it high quality rip there is
3:24 SSB Seal e James Grime
3:25 Neko Nomica Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the comment wars, where a multitude of amazing personalities go at it, for the chance, of being top comment.

Last comment wars, That one guy named max took on 3 Dededes and won! It was an incredible feat, but once he got to the next round, he was defeated by a HEHEHE dedede. But hey, all's fair in this grand war.

In this comment war, we will have the popular Charizard commenter himself, versus what seems to be a blue and black Charizard, remembered for his signature move... Commenting a single letter. Which Charizard is the best? we will see soon...

For the comment war after this, a certain knucklehead will go up against a long time comment war winner, JOE FUCKING KEWL it will be a match to remember folks!

now place your bets!

4:09 InfinityAlex When can I get a FLAC download?
4:12 duhprez Me: Who wants a vldeo game rip at three in the morning?

Gilva: Oh boy! 3 A.M.!

- Rodger Bumpass (Squidward Tentacles)- Wiseguy (VoiceForge)

- Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick Star)

4:17 Haedox OH BOY 3AM Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick Star)
4:18 Tyler Relf Oh boy! 3 A.M.!
4:20 kirbyfan4 OH BOY 3 AM
4:21 Doci007 Oh boy! 3 am!
paradise Oh Boy 3 AM!
4:23 Hyperstar96 Oh boy, 3 AM! Some of the audio clips were warped.
Shigloo oh boy, 3 am
GameKirby64 OH BOY 3 AM
Ryan Platts
MorCaliTek Oh boy 3 AM.
4:24 Pearange Productions 'Here he comes."

Fuck you. SilvaGunner. First you make a stupid ending of THE LAST episode. and then you


I'm. of course. NOT unsubbing to YOU. but to VvvvvaVvvvvvr. His memes have gone TOO

FAR. He needs to be STOPPED!

Fuck Vvvvva/Yay Silva,

Pearange Productions

4:46 Tainic

  • Smol Dream
  • Tainic
don't go siIva please

  • Tainic AMUNO will kill Silva
  • id like to die by his hand too
5:02 Calico Trash Man (*faint Loud Nigra in the background*)

is this my computer screaming or a slayer solo?

5:04 Douk Nouk Kem Damn. A Damned. Announcement.
  • The comment got pinned and liked, by SiIvaGunner.
  • The voice clip is echoed.
  • The music stops, all of a sudden.
Duke Nukem
5:06 Final the Guy All I want for Christmas is for all commentators to die out. The music is also silent during the game music.
5:11 EchoTheHusky This is not joke to says the fans die. Cause you cant necessary say that is threatening people. cause you have no rights to threat people like this cause the undertale fans are humans beings like you guys. But I'm not an undertale fan but saying that you wish they all die is threatening people. After that comment, the game music has turned into a Christmas-themed version of that track.
5:26 SUCC [D.A.N.K.] am i a siivagunner commenter now? IF SO I WANT A CERIMONY.
5:31 HEHEHE I AM SUPAHSTAR GASTAH Dear SilvaGunner Team. In 2 days. will mark the 16 year anniversary of 9-11 Please make a rip of Grand American Proportions. I know some of the team doesn't live in the USA but support the country 90% of the listener's live...

Love You!

from Zorix The Hedgehog...

5:48 acti personal review: this entire album is a lovely work of satire, the biggest non-jo-related joke is the pestering that caused this beautiful masterpiece to happen. its evident from the start that this is an album sewn together with passive aggressiveness to the point where even if many of the rips are low in melodic quality, they are still full of only the highest quality imaginable: that which comes from the heart. it is art in its purest form. the rips that are just of dozens of different siivagunner brand memes layered onto roundabout or some other worn out jojoke completely off beat with no detailed rearrangement are a pleasure to my own ears; though not something most would listen to on their own, knowing the emotions and backstory behind its creation causes its own discordance be an genuinely enjoyable experience.

though the first track of the album is an obvious direct callout, none speaks more words in music format than a particular muda kingdom rip. the constant muda sound effects of dio's own punchghost in the background are an obvious joke with little thought, but the true meaning is in the laugh track. it is a mockery of those who pester high quality rippers for such a low quality joke. the forced audience laughter seems to be laughing the "jojoke" , but precisely it is laughing at those who wanted such a thing.

if anything, it is an ode to bottom of the barrel request humor that is channeled through "jojokes". it is message to the commenters and requesters who beg for cheap obvious "laughs". its a symbol of losing sight of high quality yet simultaneously clever, new and surprising jokes, and the content that drives this point across in its own uniquely high quality artistic experience. thank you siivagunner for your constant high quality, and all the ways you bend society's high quality expectations.

『 AN ENEMY ANNOUCEMENT』 The text to speech is sped up.
6:42 The New Guy Holy shit. A chip mashup. I haven't heard one of these in forever and they are my absolute favorites (l know that's an unpopular opinion). Of course the other two songs sound awesome as well. Not to sound like a broken record, but this is a new favorite of mine for sure
6:56 Maksie0 the joke is flintstone
6:58 Heartly432 c Why Grand dad for the 1000000000th time this is just like hopes and dreams it's LAME
7:04 Totally Just A Grand Mardiot So no Grand Dad?


7:06 the personwhocomentz I joined the Discord but quickly left when I realized you could not post porn there.
7:10 Pearange Productions's Backup Account I originally said that it was awesome. I was WRONG. VERY WRONG. Compare this stupid video to Wood Man Fusion Collab! It's shit compared to that masterpiece! Don't get me wrong, I love the Fusion videos! But this just feels bland, uninspired, and all-around not a good time for me. I know people worked hard at it. And that's okay. What's NOT okay is that it's a disgrace to the Fusion videos! It's too short, too bad, & too ZELDA. Yes, I hate the Zelda series. ESPECIALLY Breath Of The Wild! Next time you make a Fusion Collab about a Nintendo Switch game, try Mario Odyssey! I would've LOVED a "Jump Up Super Star Fusion Collab"! But this is just stupid. Not "quit the channel" stupid like the Underveil rip, but it's close. I'm done talking about how stupid this shitload of fuck (AVGN reference) is, so goodbye, bitches! Kass' Theme Fusion Collab
8:16 XEpicProdigy99X Okay. I'm gonna say it because I can't keep it in anymore. Am I the only guy who's really ticked off that the channel's name is "Silvagunner," but when searching it up, it "corrects" it to "Siivagunner?" JUST WHY!? ITS SO ANNOYING AND I WANT IT CORRECT, DAMN IT It's supposed to be SILVA, not SIIVA! I don't know why that is, but my God it is triggering. I'm just wondering if I'm alone on that subject. The music gets quiet
8:44 - Comments on the "Yogurt Yard - Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land" rip
(This section begins with the appearance of the rip on YouTube, which later shows its view count and how many comments there are.)
8:54 Ignacio Andrade Am I crazy or does Take on Me (A-Ha) sounds exactly like this? Yogurt Yard - Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
9:00 Dean Ogden If you listen closely it's sounds like take on me song
9:02 Don't know why Nintendo put take on me in side the game
9:05 MrBlazzy soooooooooooooooooo yogurt yard theme is litterly just take on me?
9:10 Unknown Kong is that take on me? why is it in a kirby game?
9:13 N64Gamer50 I cant believe Nintendo put Take on me in Kirby. That's awesome.
9:17 Notions of Grandeur Is this seriously 'Take On Me'?! I never actually got to listen to the soundtrack before, holy crap
9:25 Taterchronixkilla I always wondered, why does this sound like 'Take on Me"?
9:28 Beta_Breloom ... Am I missing a joke? I'm hearing Take On Me. But this is supposed to be Kirby. What?
9:33 alelouya1 Isn't that "Take on me"? If not, someone can explain why the songs are so similar?(Looked on google but didn't find anything)
9:41 pika -chan this sounds just like an 8-bit remix of take on me O.o The "O.o" gets echoed. A section of Oh Yeah by Yello is also played, saying "Oh oh" when "O.o" is said
9:45 Radgamerz856 btw this song is ans8-bit version of.... A-ha Take on Me
9:50 Toortelz this is just take on me 8bit version
9:53 Timothy the Minun fan Are these really rips from the game data?
9:54 Hmpoy Wait I am very confused. Is the song actually in the game? If so,was take on me based off it or was it the other way around.
10:02 Ricardo Mauricio Araya wait what!!?? is this for real... Gotta play this game now if this is real!!!
10:07 THIS NAME IS NOT RELEVANT TO MY CHANNEL I dint know i this song was in the level even though iplayed it like 6 times
10:12 Harry L Did take on me come first or later?
10:14 The Dapper Dubstepper So...did who made it first?? Yogurt Yard or Take On Me? So confusing...
10:19 ZeUberKid wait so . . Kirby was birth of meme or :/ did they steal from take on me????!!!??
10:23 Bero256 Takes down fan made Mario games

Gets away with completely ripping off Take on Me

10:28 popeluigi I'm surprised Nintendo didn't get sued for this
10:32 BananaPhoPhilly Alright this is funny, but I actually want to hear the original song... After this comment, the advertised track plays.
Normal comments
10:36 BT D 7 brand new worlds.. ah I see what u did dere
10:40 Mega Scout, Super Running Mercenary For those who don't know, Kara's Flowers is a band that a member of the Siiva team is in The comment got pinned by SiIvaGunner.
10:45 Mr Borrow Niger or the Niger [9][10] (/niːˈʒɛər/ (About this sound listen) or /ˈnaɪdʒər/;[11][12] French: [niʒɛʁ]), officially the Republic of the Niger,[9][10] is a landlocked country in West Africa named after the Niger River. Niger is bordered by Libya to the northeast, Chad to the east, Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, and Algeria to the northwest. Niger covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km2 , making it the largest country in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara Desert. The country's predominantly Islamic population of about 19 million[4] is mostly in clustered in the far south and west of the country. The capital city is Niamey, located in the far-southwest corner of Niger.

Niger is a developing country, and is consistently one of the lowest-ranked in the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI); it was ranked last at 188th for 2014[7] . Much of the non-desert portions of the country are threatened by periodic drought and desertification. The economy is concentrated around subsistence and some export agriculture in the more fertile south, and the export of raw materials, especially uranium ore. Niger faces serious challenges to development due to its landlocked position, desert terrain, inefficient agriculture, high fertility rates and resulting overpopulation without birth control,[13] poor education poverty of its people, lack of infrastructure, poor healthcare, and environmental degradation.

Nigerien society reflects a diversity drawn from the long independent histories of its several ethnic groups and regions and their relatively short period living in a single state. Historically, what is now Niger has been on the fringes of several large states. Since independence, Nigeriens have lived under five constitutions and three periods of military rule. Following a military coup in 2010, Niger became a democratic, multi-party state. A majority live in rural areas, and have little access to advanced education. 71.3% of the population cannot read as of 2015, one of the lowest literacy rates in the world.

The Text-to-speech is sped up and stops to read the next comment after it says "the Republic of the Niger"

This is a Copy and paste from the Wikipedia article on Niger.

10:50 Nickandlazuli Nuiandlapiz I'm normally not into shipping, but I ship Joke-Explainer 7000 and Behind the Meme. They'd make a cute couple.
10:58 Waluigi WEH i don't get it so that means it's either touhou or ddlc
11:02 Dan Salvato

  • 3Pills
  • Dan Salvato
What game is this from? Love Live?

  • It's Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Thanks, I'll check it out.
Title Screen - Super Mario Bros. 2
11:11 Rosana Claudia Soria Hi siivagunner... Come ti my son birthsay pls
Comments made by Eupho Precntes
11:14 Eupho Precntes siIva you are back bur the timinisdad remplace you
11:17 an older joke never die The comment got pinned by SiIvaGunner.
11:19 Oh my god is chaze

flash backs

-the cold war

-the drop of the wall of Berlin

-epic flennstones start on the TV

-the rip the nutsack theme but the first nutshack is the close of channel

Oh my god I am afraid D:

11:34 work monkey

this is a reference of the oppression of much animal's for the circus the clows attack elefant butts witch låtigos

11:42 gamnan 2

the great style

11:44 this is creppy like a crepper like minecrap like alligator like my existence
11:49 Eupho Precntes

  • AtomicMelodies
  • Eupho Precntes
the fans are a deception I am a fan and I see the false fans they go away is you don't like desuscribbed of the channel and so long gay hatter and create your proper rips because they are perfect artist!!

  • Eupno Precntes I have studied this comment for two whole days. yet I have been unable to translate any of it. Maybe one day we will be able to understand his speech
  • AtomicMelodies I don't care
12:13 Eupho Precntes hi I am sandpaper the skeleton make bad jokes and do it stuff XD is the third time y write this
12:20 Oh i look a ypmv of quick man is a factory of spaggety and a man launch and the euphoria comes in all the video i recommended so much


12:31 Mi nombre es jeff
12:32 The homos stricke back
12:34 oh thanks for the feel and memories
Normal comments
12:36 Crimpsonfang9 at 1:06 if you listen close enough, you can hear him sneaking in grand dad! XD (btw, you nailed this) Main Theme - Five Nights At Freddy's
  • The comment got pinned and liked by SiIvaGunner.
  • The "XD" gets zoomed in, and is echoed
12:43 SSB_Seal LOL with all that reverb and also it being KH, I know exactly who made this one. Good stuff my dude. The audio from the text-to-speech gets reverbed and echoed
12:49 Dan of Eckitronix We have Johnny C. Bad, Johnny B. Goode, but what about Johnny D. Snuts?

Let the hate flow through you. Commence the flame war.

12:57 Grord

  • Douk Nouk Kem
It's Advanced Wars, Dumb Fuckem.

  • There's Two Ways This Can Go. And In Both Of Them, You DIe. (*Voiced by voice clips from Duke Nukem*)
For Douk, it uses the actual voice line Douk's comment was based on.
13:04 Themaninyourattic Anime is poison to children's minds and it created a fake world for them to live in. Anime introduces pornographic material at a young age and has very graphic and violent scenes. This carries over into adulthood and creates these lazy, nasty, hideous slobs that were once your children that now sleep with an anime body pillow at night and read mangas at least 10 times a day. Anime also consumes your souls and wastes time that could be used to go outside, get 60 minutes of fresh air, do homework and contribute something to society. The people who watch anime are not the problem, the anime is. Anime is the root of all problems, cancer, war, Africa and the Nazis. Since people watch anime on the TV so much, it uses electricity and is the reason why the oil reserves will run out soon. Anime causes cancer because it has proven TV screens emit radiation and radiation causes cancer. Anime has caused war by inspiring the Nazis to side with the Japanese through their cartoons and establishing the Pacific Front in World War 2. African leaders in Africa are corrupted by anime influences and they cannot tend to their peoples needs and cannot feed them. Future generations will be ruined and destroyed by anime influence. Everyone thinks the downfall of humanity will be ourselves, but in reality it is anime. After the atomic radiation, the Japanese wanted to get their revenge on the world and created their ultimate weapon, anime. The text-to-speech voice used references The Voice Inside Your Head's similar hatred of anime. UK Graham
14:29 Tikishades

turtl3 is this your work?

  • lmao it to make it since I was using audacity
  • I honestly cannot understand what you said just now
14:39 Alex Sentence mixing with TF2 voice lines is the Highest Quality you can provide to me <3 voice lines from Soldier from Team Fortress 2
14:45 Benjamin Weinzapfel This.

This is beautiful.

This is exquisite.

This is wonderful.

This is...


The "nice" is said by Michael Rosen.

tfw you see a rip of one of your favorite games and it's just Blue Balls

  • us dededes have blue balls so it's fair
15:02 Fredrik Nordin it is written here. on the video‘s flank: dead, the voice from the well, dead as stone, dead as time, dead as between. They want

him forgotten. He will not be forgotten. The video is his flesh. The music is his eye. The rips are his voice. Remember him.

A reckoninq is not to be postponed indefinitely.

15:25 Xenlavian

  • Jake Smith
  • Xenlavian
So realtalk, does anyone have any advice on how to be less of a total fucking loser? Just in general.

  • Xenlavian start by leaving the comments section and never coming back
  • Fuck that's some good advice
The "So, realtalk," part is zoomed in.
15:39 Renne This is it, guys. It's the last joke.

I'll see you all on the next video.

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  1. tweet by SSB_Seal
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