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"Overworld Theme (Original Version) - Super Mario World" is a high quality rip of the original version of "Overworld Theme" from Super Mario World.


Starting at 0:05, the track's melody changes to "Green, Green" by The New Christy Minstrels.

This rip was released shortly after Thomas Game Docs uploaded the video "The Pop song that Nintendo copied", which argued that Koji Kondo was likely inspired by "Green, Green" when he wrote the advertised track. The rip's mix name further references this idea.


  • Thomas Game Docs left a comment on the rip saying: "this is so amazing lol". This comment was hearted by SiIvaGunner.[2]
    • Thomas also shared the rip on Twitter, saying: "This is super super cool haha!! And only like three hours after my video came out??? sonic could never go that fast".[3]


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