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Paper Jams - A High-Quality Album ~ The First Fold is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. It is a compilation album of rips uploaded during the Paper Mario 20th Anniversary event, as well as other rips from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

It was announced through the video "AN ANNOUNCEMENT UNFOLDS".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Tale of the Thousand-Year Door" PinkieOats 1:56
3. "Peach Goes Wii Shopping" RHMan 0:55
4. "Paper Jams Title Theme Fusion Collab" PinkieOats and the Paper Partners 7:57
5. "Paper Mario 2 - Everyone's Main Menu" CaptainComedy 2:16
6. "It's Not Spam!" Emm Bee Sea, PinkieOats, Chanel McKinnon 1:59
7. "Paper Grand Dad and the Seventh Track of the OST" RHMan 0:21
8. "Chapter Cooming" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 0:13
9. "Souljaport" RHMan 3:48
10. "Danger Style!" adumb 1:51
11. "Can't Flee This Cha Cha!" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 1:58
12. "Youuu Won!" Brawlcats 0:08
13. "Beatbox Battle Won With Injured Plumber" adumb 0:04
14. "Peter Joins the Party!" Grambam36 0:13
15. "Copy Abilities" adumb 1:21
16. "Our Fuckin' Professor Said​.​.​." PinkieOats 3:17
17. "Dick​-​Sucking Battle" Jp 1:00
18. "Sewerflies" Half Pixel 2:06
19. "Grand Dad Sewers" Jp 3:12
20. "Battle Emergency" Cryptrik 2:23
21. "Encounter! Wild Bowser Minion" goeticThunder 1:47
22. "Curse of the Soldier's Black Box" Grambam36 0:48
23. "Hall of The Thousand​-​Year Pool" PinkieOats 3:51
24. "Gettin' Jiggy in Petal Meadows" PinkieOats 2:34
25. "Hooktail Screams into the Void" Emm Bee Sea 0:54
26. "Petal Boy Swag" PinkieOats 2:46
27. "Let Me Lick Your Petalburg" Cryptrik 8:39
28. "You've Got Mail (Funny edition)" adumb 0:04
29. "Level Pump!" adumb 0:48
30. "The 65th Super Fun Seinfeld Quiz" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 0:49
31. "Bubbling Answer Remix" RHMan 0:26
32. "The Plug is INcorrect" Grambam36 0:08
33. "The Nutshack is Correct!" adumb 0:02
34. "To get to Shhwonk Fortress, you must go through World 6​-​9" OnBP 2:28
35. "i sleep" Ethan64Music 0:09
36. "Hooktail in P Minor" Snowva 0:14
37. "h​.​O​.​O​.​k. castle" PinkieOats 2:37
38. "Escape the Banging Ceiling" Half Pixel 2:08
39. "CeΔL−1ng = −αΣn​=​SP1Ki​[​Y] dΣs∈C​[​e​]​[​n − t]" Snowva 1:52
40. "Ms. Mowz Got That" Jp 1:44
41. "Hot Evil Jingle" Grambam36 0:04
42. "Optail Battle" Half Pixel 2:05
43. "Paper Cena VS. Hooktail" PinkieOats 2:03
44. "Reunions With Jane" BobTheTacocat 2:11
45. "Crystal Style Get!" SmokyThrill77 0:15
46. "Chapter Eyyynding (Memes Mix)" RHMan 1:18
47. "Lair of Chungus" Grambam36 1:08
48. "Peach's Lullaby" Grambam36 1:23
49. "Meanwhile, at Stanky's Circus" Grambam36 1:09
50. "You've Got Reimu's Gift!" ChickenSuitGuy 0:38
51. "The Power of the Rainbow" Grambam36 0:18
52. "Luigitaro's Story" RHMan 1:40
53. "Luigi's Babble" Sarvéproductions 2:30
Hidden tracks
2. "Sony Totally Owns The Copyright To This Track" ShonicTH 1:46
54. "HHGregg's Memories" Ethan64Music 1:50
55. "One Yank" Nikki+ 1:22
56. "Pit of 100 Excursions" Nikki+ 3:44
57. "THE Paper Jam (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE)" DJ New Grizzle 5:04


The album cover most prominently features a Paper Mario version of Grand Dad, alongside a star featuring a Cragon from Super Paper Mario wearing the attire of Fred Flintstone. At the bottom of the cover, various Paper Mario edits contributors had set as their profile pictures during 2016 are featured.

  • Flavio in a white and red outfit (Nape Mango)
  • A pink Boo with blue hair and a tie (PinkieOats)
  • A yellow Bandit with the mask of MF DOOM (MF PICKLE-O)
  • A Pichu in a suit and sunglasses, potentially a nod to Don Pianta (Jp)
  • A Toad with red hair (Cryptrik)
  • A ghost with a shirt saying "SG" (Maggie)


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