Paper Jams - A High-Quality Album ~ The First Fold is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. It is a compilation album of rips uploaded during the Paper Mario 20th Anniversary event, as well as other rips from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

It was announced through the video "AN ANNOUNCEMENT UNFOLDS".

Track list[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Tale of the Thousand-Year Door" PinkieOats 1:56
3. "Peach Goes Wii Shopping" RHMan 0:55
4. "Paper Jams Title Theme Fusion Collab" PinkieOats and the Paper Partners 7:57
5. "Paper Mario 2 - Everyone's Main Menu" CaptainComedy 2:16
6. "It's Not Spam!" Emm Bee Sea, PinkieOats, Chanel McKinnon 1:59
7. "Paper Grand Dad and the Seventh Track of the OST" RHMan 0:21
8. "Chapter Cooming" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 0:13
9. "Souljaport" RHMan 3:48
10. "Danger Style!" adumb 1:51
11. "Can't Flee This Cha Cha!" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 1:58
12. "Youuu Won!" Brawlcats 0:08
13. "Beatbox Battle Won With Injured Plumber" adumb 0:04
14. "Peter Joins the Party!" Grambam36 0:13
15. "Copy Abilities" adumb 1:21
16. "Our Fuckin' Professor Said​.​.​." PinkieOats 3:17
17. "Dick​-​Sucking Battle" Jp 1:00
18. "Sewerflies" Half Pixel 2:06
19. "Grand Dad Sewers" Jp 3:12
20. "Battle Emergency" Cryptrik 2:23
22. "Curse of the Soldier's Black Box" Grambam36 0:48
23. "Hall of The Thousand​-​Year Pool" PinkieOats 3:51
24. "Gettin' Jiggy in Petal Meadows" PinkieOats 2:34
25. "Hooktail Screams into the Void" Emm Bee Sea 0:54
26. "Petal Boy Swag" PinkieOats 2:46
27. "Let Me Lick Your Petalburg" Cryptrik 8:39
28. "You've Got Mail (Funny edition)" adumb 0:04
29. "Level Pump!" adumb 0:48
30. "The 65th Super Fun Seinfeld Quiz" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 0:49
31. "Bubbling Answer Remix" RHMan 0:26
32. "The Plug is INcorrect" Grambam36 0:08
33. "The Nutshack is Correct!" adumb 0:02
34. "To get to Shhwonk Fortress, you must go through World 6​-​9" OnBP 2:28
35. "i sleep" Ethan64Music 0:09
36. "Hooktail in P Minor" Snowva 0:14
37. "h​.​O​.​O​.​k. castle" PinkieOats 2:37
38. "Escape the Banging Ceiling" Half Pixel 2:08
39. "CeΔL−1ng = −αΣn​=​SP1Ki​[​Y] dΣs∈C​[​e​]​[​n − t]" Snowva 1:52
40. "Ms. Mowz Got That" Jp 1:44
41. "Hot Evil Jingle" Grambam36 0:04
42. "Optail Battle" Half Pixel 2:05
43. "Paper Cena VS. Hooktail" PinkieOats 2:03
44. "Reunions With Jane" BobTheTacocat 2:11
45. "Crystal Style Get!" SmokyThrill77 0:15
46. "Chapter Eyyynding (Memes Mix)" RHMan 1:18
47. "Lair of Chungus" Grambam36 1:08
48. "Peach's Lullaby" Grambam36 1:23
49. "Meanwhile, at Stanky's Circus" Grambam36 1:09
50. "You've Got Reimu's Gift!" ChickenSuitGuy 0:38
51. "The Power of the Rainbow" Grambam36 0:18
52. "Luigitaro's Story" RHMan 1:40
53. "Luigi's Babble" Sarvéproductions 2:30
Hidden tracks
2. "Sony Totally Owns The Copyright To This Track" ShonicTH 1:46
54. "HHGregg's Memories" Ethan64Music 1:50
55. "One Yank" Nikki+ 1:22
56. "Pit of 100 Excursions" Nikki+ 3:44
57. "THE Paper Jam (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE)" DJ New Grizzle 5:04

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first album to have a hidden track that isn't at the end of the tracklist.
  • This is the sixth album without a track from Chaze the Chat.
  • Track 57, "THE Paper Jam (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE)", was not initially included in the Bandcamp release, and has not been added to the mirrors of the album.

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