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Paper Jams - A High-Quality Album ~ The Stationery Sequel is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. It is a continuation of the Paper Jams project started by Paper Jams - A High-Quality Album ~ The First Fold, compiling rips from Chapters 2 through 5 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

It was announced through the video "A NOTEWORTHY ANNOUNCEMENT".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Ghost With the Gold Necklace" Snowva 3:45
2. "Walking in the Boggly Woods" Emm Bee Sea 2:06
3. "Wait (For the Mustached Man)" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 3:09
4. "The Great Drum & Bass Tree" fusoxide 4:47
5. "Silento Siren Scuffle" RHMan 1:12
6. "man flurrie's a hot one wait oh no now ppl will think im horny from the title of this rip oh god oh fuck" Ethan 1:36
7. "Music Under Attack!" Jp 1:33
8. "Mario VS. The Monkey Men" PinkieOats, Grambam36 1:15
9. "Lord Pizza" Grambam36 0:05
10. "I Lord It" ChickenSuitGuy 2:02
11. "Magnus Von Grapple's Airship" eg_9371 1:10
12. "Mario VS. Magnus Von Gascar" Nape Mango 3:03
13. "Magnus Make You Lose Control" Cosmic199X 1:57
14. "Sunflower's Waltz" adumb 1:32
15. "King Groose's Theme" Grambam36 1:42
16. "Charlie's Quest" Grambam36 0:56
17. "Team Up!" Grambam36 0:03
18. "Super Koopa Bros. - (Hurry Up And Enjoy The Nightcore)" PinkieOats 2:29
19. "Invincible Type of Mood" Snowva 1:18
20. "Bowser Misses the Plug" Grambam36 0:06
21. "Finish This!" Grambam36 0:08
22. "Don Pianta's Got The Money" PinkieOats 2:11
23. "YTPMG" Grambam36 0:43
24. "The Killer Thieves" Grambam36 1:50
25. "Chip-Chip Blimp" SmokyThrill77 2:22
26. "Shitzville (Beta Mix)" Nozobot 1:26
27. "The Chung Pit" adumb 2:03
28. "Grubba Brown" Knay 3:53
29. "Let's Punish!" Grambam36 0:07
30. "We Have a Cheater!" Grambam36 0:05
31. "Who Let The Yoshi Egg Out" PinkieOats 2:22
32. "Racist E-mail" Krizis 0:23
33. "Oh, it's the E-Mail" Ethan 0:19
35. "funny jojoke pit lol" eg_9371 1:47
36. "We Will Rawk You" Emm Bee Sea 2:05
37. "Meet The Champion" Grambam36 0:07
38. "Gas Gas Grubba (1-2 with Shopkeeper)" eg_9371 2:05
39. "Great Gonzales' Concept of Love" Emotional Snail 2:08
40. "Ms. Shimomura's Theme" Krizis 0:40
41. "Twilight Town Woman" Emm Bee Sea 1:43
42. "Shia LeBouf On The Twilight Trail" PinkieOats 2:23
43. "@;Shrek;@^Paper#Mario;Creepy;Roar;" Grambam36 0:57
44. "Doopliss's Incarnation" goeticThunder 3:55
45. "My Hum_s" MatrixMarioX 2:28
46. "Chungliss Battle" ChickenSuitGuy 1:59
47. "Bros. and the Beez" Expensive Dispenser 4:12
48. "Jack's Quest - Underwater Octagon (HURRY-UP EDITION)" Grambam36 0:48
49. "Cooking with Cook" Grambam36 1:10
50. "Zesty Sugar Salad" Emm Bee Sea 1:28
51. "Home (RP)" ChickenSuitGuy 2:26
52. "Happy Mask Salesman Appears" Grambam36 1:39
53. "Straight Outta Keelhaul" Nape Mango, PinkieOats 4:02
54. "Peggy's Grotto" Expensive Dispenser 3:18
55. "Cortez gets sea sick from flaming hot Indian food" Grambam36 1:14
56. "Rattle Me Spooky Cortez" Xarlable 1:19
57. "Cortez Battle type beat" eg_9371 2:02
58. "this is what yankees would look like on nes.wav" Niko+ 0:10
59. "Cortez's Sneaky Cruise" Sarvéproductions 1:53
60. "Pit of 100 Wiimotes" Grambam36 1:12
61. "Pit of 100 gecs" Expensive Dispenser 1:58
Hidden tracks
62. "THE Paper Jam Part 2 (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE)" DJ New Grizzle 3:47

Bonus media

The album includes transparent images and concept art of all of the characters featured in the album cover and announcement video, in addition to a mock-up of the album cover with the original characters from the game and a 5833x5833 version of the album cover.

Transparent character images

Concept art


  • The album was originally released with the subtitle "A STATIONARY SEQUEL" (emphasis added) on the album cover; this was corrected about five hours after its release.
  • Despite being called (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE), the track THE Paper Jam Part 2 (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE) is available in the Google Drive version.

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