"Par-tay Rap (Unused Version) - Shovel Knight" is a high quality rip of the unused version of "Par-tay Rap" from Shovel Knight. It serves as a fake King for Another Day Tournament reveal trailer for Mr. Bean.


The rip starts out as a simple melodyswap of the advertised track with "U Guessed It" by OG Maco, a song associated with Green de la Bean. At 2:01, we start to hear the Bean's "BITCH YOU--", but it abruptly gets cut off by a reveal trailer for Mr. Bean.

The trailer has the same format as all King for Another Day Tournament reveal trailers, beginning first with the intro. We then see footage of Mr. Bean dancing, set to a sped up version of "Wave of The Beanbot". The trailer closes with the reveal of Mr. Bean's name and artwork, followed by the King for Another Day reveal trailer outro.


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