"Pause - Garry's Mod" is a high quality rip of "Pause" from Garry's Mod.

Jokes Edit

Garry's Mod does not have a soundtrack; this rip is a Garry's Mod animation parodying the TV show Mythbusters. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, as well as the narrator and The Voice Inside Your Head, star in the short via soundclips.

In the short, titled "do feces smell?", Savage begins to introduce the myth as an "email myth" (one suggested by email) when Hyneman loses patience with Savage and shoots him with his "pop gun". Hyneman then throws his gun away, and Savage quickly recovers. Soon afterward, Hyneman is crushed by a box containing the newest member of Mythbusters, The Voice Inside Your Head. Savage and Hyneman deliver (and act on) a death threat to the Voice by throwing him into an open box of bullet-proof glass and blowing him up.

The Voice is then proclaimed "BUSTED" and the video ends with Hyneman throwing the Voice (still alive) into the back of their truck while Savage comments, "I think you work fantastically".

We end on a Mythbusters-style credit roll, but with every credit reading:

executive producer
seth macfarlane

Transcript Edit

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(intro plays)

Jamie Hyneman: So what exactly is this myth?

Adam Savage: Welp, (Adam takes out to get his computer) it's an email myth that says-

Jamie: (while holding gun) I don't care actually, Adam.

(Jamie then points gun at Adam and shoots him.)

Jamie: My little popgun. (throws gun at balloon) Ha!

(Scout realizes his balloon has been popped and cries on the floor, throwing a tantrum.)

(Adam gets up)

Adam: Wow (Adam then lays back down)

(The next scene transitions into where Adam is in a forklift, where he releases a box and it lands on Jamie, which he then screams.)

Adam: In this box right here, is the new star of Mythbusters.

(Adam kicks box and The Voice Inside Your Head comes out.)

Voice: Fuck

Narrator: But if it's the quiet life he's after, he's a bigger dummy than he looks.

(Adam and Jamie walk up to Voice as narrator speaks.)

Adam: He's not gonna upstage us. We'll just kick him back into submission.

Voice: Oh dear.

(TVIYH is then thrown onto a truck. The truck then drives up to a glass box and the Voice is thrown in there. Adam then throws a smartphone in there.)

Adam: (calls "explosion" on the phone) Hello, explosion?

(After Adam has said that, the smartphone becomes a bomb, and it explodes with TVIYH in the glass box. Adam then laughs.)

Adam: (gets on window pane) This is perfect amount of carnage. (He then punches a hole in the glass pane.)

(Word "BUSTED" appears while Jamie drags the Voice)

Narrator: And what about their new co-star?

(Jamie throws TVIYH onto the back of the truck.)

Voice: Why do I even bother?

Adam: (places hand on Jamie's shoulder) I think you worked fantastically.

(The video cuts to black screen and then credits play.)

Trivia Edit

  • Hyneman's "pop gun" is the Widowmaker from Team Fortress 2.
    • When Hyneman throws the gun, it pops the balloon of the Scout from Team Fortress 2.
    • The blueprint used in backgrounds are that of the Engineer's buildings from Team Fortress 2.
  • The Howie scream plays when Savage kicks The Voice out of the box.


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