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Dashiell (born September 23, 1996),[1] better known by his username PinkieOats, is a collaborator and manager of the SiIvaGunner channel. His most notable contributions to the channel include the Bob Dylan meme, the Etika reaction videos, and "Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2".


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In 2015, PinkieOats graduated from high school and is currently in community college majoring in graphic design. He also does video editing and creating mashups in his spare time.

Later that September, he began working with Nape Mango on Paper Jams, an album of mashups.[2]

In early 2016, PinkieOats discovered the GiIvaSunner channel as a small project through a Discord server and began creating and contributing video game mashups to it. One of the rips that he submitted during this time was "Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2". This rip was very well-received and was later referenced in other rips.

For the album The Phantom Rips: SiIVa has come to, PinkieOats created "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday - as performed by Bob Dylan" as a last-minute submission. This was the first rip to incorporate the Bob Dylan meme and PinkieOats would go on to create every Bob Dylan rip after it.

After the release of The Phantom Rips, PinkieOats created a rip titled "Battle! (Mewtwo) - Pokémon X & Y", the first rip using footage of Etika from EWNetwork. More rips using Etika would later be uploaded to the channel.

PinkieOats also produced some announcement trailers: "A Wild Announcement", "Tactical Espionage Announcement", "Dylannouncement", and "SILVAGUNNER'S VOLUME 6.66 UPDATE!!! Etika's First Time Reaction to it!!! "MY RIPS" TURN DOWN VOLUME", with the first two being cited by PinkieOats as his best work out of all his contributions to the channel.[1]



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