Pitbull is a music artist and a character featured in King for a Day Tournament and King for Another Day Tournament. He was selected by the rippers.

Rips Edit

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Pitbull render King for a Day Tournament Edit

Pitbull was revealed as the sixth competitor on July 18, 2018. His source list included songs by him. He was eliminated in Match 4 of Round 1 by ZUN.

Quotes Edit

Lines in bold were used in the tournaments. The rest are from the "All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines!" video.

VS Edit

  • King Dedede render "You might be king of the dream land, but I'm king of the world."
  • Weird Al Yankovic render "For making a mockery of "Timber" I'm gonna turn YOU into timber! Dale!"
  • DJ Professor K render "Any room on Jet Set Radio for the tunes of Mr. 305?"
  • Etika render "Trading rap for streaming? Eh, not like you had a choice. Your skills suck gorilla dick."
  • Will Smith render "Let's make a movie, baby."
  • Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Seriously? A Kodak is more useful than you'll ever be. Dale!"
  • ZUN render "Why stick to the East? Go worldwide!"
  • Reggie Fils-Aimé render "I don't play no games, so don't get it confused."
  • Dancing Alien Team render "If you wish to take over the world, you'll have to get through Miami first."
  • Ajit Pai render "You messed with the wrong Worldwide Web."
  • Thanos render "This is my world, not yours."
  • Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "Oye mamita, show me what that voice can do."
  • Snake render "You've stopped World Wars, but can you stop Mr. Worldwide?"
  • Geno render "You're goin' down, I'm yellin' "Timber"!"
  • Wario Bros. render "Ask for money, and get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice."

Victory Edit

  • King Dedede render "Looks like you won't need this crown anymore. It's okay though, all you need is a cool pair of sunglasses. Dale!"
  • Weird Al Yankovic render "I'll be expecting "mi pago primero" by next week, ya hear?"
  • DJ Professor K render "Let's face it, I rock the party better than you. Dale!"
  • Etika render "Looks like the so-called Iceman just got his ass melted by the Fireball."
  • Will Smith render "Give credit where credit is due, don't ya know I don't give a number 2?"
  • Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Me not working hard? Yeah right, record that with a HyperCam."
  • ZUN render "You don't get them girls, ZUN: but I do!"
  • Reggie Fils-Aimé render "You weren't ready for my sexy body!"
  • Dancing Alien Team render "That'll show you not to mess with the world. Now saca tus cositas out of here! Dale!"
  • Ajit Pai render "Welcome to Dade County."
  • Thanos render "Nice try, but I've already got the world in the palm of my hand."
  • Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "Sorry muñequitas, maybe we can collab someday, ahahaha!"
  • Snake render "Can't hide from Mr. Worldwide!"
  • Geno render "Only room for one super star around here."
  • Wario Bros. render "I like to keep my money at the end of the day."

05 Pitbull King for Another Day Tournament Edit

Pitbull returns, now paired with Popoy and Marcianito from the Dancing Alien Team. They are known as Pitbull and the Aliens.

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