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"PlayStation Flow BIOS - Console/BIOS Music" is a high quality rip of "PlayStation Flow BIOS" from the PlayStation Flow console.


This rip references PlayStation's 2015 "PlayStation Flow" April Fools' prank, which the advertised "console" originates from.

This rip plays the sound of bubbling water, mainly from an underwater perspective. However, various memes are hidden throughout the rip, mostly through bubble sound effects.

Time Joke Source
0:06 Meet the Flintstones The Flintstones
0:13 Differences™ Big Purp
0:19 Wood Man Stage Mega Man 2
0:29 Megalovania Undertale
0:37 "21" "9 + 10 = 21" Vine
0:43 Gracie Films logo jingle Gracie Films
0:51 Fanboy & Chum Chum Theme Fanboy & Chum Chum
1:01 "Fuckin' dick!" "Inward Singing" by Tenacious D
1:07 Snow halation µ's
1:13 Loud Nigra Wife Enjoys Big Ben (NSFW)


  • This rip was originally titled "PlayStation Flow BIOS - Console BIOS/Startup Fanfare".[1]


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